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Italics means inner thoughts

Sasuke, Naruto, Kakashi, Neji, Shikamaru, and Sakura were all on an Anbu level mission to seek and destroy a man by the name of Kyon. Kyon was a cruel man who destroyed many small villages and would do anything to be on the top of the list for "world's best killer." Kakashi and Shikamaru's part of the group was to come up with the ideal strategy, while Naruto, Sasuke, and Neji would take out the man by Kakashi and Shikamaru's order. Sakura was there for immediate medical attention.

Right now, Sakura was in the small hotel room waiting for the team to return. Kakashi and Shikamaru thought it would be best if Sakura waited for them to come back in case there was medical attention needed when they returned; they were deep within the mining village. After all, a medic is essential for a team to survive.

So, that was what she was doing. She didn't really mind waiting at the hotel because she wasn't feeling well ever since the team had left for the mission three days ago. Oh how she missed her boys. Especially Sasuke. Sasuke and Sakura had been dating for three years ever since he came back once Naruto saved him. At first, Sakura never thought she could love him like she did back then, but once the group started hanging out again, the fire was rekindled.

Sasuke felt it too that day when their eyes connected and something burned inside of them, beckoning them to be together. Now, here Sakura was alone in the hotel room dying to find out the answer to her question.

It was sitting on the sink small, plastic, and taking forever to give Sakura her answer. The dinger that she had borrowed from the kitchen staff, binged in completion. She turned over the test slowly, debating with herself.

Oh shit! Sakura exclaimed inside her head, this is really bad. Oh no! I'm pregnant and on an Anbu level mission and my team mates are missing. "I really want this baby, more than anything, but I think you have the worst timing in the world." She rubbed her stomach gently, smiling down as fear filled her.

This was bad…really bad. If Sasuke found out on this mission that she was pregnant, he would hate her!

Oh Kami-sama! If Sasuke finds out he'll leave me for sure! He'll hate me and never want this child with me. He'll think I'm reckless enough to even put our child in danger. Sakura was breathing heavily through her nose trying to keep the tears in. He'll hate me…

BOOM! The small village started to explode! Some of Kyon's men escaped from Kakashi and Shikamaru's barriers around the village and were destroying the village. Sakura placed a small seal across her stomach in order to protect her baby as much as possible, before jumping out the window.

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