Chapter one

This is a story of women named Amber Lyn and what happens when the one true person that as loved her for whom she was has just died

To all her friends who knew her know that she is a sweet and kind woman by the name of Amber Lyn. But what her friends don't know is that she has this dark side to her and when her dark side comes out she turns in to this dark angel but for a long time the dark angel has not came out. That was in tell the one person that Amber Lyn loved and that loved her for who she was. Because Amber Lyn's dad has not been there in her life. And because of that Amber Lyn does not think that her dad truly loves her because it seems like her dad only comes around when he wants something .Amber Lyn has been very busy taking care of her mom who had been sick with stage four brain cancer that was in tell her mom passed away. And so to deal with her mom's death Amber Lyn left the place she called home. Amber Lyn has always been a good girl but on the inside she was a bad girl ready to get out and play. Amber Lyn has always loved guys on motorcycle. So to help her deal with the loss of her mom. And because she knows if she does not get away now that she will have a break down. So she took her car on a trip and she ended up going to a city named Charming to look for her bad boy of love. Just when she though that her life could not get any worse her car had broken down at a place called Teller-Morrow Auto .But she then saw a lot of hot and sexy bikers with tattoos. She knew that she was going to be ok for now. At the Shop all the guys wanted to know who this dark brown haired woman with dark eyes and a nice body with curves. She was wearing a black short skirt with a short leather top and leather boots. a hot and sexy guy with tattoos walks up to her. As she is getting out of her car the guy says "hey my name is happy what your name sexy is?" She tells him that her name is Amber Lyn". So she then tells happy that her black 2011 Convertible just broke down outside of the shop he then asks her if there is anything that he could do to help her.