Here's the prologue and first chapter of Born To Be Brave! It's a short chapter, but it will catch as to what's changed and what's been going since the epilogue of Born This Way. This chapter is humor and friendship with a little bit of romance. This story will be much more lighthearted than the last, and possibly a couple chapters shorter.

Genres: Humor, drama, family, friendship, and romance

Rating: T for violence, a bit of blood, explosions, language

Pairings: Ratchet/You, mention of Alister/OC

Summary: This story takes place during All 4 One. Planet Magnus is haunted by the past, and so are you. A shadow looms over you as the ghosts from your past come back to haunt you. But one question burns in your mind like wildfire: who was your father? Only Nefarious knows, and he's not talking.

Your POV:

You jump off the roof of a building that touches the sky, and immediately start skating down the railways, high fiving anybody who leans of an air taxi or car to say hi. You move down the spirals, loving the head rush you get when you're upside down. You lean forward to get a little more speed. You shout out cries of excitement. You head off the grind rail and activate your hoverboots. The wind on your face feels amazing.

But it still doesn't compare to the rush of taking down robots and defeating evil. You miss that feeling so much. You hate having to sit around all day, even if it is with your two best buddies. You just feel so edgy and itchy for action now that Nefarious hasn't made a plan for any attack yet. You feel bored and honestly, a little bit unemployed. You sigh as you land. You feel like you're in a rut.

Life just isn't what it used to be, is it? You're glad to have Clank around-he's so nice, even if he is a little too proper sometimes, and he's even helping you translate your music player-and he's been good for Ratchet too, but you miss the adventure. You miss fighting every single day, and every time you wake up, you stand in fighting stance and only after a few seconds pass do you realize you're not under attack. Then you sigh and get dressed, ready to get out and move around, putting on a smile for Ratchet and Clank so they don't know something's up.

You reach for your music player in your back pocket-you don't even wear armor anymore, just a red jumpsuit-and click for your favorite song: Born This Way! Clank's helped you translate a lot of it, and helped figure out how to work the camera on it. You deleted all of the pictures of those people, ignoring the guilt you felt when you did, and you and Ratchet and Clank posed for stupid photos. You've got solo shots of Ratchet and of Clank. You smile, and you still hold on to the picture you have of Kaden and Alister.


You miss him. He was the closest thing you had to a father-that you remember, anyway. You want to know your real father's name, just for the sake of knowing and getting your history, but you'll probably always think of Alister as your father. Besides, there's not a man in the galaxy who knows who your biological father is…err, was.

There's only an evil robot who's hell bent on killing you.

You sigh, and you start to head back home for the apartment you, Ratchet, and Clank share.

Ratchet's POV:

You sit back and play a holo-game with Clank, waiting for Arianna to come home. You sigh and pause your game when you think about her. You stare at the door. "Ratchet, is something wrong?" Clank asks.

You sigh again. "It's just…Arianna's gone all of the time and…"

"Ratchet, you must remember. Arianna does not have any memories of what her life was like before she met you. All she remembers is fighting and destroying the forces of evil. It's all she knows. She doesn't even realize she has the need to be active, and unconsciously does so. Fighting is her nature, Ratchet. Give it time. She'll see that there's more to life than hero work."

He's only told you that about five times now. You can't help it. You miss her. You just wish you would actually tell her you like her, but Alister did that with her mom, and it didn't exactly end well for him. You just don't want to risk anything with Arianna…but at the same time, you want to risk everything if it means just having a chance with her.

You miss it just being you and her. You really took that time for granted, didn't you? You're happy to have Clank back-more than happy, you missed your best buddy-but now it'd be so awkward telling Arianna how you feel now.

Arianna opens the door and waves. You know, it's weird having a girl around, but Arianna doesn't seem to mind only having guys for friends except for Tawlyn.

Your POV:

You've been doing a bit better lately. You've learned how to read and write (which is good), and Ratchet's been showing you the parts of a ship and taught you how to pilot Aphelion. You've got certified to carry a weapon within city limits, and you've been registered to vote. You just fly around town and just meet new people, stuff like that. You needed to get out; no more adventures left you feeling trapped like a rat. That, and getting out more helped with the nightmares.

"Ratchet, Arianna," Clank says, getting your attention. "Do not forget, we have that interview with Kip Darling and Pepper Fairbanks this evening."

You nodded. "Yeah, I almost forgot." That's another part about being a hero. You need to do a lot of work with the news people. At least it's just through satellite.

You, Ratchet, and Clank sit in your seats as you hear Kip begin the show. "Good evening, I'm Kip Darling, and you're watching continuing coverage of The Search For a Super Villain. Joining us via satellite are Ratchet, Arianna, and Clank, who defeated Nefarious over two years ago. Ratchet, Arianna, Clank, thank you for coming."

Clank smiles. "Thank you for having us, Kip."

"First he was dead. Then he was status: unknown, now authorities have upgraded him to 'alive and at large'. Will the three of you join the search team?"

Ratchet shook his head. "Clank, Arianna, and I talked about it, and we decided it's time to go back to the way things were, you know? Fixing ships, playing holo-games 'til three in the morning. Leave that hero stuff to the other guys."

"Like galactic president Qwark?"

"Yeah-or anyone else." Ratchet's smile quickly.

"Anyone else at all." You contribute. You remember Qwark very well from your previous adventure with him, and your memories are not very fond, especially when you had to go save him from the Agorians.

"Ratchet, Arianna," Clank says in a "watch-what-you-say" tone.

"What?" Ratchet whispers. "I didn't vote for the guy."

You nodded. "And I wouldn't have voted for him."

"I believe what they're trying to say is," That's just like Clank. He's always as respectful to everybody, even Qwark. "We have full confidence in President Qwark's abilities, and I'm sure he will not rest until Nefarious is captured."

Kip speaks next. "With that in mind, let's check in with President Qwark." Uh oh, you have a bad feeling about this. "At the presidential compound in Meridian City." You see a shot of Qwark sleeping on his desk that has pictures of Skrunch and one photo of Ratchet and Clank. "President Qwark? President Qwark?" You knew this was not going to end well.

Finally, Qwark shoots up and yells out, "She was taking a memo!" …You don't even want to know what he was dreaming about thirty seconds ago. Realizing he's on camera, he immediately straightens himself up and adjusts his tie. "Good morning, citizens. I was just uh…analyzing." He pictures up a box of his cereal and then talks about promising the figures look. Only, he just makes a dumbass out of himself when Kip points out that he's reading a cereal box. "Is there anything I can do for you, tax payer?"

"The defense force claims that Lawrence teleported Nefarious to safety, prior to the destruction of his space station. What measures are you taking to track down this fugitive?"

"Extreme measures, Kip. Every morning I wake up, I look around, I ask everyone I see, and so far-no dice." Oh, good lord. You see Zephyr walking past him. "Hey Zeph, you seen Dr. Nefarious?" He's gets a "Nope" in response. "See?" Qwark asks. "The guy's a ghost!"

"Then do you have a message for citizens who believe Dr. Nefarious is planning another attack?"

"Absolutely! There is. No. Danger. So relax, kick back, and put your faith in myself and vice president Skrunch."

You sigh. "We are so screwed."

A decent-sized chapter. It's over a thousand words and four pages long, I like it. So that's chapter one, so yeah. I'm just gonna start a new nightmare for myself.

See you soon!