Four Days Later

I wish I could feel my fingers Sakura thought glumly. Wait…what? Sakura was trying to concentrate but could only feel warmth against her face and coolness running through her arm.

I must be in a room, near a window to feel and see light behind my eyes Sakura thought.

"When the hell is she supposed to wake up Tsunade!" Sakura could hear yelling further away from her.

"Don't yell at me UCHIHA!"

Ok…that is definitely Tsunade-sama…which means she's yelling at Sasuke-kun…Why?

Sasuke sighed, rubbing his forehead. He wasn't getting anywhere like this.

"Look Uchiha…this is a complicated situation. You must remember that Sakura needs to be in a healthy mental state and better physical state in order to wake up." Tsunade sighed tiredly.

"Can I at least see her? I mean…if my voice can wake her up – considering she responds to it so well – would that be OK?" Sasuke said quietly.

Tsunade sighed in defeat knowing the Uchiha had a point. "Not ONE sound! Understand?" Tsunade said grumpily. She was making sure that the nurses thought Sasuke was only going to stay overnight by Hokage orders.

"Yes Hokage-sama" Sasuke said gently, grateful for Tsunade's help. Sakura heard a door open and close. Soft footsteps became louder and heard soft scraping across the floor. She could feel warmth touching her cold hand. It made her want to hold on to it but her fingers were too numb.

"Your hands are so cold Sakura" Sasuke whispered gently, placing a strand of hair behind her ear.

Sakura could hear the heart monitor leap once in response. I'm happy that my heart can at least respond to Sasuke-kun Sakura thought happily.

"At least your heart can tell me how you feel honestly…I don't have to guess anymore…when you're hooked up to this thing" Sasuke's voice wavered at the end, a single tear rolled down his cheek.

"I-I *unsteady sigh* want you to wake up…but I know h-how stubborn you can be" Sasuke wiped his nose on his sleeve rubbing his eye.

"Tsu is the strongest little girl I've ever met" Sasuke breathed heavily remembering the image of his daughter falling to the ground, yelling out his name.

Sakura's heart quickened causing Sasuke to look up quickly. "Oh, oh baby she's OK! She's fine. She was so strong and Ino looked after her when I went to go find you." Sasuke said quickly staring at the heart monitor which slowly receded to a normal heart beat again.

Sasuke sighed in relief. "It's so curious…how you can respond so well to just my voice…it makes me so happy. I wish I could look into your eyes and tell you that." Sasuke sighed gently, laying his head onto Sakura's bed, never letting go of her hand.

Sakura heard soft snores and decided that that was her cue to fall asleep as well.

The Next morning

I want to open my eyes so badly, but they really hurt. Sakura had been trying for what she thought was eternity (about five minutes) to open her eyes.

Come on eyelids! Once you guys are open you'll feel all better. That seemed to inspire her eyes. She could feel her eyes squeeze shut in aggravation and then was able to have them gently close.

This is seriously exhausting…I know I'm stronger than this! Come on eyes! You can do it! Sakura just wanted to see the room and her dear Sasuke before she fell back asleep again.

Sakura sighed sadly through her nose. She wanted to wake up damn it!

"Sakura?" Was that Sasuke? "Sakura, baby…are you trying to wake up? Or are you having a bad dream?" That definently was Sasuke-kun. He sounded so caring and worried.

"It's OK baby I'm here. You can wake up… I know you can wake up. Do it for me…open your eyes to me.

Sakura could feel her eyelids lighten substantially. Oh sure body! Listen to Sasuke! Stupid eyelids….

Sakura peeked open her eyelids which made everything around her fuzzy. Including the black blob in front of her. She felt someone wipe the corner of her eyes making the fuzziness slowly go away.

"Come on Sakura…you can do it baby! Look at me. I'm right here." Sakura felt a pair of hands direct her face in the direction of the black blob.

Sakura's eyesight became clearer as she kept trying to make out whom the black blob was exactly.

It's Sasuke-kun! My Sasuke-kun! Sakura could feel the dizziness leave her and was finally able to look into Sasuke's eyes.

"Sakura-chan?" Sasuke whispered gently.

"S-Sasuke-kun" Sakura choked out not sure she said his name right.

"Yes it's me baby! It's me" Sasuke smiled gently down at Sakura holding her gently against him.

"T-the baby" Sakura choked out yet again. "Tsu is fine honey she's sleeping right now waiting for mommy to see her." Sakura just shook her head angrily clutching onto Sasuke's shirt tighter.

"T-the baby!" Sakura tried yet again. Sasuke just remained confused until Sakura started to cry which had startled Sasuke.

Sakura took one of her clutched hands around Sasuke-s shirt to place her finger on her abdomen. Sasuke's eyes widened in shock before he took her hand and replaced it with his.

"This baby is lucky to have a mother like you to protect it. In other words, this baby is fine thanks to that seal you placed on it" Sasuke looked up at Sakura as silent tears subsided. Sakura brought her numb fingers up to Sasuke's face to remove a strand of hair, silently asking if he was alright. Sasuke sighed into her palm nodding his head that he was indeed fine.

Sakura had fallen asleep again, this time in comfort, and woke up the next morning to a worried Tsu by her bedside. Tsu and her mother talked for a while (Sakura mostly trying to tell Tsu she was perfectly fine) when Sasuke came in with a tray of food.

After their lunch, Tsu found some toys and played with them on the floor while Sasuke and Sakura gently kissed each other. Sasuke left his hand on Sakura's stomach, gently drawing doodles into her still flat stomach. This family was definently going to make it.


Today was the day. It was the day Sasuke found out what gender his next child (with the woman he love ;)) was going to be. Sakura was in labor as of 7 hours ago and Sasuke and Tsuyohana were out in the hall waiting nervously and patiently.

Shizune came out of the doorway, wiping the sweat from her brow, smiling happily at them. Sasuke lifted Tsu into his arms and both walked past Shizune in order to see the woman they loved the most.

Sasuke placed a kiss gently onto Sakura's forehead, causing her to wake up. She smiled up at him as he proudly smiled down. "You know…next time we have another kid you are definently not keeping it a secret again. I had to deal with that two kids in a row now." Sasuke pretended to be angry but really couldn't. Sakura giggled up at him as he gently kissed her on the lips.

"Here is the adorable baby for the happy family." A nurse was caring in a blue bundle handing it to the curious parents and their daughter.

"It's a-a boy" Sasuke said amazed. "He's our son Sasuke-kun" Sakura said gently biting her bottom lip as tears left her eyes in joy. "I have a brother!" Tsu yelled out happily looking at him curiously before hopping around the room in joy.

"My son" Sasuke whispered again shuffling the small amount of black hair on top of the baby's head causing his son to open his eyes tiredly. The boy had dark black eyes and hair like Sasuke's but still had Sakura's smile.

The child seemed very shy and quiet, looking curiously up at his parents. He grabbed onto the finger shuffling his hair, before falling asleep with Sasuke's finger in hand.

A few hours after watching their two children play together

(Tsu and the baby like each other a lot)

Sasuke looked up at Sakura who had a sleeping Tsu in between them and their child held in Sakura's arms.

"What do you wanna name him, love" Sasuke whispered not wanting to wake his children up.

"How about Kichirou, Sasuke-kun" Sakura whispered gently. Before Sasuke could respond, Kichirou cooed in agreement before snuggling into Sakura's arms more while Tsu hummed in agreement. Sasuke and Sakura chuckled at their children's responses.

"I guess it's decided then" Sasuke whispered gently. "My lucky son" Sasuke nodded in agreement at the name before snuggling with Sakura, and the new family fell asleep happier than ever.

Sasuke and Sakura thinking at the same time: We win.

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