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I plan to update my other stories, but first…

I dug this old story up from deep within my computer, having been shoved aside by my main fanfic: Prince of Masks. The writing may need a bit of touching up, but I realized the story idea was actually quite intriguing (to me, at least xD). This'll be like Sin of Truth, where I update it based on (nonexistent) free time and popularity. It'll most likely be (temporarily) replacing CG: Angel or Demon, simply because the latter needs more work before being continued.

I just want to say: yes, I do intend to finish all my published stories. I know it may take a while, but CG is my FAVORITE anime. I'm 99.9% sure I won't be writing for any other fandom. I want to keep the CG fanfiction community up as long as possible. I hear it's substantially weakened since its birth (I wasn't here to witness it), and I just want to keep it going as long as possible. I'm just worried that the community will die before all my stories are completed D: If anyone wants to write CG fanfics, I have a pile of ideas that could be given up for adoption xD

Anyways, before I show the story, I want to give you a brief understanding of the story. It's kinda a Lelouch-comes-back-to-the-past story. However, I added a little twist to it. Hopefully it balances every character's power sufficiently.


"for dialogue"

Italics for thought (or stress when just a word or two)

ReStage 1:

A Demon with Clipped Wings

"Big Brother!"

Out of the corner of his eye, Lelouch vi Britannia saw a young girl clutch his blood-stained robes. Nunnally. Lelouch recalled with a small smirk how Rolo had also called him "Big Brother." That is, before he had died.

And now, Lelouch would be joining him.

As he felt his life slip away, so too did his memories. One after another, they flew by in his head, gathering speed. "Yes… I…

"…destroy worlds…" I not only destroyed worlds; I destroyed trust; I destroyed hopes; I destroyed lives and twisted others for my own needs.

Nunnally. Kallen. Rolo. Shirley. Urabe. C.C. Euphy. The Black Knights. Clovis. Suzaku. One by one, now-familiar faces flashed through his vision.

All of you, please forgive me. All was for the best.

"and… create them anew."

At just that moment, Lelouch recalled a long-ago memory. Suzaku, Nunnally, and himself as kids, laughing happily, despite all the hardships of the war. Back when they had been pure and innocent.

How had everything ended up like this?

With that wistful thought, Lelouch closed his eyes, smiling faintly. I thought I had no regrets...

Nonetheless, he was a human, and thus he was curious. What had truly led him to this path? Even as he was covered in blissful darkness, even as the pain faded, he wondered. He tried and, to his surprise, succeeded in remembering the day it had all begun.

It had started normal enough. He'd been called to the principal's office, where he'd been scolded by the headmaster for skipping classes. However, that was a repetitive, regular occurrence. Every time, the principal, Mr. Ashford, had tried to act like a fatherly figure, gently scolding him. Every time, Lelouch had sighed and nodded, saying "I'll do my best".

Then he'd gone with Rivalz off campus to play chess.

The next events were a slight blur.

He'd been somehow trapped in a terrorist truck. Then he met Suzaku and C.C.. After gaining geass, he'd guided the terrorists, including Kallen, against the Britannians, and he'd finished the messy conflict by killing Prince Clovis, his own brother. Surely it was this, the Shinjuku Incident, which had started everything.

Then, why did those memories seem so blurry? He felt as if he was seeing everything from far away, through a cloud of white mist that never faded.

Lelouch tried to think harder. For some reason, one memory stayed in his head more than any other. It was when he'd been scolded by Ashford Academy's principal earlier in the day.

However, Lelouch was barely able to focus even on that. The initial darkness which had claimed his life was now claiming his memories, tainting them with a growing darkness. The mist thickened, and even that darkened to a solid black.

And, suddenly, he realized why he could remember that day's meeting with Mr. Ashford so clearly.

The principal's left eye had held a red sigil.

Ashford Academy

Principal Building

Lelouch awoke with a start. He opened his eyes, only to regret it a moment later as white light seared his sensitive pupils. He flinched as he closed his eyes.

Quickly, his mind reclaimed dictatorship over his body. He lay still, trying to recover and recognize his settings.

He was in a bed of some kind. Slowly opening his eyes, Lelouch sat up and looked over his body. There wasn't a trace of the wound he'd been feeling moments earlier. Not even a scar.

"Oh, so you're awake already?"

Lelouch turned towards the quiet voice. Sitting calmly by a window was an elderly man. "Mr. Ashford?" Then Lelouch took a moment to look around. He was in his room.

Wait, FLEIA had destroyed my room…

"You're probably wondering what happened, aren't you?"

Lelouch looked back at the man. Despite being Milly's grandfather, Ruben K. Ashford still grasped onto that mysterious vitality that was particularly rare among the elderly. His blue eyes seemed to twinkle slightly in the daylight.

Noticing his blue eyes, Lelouch recalled what he'd seen before he found himself in bed.

Struggling with a dry throat, he croaked, "G-Geass."

It was both a question and a statement.

"Oh ho," The elderly man smiled, "So you did get to learn about it before you 'died'. Funny, I'd have thought there wouldn't be enough time." He picked up a glass of water and handed it to Lelouch. "How long did it take?"

Lelouch drank down half the glass before speaking, "How long did what take?"

Mr. Ashford smiled sympathetically. "Your death."

For a while, Lelouch was silent. Thinking slowly, he answered, "If you're talking about since you used your… geass, somewhere between two to three years."

Mr. Ashford looked surprised. He turned to lock eyes with Lelouch. "Are you serious?"

Lelouch decided to avoid answering. "Why am I, and this room, still here? What day is it?"

"You're still here because everything you've seen after I used my geass on you hasn't happened, yet." Mr. Ashford managed to calm his surprise quickly and continued, "Right now, it's the day after I called you to my office to scold you."

"So you did use a geass. What is it capable of? How did you get it?"

Mr. Ashford smiled. "So many questions. To answer your first question, my geass shows people their… fate. You saw everything that would have happened up to your death, had I not used my geass on you."

Lelouch thought for a moment before speaking aloud. "…You're saying that Zero hasn't appeared yet?"

"Who's Zero?"

Mr. Ashford seemed pretty interested, but Lelouch decided to ignore the question. "Later, please. Are you saying that everything I've learned from my 'fate' is valid? Geass, Codes, and Ragnorak?"

"Ragnorak? My my, you even got to learn about that stupid idea Marianne and His Majesty had, before you 'died'?"

Again, Lelouch ignored the question. His mind was working to its fullest potential, analyzing his situation to see how it would give him an advantage. Then another question crossed his mind. "So, Mr. Ashford, why do you have geass?"

The elderly man seemed quite amused at Lelouch's questions. "I got it from C.C… Judging from your reaction, you know who that is. I suppose I shouldn't have to remind you that I was practically your mother's father?"

"No, no, of course not." Lelouch gripped his forehead, willing away a headache that threatened to pound through his skull. "What about Shinjuku?"

"The news said that poison gas was released in the ghettos yesterday, but Clovis has captured the people responsible."

Kallen. Ohgi.

Suddenly, Lelouch knew he didn't have enough time to stay in bed. He got up and hastily looked for something to change into. He couldn't go where he planned in a school uniform.

"Going already?" Despite asking, Mr. Ashford seemed to understand. "Remember, no one knows about your fate but you."

Lelouch nodded. "Got it. Besides, it wouldn't matter much if they did, right? Being in unconscious for a day should mean that my fate's—if that's what it really is—has already changed."

"Quite perceptive," Mr. Ashford noted, "Just like your mother."

Lelouch slowly made his way to the door, his footsteps becoming increasingly steady by the moment. Then, Mr. Ashford made one last call, "Hey, Lelouch. Here, catch."

Lelouch turned around just in time to catch a golden keychain. He looked at the principal, who smiled. "Go into my office and open the bottom-left desk cabinet. You'll probably need a bit of equipment, wherever you're going."


Mr. Ashford watched as his student went out of the room. Then he chuckled. "2-3 years? It only took a day for him to see that far into his future?"

"With an average man, seeing that far into the future would mean a few months in a coma. What a demon."

Area 11 Concession

Standing with a black briefcase at his side, Lelouch wondered at what had happened. He should be dead, yet instead he was riding a train, as alive as could be. He glanced at the people around him. They all should be cowering in fear of him, as if seeing a ghost, yet nobody even bothered glancing at him. The world should be rejoicing his death, yet everybody he met acted as if it was just another mundane day in their mundane lives. Indeed, he shouldn't even be wearing the brown jacket that he'd worn two years ago, when Zero was just starting to make a name for himself.

Even if it was incredible, it wasn't entirely unbelievable. Lelouch himself had been able to control minds, so it wouldn't be a surprise of Mr. Ashford could use a geass... Which reminds me... I don't have geass anymore, do I?

Whatever the case, Lelouch needed to get started working. The former Demon Emperor sighed.

He would be getting his hands uncomfortably dirty this time.

Undisclosed Location

Government Maximum Security Imprisonment Facility

"So, these are the terrorists?"

General Bartley Asprius nodded. "Indeed, Your Highness. We were about to begin the interrogation."

Viceroy Clovis la Britannia looked around. Inside the small, white-walled room, were about a dozen Japanese men dressed in prison uniforms. There were also two women, one of whom seemed to still be a teenager. Filthy Elevens. "We don't need this many. Get rid of half of them."

Bartley nodded again. "Of course, Your Highness. Please just wait until the interrogation team arrives."

"Look at that man, always standing at Clovis's beck and call."

Baron Penley was disgusted… as well as a bit envious. Despite being a baron, Penley was stuck managing a prison, while the overweight general Bartley personally directed His Highness's army. Why His Highness would even want a Baron watching over a simple prison was beyond Penley.

Next to him, two guards sat silently, watching the array of monitors in front of them. Privately, Penley wondered how they could stand it. All day, every day, watching security footage pile in from the cameras covering the prison.

It just isn't right. Penley glanced at the other monitors. Not like it ever is…

Suddenly, the Britannian spotted a familiar face, standing a distance outside the facility.

Why the hell is that boy here again?

"Hey, guys. Looks like one of my guests has returned."

At first, neither guard moved. Then one bent forward, towards a computer keyboard. After a moment of typing, several of the monitors went black, including the ones observing the prison entrance. After another moment, the black monitors lit up once again, displaying camera feeds from other locations.

Penley smiled. "Thanks, guys. I appreciate it." He started walking out of the room. "One of you, follow me."

"L.L.! Such a pleasure to see you!"

Lelouch smiled as he saw two men walk out of the prison gates. "The pleasure's all mine, Baron Penley."

The prison officer smiled. "So, what can I do for you? I'm sorry to say, but I won't be able to pay you for our last match, yet. It'll take a while to get all the money…" I can't believe I have to bow down to this brat. How the hell did he beat me in chess? I would never have bet so much money if I had known…

"Please, don't worry about it." Lelouch took a few steps closer. "Actually, I was about to suggest that we alter the form of payment. What I have in mind should make things quite easier for you."

"Which would be?" Penley eyed the black briefcase that Lelouch was holding at his side.

The Britannian teenager noticed. Gesturing at his case, he smiled. "Don't worry, I'm not here to challenge you to a second match. Rather, what I'd like to talk about has to do with Shinjuku."

Penley froze. "Shinjuku?"

Lelouch nodded. "Yes, I heard from some of my sources that this prison is secretly holding the captive terrorists from Shinjuku…"

Penley was quick to catch on. "If you wish to see the captives, I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that right now. Some supervisors have come to watch the interrogation."

Supervisors? Clovis... "I see… then perhaps you could let me watch it via security feed?"

Penley shook his head. "Again, I would love to, but I would still get in a bit of trouble with the supervisors for showing an active interrogation to a high school student."

"...In other words, more trouble than you're currently in?" Lelouch's gentle smile gradually turned into a smirk. "If you want me to tell your peers that you lost in a game of chess with a high school student, I'm sure they will be greatly impressed. I'm also sure that His Highness would be equally impressed with the embezzlement streak you've been upholding; it's actually quite impressive how you've managed to make this prison look somewhat modern, considering how much of its budget you've used for gambling. Of course, we can't forget about how you've forced prison guards to periodically delete security footage in order to cover up for your blunders…"

"Alright, alright." Penley sighed. "I get it." If only Clovis wasn't here. "Follow me." Irritated, the baron began to briskly walk back towards the prison doors. Lelouch followed from behind, carrying his black briefcase.

Lelouch watched through the lenses of security cameras as a line of half a dozen men walked down the hallways of the prison. Although the images shown on the monitors were small, Lelouch could guess who they were.

Interrogation Personnel.

Slowly, Lelouch bent down on the cool, black floor. It's time to get moving. The former "Demon Emperor" bent down to open his suitcase, casually angling it between the room's occupants and himself.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Most of the respectful tone had disappeared from Penley's voice.

Lelouch smiled as he opened his suitcase. "Nothing much."

Before Penley could enquire further, a sudden crash sounded through the small room. Turning, the baron found both of his subordinates with their heads on their keyboards. Just as he realized what had happened, Penley felt a cold object resting against his head.

"Now Penley, you wouldn't mind helping me a bit more, would you?"

Well, that's the beginning of a relic from my beginnings as a writer. Keep in mind that I wrote this when I was just getting started writing fanfics. Tell me your thoughts.

Also, here's a little note: No OC's in this fanfic! Although I love making up OC's that aren't Mary Sue-like, I think it's refreshing to be working with the original characters. Of course I did and will be using Mr. Ashford, but I would think he doesn't count as an OC; he's slightly mentioned in canon as the man behind the Ashford Foundation, and I hope to use him sparingly.

Also, unlike the others, this has no clear-cut plot. Give me your suggestions!