It was everywhere that Hannah Baker had committed suicide. He seriously didn't know what to think and he couldn't get Tony to tell him where she was at and if those rumors were the truth.

Living his life knowing she was possibly still alive gave him little hope. He grew a little more fearful each year thinking maybe that she had changed her mind and really had died. As the summer of graduation from high school rolled around Tony the boy who had been the keeper of the tapes told him where to find her and that she'd probably be glad to see him.

Clay Jensen had never been more happy to learn her whereabouts until now. Sure it wasn't the greatest place to go but at least it gave him more hope than it had in the past three years.

Despite the weather being against him he stopped for a few minutes to recollect his thoughts. He was going to see a supposed dead girl after three years of no knowing whether or not she still wanted to see him. As the weather cleared up a little he continued on his way towards the city that Crestmont sat at the edge of.

He always pictured Hanna as being one of the girls who'd live in the city one day... Preferably under better circumstances that a in-patient rehab facility. He drove for what seemed forever and when he finally pulled up to the building that was suppose to be the rehab center he sat there staring at the building. Unsure of how to act. He had gotten all this way now he was seriously thinking about turning around and going back home.

Then he saw it... A flash of her blond hair. Well it could have been any patients hair but he thought of it as her blond hair and that was when he decided that he had to see her. He didn't care if she screamed at him or told him to leave he just wanted to see her face and know she was okay.

Climbing out of his car he hurried towards the automatic doors and let a sigh of relief out when he felt the warmth that the inside of the building gave. He stopped at the reception desk looking slightly nervously at the nurse sitting there.

"Uhm... Is there a Hannah Baker here?" He asked politely before scanning the room behind the nurse.

"Depends on who's looking for her." The nurse said with a sassy attitude that caused Clay to smile slightly.

"I'm... umm... A old friend who just wanted to check up on here... I haven't seen her in a couple years." He mumbled shyly. He was still the same shy kid he was in High school. Glancing up just as she saw him he instantly turned red. "Uhm... Hannah Baker... I'm looking for her... Is she here?" He asked quietly now as the nurse smiled and nodded.

"Sign in here then you can go on back." She said nodding as she pointed towards the metal detector door way. Clay quickly signed his name and waited for the nurse to wave him through. He stood nervously at the edge of the metal detector. He looked into the room and saw the blond woman staring back. He took a deep breath and stepped through. Smiling sightly as the nurse nodded and let him continue into the room she pointed to the same blond woman he had been watching since he walked into the door.


Alright. Short update but I kinda hit a block mid-chapter so I ended up with this... I think It's gonna stick to little drabble-esque like Chapters...

And I've never been to a rehab center so I've got no idea what they look like or how it works... or anything. Sooo... I'm kinda making it up as I go...