Albus looked out the window of the train. This was going to be the year that he was going to make Scorpius his! He had known the Slytherin since they had been first years five years ago. He had just recently decided he was going to tell Scorpius about his feelings.

He was obsessing over how he would do it. Just coming out and saying it wouldn't work, Scorpius deserved something better, something that fit him. A poem was just too cheesy, moments like this made him wish he was better with words.

"Hey! Albus!" Albus looked up surprised to see Rose waving at him.

"What?" he asked dazed.

"The train stopped ten minutes ago, we have to get off," she said rolling her eyes. Albus looked out the window surprised to see that the train was stopped and almost all the students had already gotten off. He quickly got up, grabbed his stuff, and ran to the carriages.

He wasn't surprised when Rose got into a different carriage with her Ravenclaw friends and Lilly with Gryffindors in her year. He climbed into one of the last carriages that was still empty. He knew it wouldn't leave until at least one more person rode with him.

Albus was surprised when a familiar blonde stepped in and sat down next to him. "Good evening Potter," he mumbled before looking out the window.

"Hey Scorpius," Albus mumbled back. Yes, it was pathetic how little he was able to talk to the guy he was about to admit he loved. They had had some classes together over the years and Albus had always liked to admire from afar so this was about the limit of their interaction.

Albus liked sneaking looks at Scorpius when he was sure the other wasn't paying attention. Over the summer Scorpius had changed a little. His hair was a little longer so it framed his face making the skin look even paler and his grey eyes even stormier. He was leaner than last year, and for some reason his shirt looked like it was even tighter and more fit.

Albus looked out the window, if he kept staring like this Scorpius would notice. That would be bad. Finally, the carriage stopped, and it was time for them to get out. Scorpius left without looking back or saying anything, leaving Albus alone.

Albus bit his lip; that wasn't a good sign. Maybe telling Scorpius how he felt was a bad idea. It could end with Scorpius hexing him to death. That would be news for the Daily Prophet; he could already imagine their headlines.

He finally got out of the carriage, figuring if he didn't move now the carriage would leave with him still inside. The Great Hall was full like always, everybody waiting for when the first years would come in and finally get sorted so that the feast could start.


Albus slowly opened his eyes. He hadn't been able to sleep at all, for some reason that was starting to become a habit this year. Two months into school and he was still losing sleep over how he would confess to Scorpius. He splashed some water on his face before pulling on his robes and heading down to his first class, he had woken up too late to get breakfast.

"Mr. Potter is there a reason you have kept the rest of the class waiting?" Professor Blackwood asked coldly. Albus hated the Transfiguration teacher. For some reason, he had always had it out for the Potters and Albus was no different.

"No, I'm sorry," Albus said quietly sitting in the only seat left in the classroom. He glared at Rose who was snickering from her seat, in the first row of course.

"Ten points from Gryffindor," he called out before turning back to the board. This year was going brilliantly...not! He was supposed to be learning about how to change an owl into a ferret, but his mind kept wandering and next class, which was potions with Slytherin.

"You know most people are more awake by now," Lysander commented. Albus looked up surprised, having no idea as to when the other boy had started walking next to him. "And people say I can be an airhead," he laughed shaking his head. "So what has you all distracted?"

"Nothing, I just didn't get any sleep last night. I should be better by tomorrow," Albus promised as they entered the potions room.

"Whatever, I'll pretend you're not lying to me, but fix it fast because I'm not carrying you to the hospital wing if something blows up in your face." Albus laughed, even though he knew his friend wasn't joking.

The two of them took their usual seat in the back of the classroom. "To start out this year, I decided we should do something fun! We are going to be learning how to make love potions!"

The girls in the class cheered and the guys groaned. Albus groaned too, he knew that love potions were always complicated and depending on which one they had to make, it could also take forever.

"On page 10 you will find the instructions, the ingredients are around the classroom and just to make this more interesting, you have to be partnered with somebody not from your house."

What kind of game was the sick bastard playing. The few times he had gotten too close to any Slytherins other than Scorpius they had all tried to kill him! There was no way he was going to make a love potion with one!

"Do you want to be my partner?" Scorpius asked quietly. Albus quickly changed his mind. This was the best class ever! He was going to have so much fun making this potion!

"S-sure," Albus stammered stupidly. Lysander bit his tongue trying to keep quiet as he laughed at his friend. He had figured out the reason for Albus' strange behavior lately. Scorpius watched him walk away with a confused look.

"What's wrong with him?" he asked after Lysander was out of earshot.

"We are trying to figure that out, still no answers," Albus shrugged. Scorpius laughed at that before turning back to the table. Scorpius' laugh was so adorable, Albus almost never got to hear it.

"Hey, I saw your mum made it into the Daily Prophet again," Scorpius said off-handedly. It was true Ginny Potter was the seeker for the Holy Head Harpies and had become a celebrity in her own right. She had scored more points for her team in five years then any other seeker in history. "I have to say my dad was surprised when he found out our mums were on the same team." Astoria was the keeper on the same team.

Albus laughed, "Yeah, when my uncle found out he told her to quit immediately. I have never seen a wizard survive from a fall like that off a broom..."

Scorpius looked at him with a raised eye brow, "Your uncle?" he asked confused.

"Yeah, Uncle Ron doesn't let things go...ever." It wasn't a lie, Ron would never forgive the Malfoys for what had happened. He even hated Astoria who had been a Ravenclaw, he said she was a traitor to her house. He went to the extreme a lot.

Scorpius smiled sadly, "I guess there are a lot of people like that out there," he shrugged. Albus bit his lip, had he said something to upset the other boy? This was not going how he had wanted it. "Anyway we better pay attention to the potion, I don't know about you but I need a good grade in this class."

Albus nodded as he turned back to the potion just in time for it to blow up. "I think we did something wrong," Albus frowned wiping the green goo from his face.


Albus was sitting in the Gryffindor common room doing his transfiguration homework when Lysander pounced on him. "Seriously? Why Scorpius?" he asked his face somewhere between shock and amusement.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Albus said trying to ignore the other boy and do his homework.

"I don't believe you," he said bluntly. There was no beating around the bush with any of the Scamanders. There was also no use lying to them, they were somehow able to tell if you were lying no matter what. It was actually kind of creepy.

Albus dropped his quill and looked up at Lysander who was still standing over him. "No one knows, and you can't tell anyone," he finally admitted.

"I can do that but I can't understand why you would like a Malfoy."

"I don't think many would be able to," Albus admitted, "that's why I haven't told anyone."

"Not even Scorpius?"

"I didn't feel like getting myself hexed to death," Albus growled. Lysander smiled as he finally sat down across from his friend.

"But you want to tell him." It wasn't a question, Lysander could already tell. Albus seriously wanted to know how Lysander did that! He rolled his eyes but nodded there was nothing he could say that would get him out of this. "So tell him!"

Everything to Lysander was simple like that. If you liked a person, you told them. If you wanted to wear a life-size lion head to a game, you wore it. Somehow he was able to ignore all the consequences and get away with things like that. Albus had never been so lucky.

"If you don't tell him, you'll never know," Lysander said simply before standing up. Albus wanted to tell his friend off but Lysander was already gone, to do whatever it was he did.

Albus was even more confused about what he should do. Now he knew that if something were ever to happen he had an ally. He still had no clue if something could ever happen.


Scorpius had always tried to stay clear of the Potters. The last thing he needed was one of them challenging him to a duel to show they were like their father. In the last few years that had worked, even if Albus was in the same year as him. Lately, though, something had changed.

Scorpius had noticed it in the carriage when they had ridden together to the castle. Almost the entire time the middle Potter had stared at him. After that as the year had gone on it was obvious there was something wrong with Albus. He always had bags under his eyes and whenever they were in the same room Albus would stare at him

At first Scorpius had shrugged it off thinking that he was just paranoid but even other Slytherins had commented on it. He had to figure out what was going on because it was starting to really creep him out. The perfect chance came when they had to be paired with a Gryffindor in potions.

At first Albus seemed too quiet but when they had started talking he hadn't said anything that stood out to Scorpius. Now he was just more confused. It wasn't like he could just walk up to him and ask. Then again...

Scorpius wanted to smack himself, of all times to be un-Slytherin and not be able to think up a plot why did it have to be now? He was good at getting what he wanted, especially answers. Scorpius smacked his head on the table and growled out annoyed.

"Do you have the answer Mr. Malfoy?" the teacher asked bringing Scorpius out of his head.

"Sorry no," he said quietly his face turning red. The teacher rolled his eyes annoyed before turning to Rose who had her hand raised and was basically bouncing out of her seat.

Rose Weasly always annoyed him. He hated her know-it-all attitude. Anytime somebody got an answer wrong she had this look like they were an idiot. If she wasn't in class she had her nose in a book and was oblivious to the world. To make things worse her house practically worshipped her for what her parents had done. It seriously pissed him off.

Finally the class was over and it was time for dinner. He could be surrounded by only the people he liked at the banquet table that belonged to his house. He sat down next to Adair Higgs and Ivy Parkison. Mordred Zabini would join them after he finished his transfiguration homework. They had met first year and been best friends since then.

"Hows being partners with a Potter?" Ivy asked after she had gotten food onto her plate.

Scorpius shrugged, "Not bad, he doesn't talk much but he gets the work done."

"Lucky," Mordred groaned as he sat down next to them, "the guy I got stuck with always tries to start a fight and keeps screwing up our potions. He knows if I get another detention the head master will consider suspending me!" In his first two years Mordred had gotten into a fight with anyone that said something he didn't like. It got so bad the headmaster threatened to suspend him if it happened ever again. He had been able to control himself for an entire year now.

"Don't worry, it should be only one more week before we are finally done," Scorpius tried to offer.

"I guess I can survive another week of hell," he sighed before stabbing something on his plate.


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