Scorpius smiled as he watched Phoenix fly around on the small toy broom that Albus had gotten for him. "I told you! As soon as I saw him I knew he would become a quidditch player!" Albus laughed as their son flew towards him.

"Albus! He isn't even a year old! There is no way to tell what he will be good at yet!" Scorpius rolled his eyes as he berated his husband. The two of them had gotten married a year after leaving Hogwarts. Only dating for three years may have seemed short but they knew they never wanted to be with anybody else. It had been seven years since then and they were still going strong.

"Well, that just means that he takes after me!" Albus argued. Scorpius raised an eyebrow in questioning. "Just because he is adopted doesn't mean he won't be like me! Come on, he already looks like me!" Scorpius had to agree with that. Phoenix had the same black hair and green eyes that Albus did. If Scorpius didn't know better he would have assumed Phoenix was his biological son.

They had gotten Phoenix a few months before when his name had appeared on the list of children going to Hogwarts. They knew he would be a wizard even though he was born to muggle parents. After Voldermort the ministry of magic had worked to make sure no future wizard was stuck in a muggle orphanage. Scorpius hadn't understood the decision when it had been made but now looking at his son and husband play he had never appreciated something so much.

"I guess you got me there," he shrugged finally standing up. "But we still have to put that away. We have guests coming over and I'm sure they will all want see you and Phoenix, and not rushing by on your new broom," Scorpius smiled as he picked up his son.

This was the first Christmas they had gotten to spend as a family and Albus had wanted to really live it up. They had invited all their friends and family over to come join them. It was a still a strange sight to see Malfoys and Potters all eating at the same table and actually having a good time.

James still didn't join the celebrations, though. Scorpius wasn't sure if he had truly forgiven the eldest Potter to the point where he would allow him in his home but it was something that he didn't really think about.

James had arrived in Romania and a year later had run off with Krum. Hermoine as well as Ginny and Harry had been furious. All for different reasons, though. Ron had thought it was slightly funny. Nobody in the family was exactly sure where James was, he would send a letter to them every now and then to say he was alive and happy but that was about it.

Albus was happy that his brother was happy and that he would stay away from their family. Still Scorpius could tell every so often Albus would seem sad and he knew it was because Albus missed his brother.

"Hey, what time did you tell Lysander and Mordred to come over? They are supposed to help me with set up," Albus asked as he started cleaning up all the toys their son had opened.

Scorpius smiled. He still couldn't believe that the two of them were a couple. A year after they had come out Mordred had asked out Lysander. They weren't married like Albus and Scorpius but they sure were on their way. "They should be here any minute," Scorpius answered. Albus nodded and he continued cleaning up in their living room all the mess that Phoenix and he had made. "Lysander also said that Lorcan and Ivy might be dropping by early."

"Really? Can Ivy even move?" Scorpius couldn't help laughing. Ivy was nine months pregnant with their second child and due any day but to tell her that she was getting fat meant losing your head. She was usually reasonable but with hormones and all the pain that came with it she turned into a raging psycho.

"Don't say anything like that around her!" Scorpius reminded, "I would like to be able to spend my New Year's somewhere other then St. Mungos." Albus nodded knowing that Scorpius wasn't kidding.

Both men looked up when they heard the knocking on their door. "I guess that means Lysander and Mordred are here," Scorpius smiled walking to open the door.

"Merry Christmas!" Lysander and Mordred cried as soon as the door was open. "And how are you liking your first Christmas?" Lysander asked taking Phoenix from Scorpius. When they had first gotten Phoenix Scorpius hadn't let anybody near him but he soon found out that Lysander, Phoenix's god-father, was plenty good with him and started to relax.

"Good, he's spent all morning flying around on his new toy broom," Scorpius smiled shutting the door behind his two guests.

"Really? Do we have another Potter quidditch player in the making?" Lysander asked making Scorpius roll his eyes.

"Oh please don't start that! Can we at least wait until he can talk properly to decide what his future career will be?" Scorpius asked pleadingly.

"Wait until he's talking? Psh, Scorpius who wants to wait that long?" Mordred asked sarcastically making both Albus and Lysander glare at him for a second before going back to their conversation about what position Phoenix would play when he want pro. "Oh yeah, Ivy and Lorcan won't be here today. I guess Ivy went into labor late last night. They have a new baby girl. Lorcan said to send his love and he will see us as soon as they can take the new baby home."

"Wait? So this means Ivy could move off of the couch?" Albus asked feigning shock.

"Does he have a death wish or something?" Mordred asked so that only Scorpius could hear. Scorpius shrugged as he went to take Phoenix back from Lysander.

"Come on, everybody else will be here soon! Get to work!" Scorpius smiled as he took Phoenix from Lysander. Lysander and Albus dramatically sighed as they went to grab the decorations and get the food ready.

To say this year would be interesting would be an understatement. This would be the first year that Adair and Rose would be joining them as a married couple. Scorpius never thought he would see the day when Adair would put up with any girl not from Slytherin but here it was. It almost seemed like Rose's calm and cold demeanor matched and stabilized Adair's.

Of course her father was not happy with the match up and Adair's parents were none too pleased. Still the two of them seemed to be happy together. Scorpius was just worried about what would happen if they ever had kids that got into Gryffindor. That would be a very interesting day.

Scorpius walked to the door again when he heard the bell ring. It seemed that their family and friends were already showing up. Scorpius didn't know when it had stopped being Albus' family and his family and had started to become their family but he really didn't care. He just knew that he wouldn't want it any other way.