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June was beautiful. She was nervous around Rory, probably in part because he had saved her life, but he suspected that she was always nervous with men. She was calm, a bit dreamy, and adored her brother.

Rory was starting to fall for her, and he could tell that she fancied him, but… he couldn't seem to relax. Something was wrong.

Three days after he began sleeping in their attic - he had insisted; there were five people in this family, and he wasn't taking any of their rooms - Rory Williams had his first dream.

In his sleeping mind, he was again saving June from death, breathing life - no, air - into her lungs. His mouth over hers, his hands on her chest, saving her life. And then he wasn't just saving her life. Then, she was awake, and he was touching her tenderly, no longer in a panic to rescue her.

The scene was interrupted by a voice. "Hey, get your stupid face over here and find me!" He looked up at the woman as a wave of guilt crashed over him. As soon as he saw her, he knew. She was the one he loved. What the bloody hell am I doing?

Rory woke with a start, breathing heavily on the mattress they had found for him. Sunlight streamed through the window, golden in the early morning, and upset the quiet darkness of the small, dusty room.

It took him a moment to realize that he was shaking all over, his hair flat against his head from sweat. Guilt, that black void, filled his gut, but he clung desperately to the already-fading dream. It hurt to remember, still made his head pound, but he had to know who he had been dreaming about.

A flash of red hair. A general feeling of utter devotion, tinged slightly with fear. Love.

But that was all Rory could remember. Everything else was lost in the darkness, and his head throbbed when he tried to dig deeper into it.

It'll come to me soon enough, he thought, lying even to himself about how much it hurt not to know.

Eventually, Rory left his bed and dressed in his jeans and buttoned shirt. He descended the ladder to the house barefoot, stepping quietly so as not to disturb his hosts. He couldn't be sure on the time, but from a glance out the window, he knew it wasn't much past dawn, and he didn't particularly want to wake the people who had so generously let him, a stranger, sleep in their house.

Rory wandered down the stairs and into the kitchen, not entirely sure what he was doing; he just needed to move, take his mind off his nonexistence memories somehow. Whatever he had expected to find, he was surprised to see June brewing something on the wood-burning stove.

"Oh," Rory said, automatically looking away from her. "Sorry, I didn't think you were awake. Um…"

"Would you like tea?" June asked. She wasn't looking at him either, and when he glanced up, her cheeks were slightly pink.

"Um, sure," he said, then added quickly, "if it's no trouble. I mean, I - I wouldn't want you to¾"

"I'm already making some," she said quickly. "I always drink tea and read while Daniel sleeps in." She glanced at the table. "You can sit if you like."

Rory sat in a kitchen chair and tried not to look nervous. The next few minutes were awkwardly silent as she finished making the tea and brought it to the table. They were quite for a moment more before she spoke.

"You were in my dream last night," June said. She sipped her tea, looking she wanted to retract her words the second they left her mouth.

"Oh. Yeah?" Rory said.

"Yeah." She cleared her throat. "I mean, I almost died; I'm bound to dream about it, right?"

"Of course, yeah," he answered quickly. "Be surprised if you didn't dream about… it."

They were quiet again, self-consciously sipping tea, until he broke the silence.

"I remembered something," Rory told her. "Just - just a little thing…"

"Oh, what is it?" June asked. Then, she hesitated. "If you want to share, that is."

"Yeah, um… I remembered a woman." He couldn't look at her as he said it. "I can't see her or even remember her voice, but… I love her. I know I do. She's brilliant… I - I think. I can't remember very much."

"Well… still, it's good," June said. "You have someone… somewhere."

"Yeah." Rory finished off his tea and sat the cup down. "So, uh, can you tell me where I am? Jason said a town called, er…"

"Perdita, outside of Castrovalva."

"And where's that? America? You sound American."

June frowned, confused. "America?" she repeated, the word coming slowly from her mouth as if she had never said it before. "What's that?"

Rory couldn't answer; he was doubting the few memories he had left now.

Their confused and terribly difficult conversation was interrupted when Daniel walked in. The big man was grinning as he grabbed a mug from the cabinet and poured himself some tea.

"Good morning, Mr. Williams," he said. "Good morning, sister."

"'Morning," Rory said. "You can call me Rory, you know."

Daniel smiled and sat down. "Okay," he said.

June was slumped down in her chair, holding her teacup in both hands and looking across the room as if studying the most interesting thing in the universe. Her brother didn't seem to notice.

Rory stood abruptly, knocking his knee against the table in his haste. "Think I'll go visit Jason," he said, then hesitated. "Uh, if that's all right."

"You're our guest, not our prisoner!" Daniel answered with a laugh. "Go, do what you want!"

"Thanks." He glanced quickly at June and then left the room, practically tripping over his feet in his haste.

Rory put on his shoes in a rush and then ran out of the house. Vaguely, he wondered if he could even find the way to the doctor's sickroom. But then, finding it didn't seem as important as getting far away from June.

I had to tell her, he thought as he walked. It would be unfair of me not to, really. There was a woman out there, someone he loved. She had red hair. How can I only know one thing about and love her so much?

The town was just big enough that Rory had to ask directions once before finding his way to the doctor's little office. He knocked lightly and then walked in, unsure on the protocol for the Perdita sickroom.

Jason was sitting at the desk in the first part of the room, busy with several bottles of medicine. "Rory," he said, smiling. "Or is it Dr. Williams?"

"I'm not a doctor," Rory said. "Just a nurse.

"Yes, that's right; you said that."

Rory wasn't sure how to say what he was thinking. He tried to be tactful… "I'm in love." And failed. "With a redhead. I can't remember her name."

"Well… that's good," Jason said, then quickly recanted. "Not that you can't remember, of course."

"I got it," Rory said. He leaned forward on the desk, panicking slightly. "But you see, this woman, June. She, um… I - I think she's a bit… Blimey, she's going to be cross with me."

"Who, June?"

"No, the redhead. I've been here a week, and I've already managed to make a girl fall in love with me!"

"The redhead?"

"June!" Rory sighed. "I think she's in love with me."

Jason smiled. "You saved her life," he said. "Don't you think she might just be a little infatuated? Hero worship?"

He sighed again and ran a hand over his face. "I don't know," he said. "What do I know at all? CPR, how to wrap a broken bone; that's nothing. Girl falls in love with me; I'm just… helpless!"

"Calm down," the doctor told him. "Take a breath. Did you tell June about this girl?"

Rory nodded.

"Then there shouldn't be a problem. Until you get your memory back, make sure she remembers that you may be spoken for." Jason looked at him. "Right?"

Rory nodded again. "Get my memory sorted before I get a new girlfriend," he paraphrased. "Right."

"Good. Now, maybe you can started teaching me some of that¾"

He was interrupted by a scream outside, and then the door flew open and a white-faced, wide-eyed teenaged boy stumbled in.

"Castrovalva!" he cried. "Castrovalva's warriors are here!"

Jason reacted quickly, pulling the boy inside. "Stay here," he said, and the command in his voice left no room for argument. "Rory, stay with him." He opened the door, letting in more screams.

Rory followed him. "What's going on?" he asked. "What is it? Jason!"

Jason turned back to him, speaking quickly. "I told you about Castrovalva, the conquerors," he said. "They want to take us over, and now they've sent their armies here. Now, I have to go; stay here!" He left the sickroom, slamming the door behind him.