Blaise Zabini, 6th year Slytherin and best friend to the Slytherin Prince himself, sat at the edge of the forbidden forest for the first time in almost six years. It didn't matter that he was a netrual child, or that his mother was 'The Black Widow'. It didn't even matter that the Dark Lord had plans for his best friends and their families. No, what mattered was his stupid obsessions with one Mr Harry Potter.

It had started in third year, around the time Draco had been attacked by the hippogriff, Buckbeak. An interesting creature, but Draco hadn't paid attention after Potter had returned from his little ride, and had insulted the poor thing. As a result, he had been in the infirmary for three days for a barely-there injury. For days afterwards, Blaise couldn't even look at him without looking at Potter first, only to see the blazing anger and hatred in his gaze for Draco.

The dark Italian drew himself from his memories to find the regular shaggy dark hair, and the bespeckled profile just beside him, and did all he could to stay relaxed. It was a shock when the voice softly escaped pink lips with a soft sleep-induced lisp, but he paid attention anyway.

"What's got you out of bed, Zabini?"

He glanced sideways at the Gryffindor, before he laid back on the grass and pulled his arms under his head, "Can't sleep. You?"

"Same," the boy mumbled. Odd. Usually Potter was so strong and loud.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Zabini."

"Something is."

A sigh.


"It's my girlfriend. She's becoming…clingy, I suppose, and I find I'm rather not attracted to…"

"Breasts?" he offered, lifting a delicately shaped brow. Potter snorted.

"More like the entire female population at Hogwarts and beyond. Who knew a person could get over three hundred thousand marriage proposals so soon after one's 16th birthday, eh?"

"Surely it's not that bad," Blaise sat up, and observed the boy. Taking a closer look, there were wet stains running down his cheeks, his lips were just a bit too swollen and he could already tell the Saviour's back had been torn up in some sort of fight or the height of unimaginable passion. He frowned, raising his hand as though to pull the other boy closer, but soon the thought drifted away and his arm flopped back to his side.

"It is, Blaise," the brunette murmured, looking out at the lake with an absent look on his face; he didn't even seem to realize he used Blaise's first name, "It's so bad sometimes, I just wish I could announce it to the world that I'm gay and be done with it. Then I think about my uncle, my aunt and my cousin and what they've always told me. It'd only make me even more of a freak…"

A freak? Blaise's jaw set, and this time when he lifted his arm to pull the smaller boy close, he didn't deny the urge. He scooted closer to Potter, and wrapped his arm around the boy who lived waist, tugging him to Blaise's side. He struggled for a few moments before realizing Blaise wouldn't submit and fell flaccid into the bigger boy's gentle embrace.

It was then Blaise knew that he would do anything to protect Harry Potter from the world, Wizarding or Muggle.


New Story, first chapter. Remains untitled for now.

Pairings are Blaise/Harry, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Draco, with a background on Dumbles/Grindlewald.

I hope you enjoy 'Moonlit Romances'. :D

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