Chapter 2 Uncle Nimrod:

Groanin parked outside of Nimrod's house. As the children got out of the car and were wheeling their luggage up the path, Nimrod opened the door. "Welcome back. It's so lovely to see you again. And I promise we won't be going back to Egypt this time." Nimrod said happily. "Uncle Nimrod!" the twins said in unison. "I've been waiting to see you for a long time." Philippa said. "That's great because your wish has been granted." Nimrod smiled. "Nimrod, you know we shouldn't say anything to do with wishes." John scolded. "Oh alright. It slipped out of my mouth. Don't blame me!" Nimrod joked. "Do you happen to have your fire place on?" Philippa asked politely. "I sure do. I thought you might ask that question." Nimrod laughed. He led them into his house. It was just as big as John remembered it. Many rooms and they were all filled with old paintings and artefacts.