Chapter 6

The party went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time. The kids spent most of their time in our home theater room watching movies and playing games. As the night came to an end, our guests started to leave and we started the clean up process. While Mike cleaned up the kitchen, I got the kids ready for bed and changed into a pair of shorts and one of Mike's "I'm Awesome" shirts.

"Yes you are." Mike stated.

"What?" I asked.

"You're awesome. My shirt." Mike answered.

"Oh. Thanks. You're pretty awesome yourself." I responded and I stood on my toes and kissed him.

"Hmm. Care to continue that kiss upstairs?" Mike asked.

"Sure." I answered.

With that we locked up and turned off the lights before heading to our bedroom for the night. As soon as the door was locked, Mike kicked off his shoes and pulled me close to him and claimed my lips in a passionate kiss. That night Mike and I made love to each other in celebration of our pregnancy. I couldn't wait to tell the kids that they were going to have a younger sister or brother.

The next morning came quickly and once we were all up and breakfast was on the table, I decided that now would be a great time to tell the kids about the baby. I looked over at Mike and he just smiled and nodded his head. I took a deep breath before saying anything.

"Mike and I have some news for the two of you." I stated.

"What is it?" Tyler asked.

"There is going to be a major change coming in a few months and we hope that you both will be happy about it." I answered.

"Ok." Kelsey responded.

"You both are going to have either a baby brother or a baby sister." I announced.

"You're having a baby?" Kelsey asked.

"Yes we are." I answered.

"COOL! I can't wait. I hope its a girl!" Kelsey responded as she hugged me and then hugged Mike.

"I don't want a baby brother or sister!" Tyler stated.

"Why not?" I asked.

"I just don't." Tyler answered before getting up and running up to his room.

"Let him be. It's a lot for a kid to take in." Mike stated.

"I know what's bothering him. Maybe you can talk to him." I responded.

"What's bothering him?" Mike asked.

"He thinks that the baby will take all of our time and we wont pay any attention to him. Its what happened with their father." I answered.

"It's true. Our dad paid more attention to his newest kid and really didn't care what we did as the baby could do no wrong." Kelsey responded. "To be honest, I don't miss that brat at all."

"Kelsey, that's not very nice." I stated.

"But it's the truth." Kelsey responded.

"Alright, that's enough about that." I stated.

After giving Tyler some time alone, Mike headed up to talk to him and to tell him that the baby wasn't going to take anyone's place and that the baby needed his or her older brother to protect them and teach them things. After the talk was over, Tyler felt better about becoming a big brother.

As the next few months passed, I started to show and soon everyone knew that we were expecting. Mike's parents weren't thrilled but weren't upset either that they were going to be grandparents for the first time. Tyler and Kelsey were excited and they couldn't wait to meet their baby brother or sister. Mike and I decided that we wanted to be surprised and opted not to find out what the sex of the baby is.

By the time I was in my seventh month of the pregnancy, I cut my hours to part time. Mike was still traveling but was promised plenty of time off when the baby was born. Mike and I were able to go shopping for the baby and picked a gender neutral theme for the nursery as well as getting the furniture and putting it together on his days home. Kelsey was working on something for the baby and wouldn't tell me or Mike what it was. Tyler loved helping me as he didn't want me to hurt the baby.

Mike's last show before the baby was due was going to be here in the Bay Area. We were all given passes to attend the show with Mike and we got to be backstage with the stars. When we arrived at the arena, Vince and his daughter Stephanie were there to greet us. Kelsey and Tyler were excited to be there as well. While Mike took Tyler with him, Stephanie walked with me and Kelsey towards catering. The lights were off, which was odd, but I just thought that no one had turned on the lights yet.

Stephanie turned on the lights and everyone yelled surprise. They had put together a surprise baby shower for me. I found my seat and Kelsey sat next to me as I opened the gifts and read the cards. We played a few games and had some cake and punch before the show started. Randy and Mike along with Tyler walked into catering and took all the gifts out to the car before they had to get ready for their matches.

"How much longer?" Eve asked.

"3 weeks." I answered.

"I bet you can't wait." Eve responded.

"I can't. I think Mike is more excited than I am as this is his first baby." I stated as I placed a hand on my stomach.

"Are you ok, Mom?" Kelsey asked.

"Just a little pressure." I answered.

"Ok. I can stay here with you until I'm needed." Eve stated.

"Thanks, Eve." I responded as I felt more pressure.

The pressure quickly turned into contractions. They started out as being 10 minutes apart. I was able to breathe normally threw the first few contractions but as they got closer together, I was having some breathing issues. Eve and Kelsey noticed my change in breathing.

"Are you ok?" Eve asked.

"No. Kelsey, go get Mike please." I answered as Kelsey got up and went to look for Mike.

"What's wrong?" Eve asked.

"I'm having contractions. Can you get Stephanie in here?" I answered.

"Of course." Eve stated as she took off to find Stephanie.

Kelsey was quickly roaming the halls of the arena looking for Mike when she bumped into a rather large giant according to her. The man turned around and looked down at her, Kelsey was scared and started shaking.

"Can I help you little girl?" Kane asked.

"I..I'm looking for my dad." Kelsey answered.

"And who is your dad?" Kane asked.

"The Miz." Kelsey answered.

"Kelsey, what are you doing over here?" Randy asked. "Kane, leave her alone."

"I wouldn't hurt her." Kane responded.

"I need to find Mike. Mom is going to have the baby." Kelsey answered.

"You go back to your mom and I will get Mike for you." Randy stated.

Once Randy found Mike and told him that I was in labor, Mike grabbed his stuff and came running into catering. Stephanie was with me as were the medics. It wasn't long before Mike helped me to the car with the kids. Stephanie followed us to the hospital as someone needed to stay with the kids.

Once I was in a room and hooked up to monitors, I was already 8cm and 90% effaced. My contractions didn't hurt as much which I was happy about as it was too late to get an epidural. An hour passed and the doctor checked on my progress and I was ready to push.

"Mike, it's time to meet our son or daughter." I stated as I moved into position to push.

"Yes it is. I can't wait. I love you." Mike responded.

"I love you too." I stated.

Mike helped me push with each contraction. It wasn't long before the room was filled with the sounds of a newborn baby's cries. The baby was taken to be weighed and measured and cleaned off while I was cleaned up. Once the baby was ready and I was sitting up, the nurse brought the baby over and placed it in my arms.

"You have a healthy, 7lb 2oz, 21 inches long baby girl. Congratulations!" the nurse stated.

"We have a daughter." I responded as I looked up at Mike.

"That we do. But we have two daughters and a son." Mike responded.

"Yes. And what are we going to name our little angel?" I asked.

"Taylor Michelle Mizanin." Mike answered.

"I love it." I responded. "You should go get her big sister and big brother."

"I will." Mike stated as he walked out of the room.

"Mike, how is Michelle?" Stephanie asked quietly as both kids were sleeping against her.

"Good. We have a daughter." Mike answered.

"Congratulations! Kelsey, Tyler, wake up." Stephanie responded.

"Mike! Where's mom?" Kelsey asked.

"She is in her room. There is someone we want you to meet." Mike answered as he picked up Tyler and walked with them towards my room.

"Mommy!" Kelsey stated excitedly as she walked over to my bed and saw me holding the baby.

"Kelsey, Tyler, meet your baby sister, Taylor." I responded.

After the kids got to see their baby sister, Stephanie walked in and offered to take the kids home and stay with them at our house. Mike handed her the keys and told her the code to the alarm. Once they were gone, I nursed Taylor before putting her in her bed. Mike was able to sleep on the second bed in the room and we both got some sleep but not a lot.

The next day was full of people coming to visit us and meet the newest member of the Mizanin and WWE family. The kids were able to hold their sister and we got some pictures of them. They were happy and we were happy. Taylor and I were released that afternoon to go home and it was good to be at home in my own bed.

Over the next few days, everyone was getting used to a new schedule with the baby. Kelsey and Tyler were always anxious to help out with their baby sister. Since I was nursing, Mike didn't get much of a chance to bond with Taylor. I started pumping inbetween feedings so that Mike could feed her and bond with her.

Taylor looked just like Mike and my kids when they were babies. Mike loved holding our baby girl and I was glad that he was home to help out with the kids. While I helped Kelsey and Tyler with homework, he took care of Taylor and got dinner started.

"Mom, I know that Taylor is only a few weeks old, but are you and Mike going to have another baby later on?" Kelsey asked.

"I don't know. We haven't talked about that yet." I answered. "Why?"

"Just wondering." Kelsey answered. "I love my baby sister."

"Well, I'm happy to hear that. And I know that she loves you and Tyler too." I responded.

5 years later...

"Mike, everyone is going to be here soon. Can you please get Taylor ready." I stated as I walked into the nursery.

"Sure thing." Mike responded as he handed me the baby.

"Thank you." I stated.

Once every was at our house for Taylor's 5th birthday, Kelsey helped me by taking the baby and Tyler took their sister, Madison outside to play. Having 5 children in the house was exhausting, but I was thankful that Mike was home full time to help me. Kelsey was now 17 years old, Tyler was 12, Taylor was 5, Madison was 2 1/2 and Mikey was 6 weeks old. I was offically done having children as my pregnancy with Mikey was very hard on me and my body. Mike was done as well and opted to be snipped while I was still pregnant. Taylor's birthday went well and she got a lot of things that she wanted.

That night as all the kids sat in the theater room, I smiled at them. Kelsey sat on the couch with Mikey in one arm, Madison on her other side, they Tyler and Taylor on the other side of the couch. Mike walked up behind be and wrapped his arms around my waist as he placed a kiss on my neck.

"Thank you for giving me an amazing family." Mike stated.

"You're welcome. Thank you for being an awesome Dad." I responded.

"Couldn't have done it without you. I love you baby." Mike stated.

"I love you too." I responded as we shared a quick and sweet kiss.