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It was a beautiful morning. The sky was clear and the birds were chirping happily yet a certain chairman was brooding badly.

Nokoru's POV

That dream I had yesterday means that the battle is beginning. It seems that time is running out.


Countless Sakura petals were falling languidly inside the darkness that surrounds this mysterious world as a blond-haired boy with blue eyes arrived at this place.

"The….dream…world…..?" Nokoru said out loud.

As he walked through the source of the petals, a girl with black hair was sleeping peacefully at the branch of a big Sakura tree where long strips of cloth were being entangled around. The girl was wearing traditional Japanese clothing that has detailed designs of butterflies. It was the kind of clothing that you might see on a certain Witch of Dimensions. It would seem that she is sound asleep.

The boy smiled sadly for a moment then climbed the tree and reached the girl. He tucked the locks of her hair and whispered gently, "It is time for your memories to awaken, my Tomoyo."

Then, a pair of wings sprouted from her back that vaguely resembled that of the princess of Clow.

The girl floated and the wings enclosed her like a cocoon and a blue light shone inside her. Nokoru hurriedly ran and caught her as she slowly fell.

"Welcome back, Tomoyo," Nokoru said.

The girl opened her eyes gently, "I'm back, Nokoru."

The girl, Tomoyo, smiled and said, "It's been a long time."

"Yes, it has been." Nokoru answered back.

"So, it has started." Tomoyo said ominously.

"Yes, the battle will start soon and we have no time to lose. Please, come back to Tokyo." Nokoru asked pleadingly.

" I will, don't worry."

And at that moment, Nokoru's body began to disappear.

"The dream will soon end." Tomoyo said.

"I see. Until then, Tomoyo." Nokoru said sadly as he fully disappeared.

"Until then, Nokoru." And with that, she too, began to disappear and the dream full of petals and wings, ended.


Nokoru's POV

It would have to start, I guess. My thoughts were ended as soon as the door opened.

"Ohayo Gozaimasu, Kaichou." Suoh said.

"Ohayo, Suoh." I replied immediately as my fan covering my mouth opened with the words, 'Good day! ' And with that, my morning came smoothly like any other. Well, except for a few nightmarish paperwork! Ugh!

As Nokoru went through his paperwork, he found a file for a new transfer student.


Suoh, who noticed his Kaichou focusing on a file, asked him about it.

"Kaichou, what is it?"

"Hm, nothing Suoh. I just read that there'll be a new transfer student for the Elementary Department who will be coming soon." Nokoru answered.

"Eh? It's the second semester of the school year. It's pretty unusual for a transfer student to arrive." Akira asked.

"Hai, it appears so. But, the transfer student that will be coming here is Tomoyo Daidouji. She is a renowned singer and heiress to the Piffle Princess Company, one of the biggest companies in the whole world that is close to the Imonoyama Zaibatsu." Suoh answered.

"I see. Ne, Suoh. About the new transfer student, shall I give her a tour?" Nokoru asked with a grin.

"No, Kaichou. You have to finish all of your paperwork's first! So that means that you'll have to finishe these 3 mountains of papers!" Suoh protested.

"Fine, but if I finish this all, will you give me a chance to give her a tour?" Nokoru said.

'He's seriously not going to do that, is he? But, if Kaichou's talking about a lady…then, ugh! I hope this doesn't hinder his council duties!' Suoh thought as he massaged his temples.

"Alright Kaichou, I'll let you. But." Suoh narrowed his eyes at Nokoru, "be sure to finish all your paperworks, UNDERSTAND?"

Nokoru sweatdropped. "Hai, hai. I understand, Suoh."

And, with a speed that would've put a cheetah to shame, finished the mountains of paperworks in a few hours…

After that, he yawned and stretched.

'Geez. If only he'd do this everyday, then the student council work will be done in no time.' Suoh thought.'

'Aha. Takamura-senpai really did a good job at that. Now, all the paperwork are finished. Maybe I can go to Utako-san and have a tea today since there's nothing to do.' Akira thought as he blushed.

"Then, I'll go now, Suoh, Akira." Nokoru stood up and went to the door as he said his farewell's to his fellow student council members.

"Goodbye, Kaichou." Akira cheerfully said.

"See you tomorrow, Kaichou." Suoh said.

Nokoru went to the forest beside the Imonoyama Mall to meet Tomoyo. After a few minutes, Tomoyo arrived and hugged Nokoru.

"I'm finally able to remember you, Nokoru." Tomoyo said while tears flowed down her cheeks.

"Welcome back, Tomoyo." Nokoru said.

After their reunion, they sat near an oak tree.

"Nokoru, about Kamui…." Tomoyo started.

"I know. The fate of Kamui has begun. His mother, the kage-ni of the Earth hasn't sacrificed herself yet but I want to tell him everything now."

Tomoyo seemed a bit surprised. "Why now?"

Nokoru smiled, "The Kamui in another world wanted to help him. He visited me in a dream." Nokoru recalled.


Kamui arrived in the dream world with his eyes closed. As he opened it slowly, he saw another person. That person had blond hair and sapphire blue eyes.

"I'm surprised you're here, Kamui-san." Nokoru commented.

"I wanted to talk to you." Nokoru's eyes widened at that.

"I am not so good with magic like Subaru that's why I'm not sure if I'll arrive in your dream. However, it seems that I am in luck."

"Kamui-san, though luck may have supported you to arrive here in my dream, it was all because of hitsuzen that you are able to be here let alone talk to me at the same time. You wished it with all your heart and luck provided you with a price and a future. A future with many different sides and loopholes but can be united with a choice, a decision. And, it is because of your choice that this has happened." Nokoru stated.

Kamui stared at Nokoru for a few minutes and said, "You're similar. You and that witch."

"I suppose. Are you here because of 'Kamui', your other self?" Nokoru asked.

"Subaru has already found happiness with that hunter. Subaru's happiness is my happiness and my wish. However, I have another wish. This wish is for my other self. I want Kamui to know everything so that he may be able to prepare for the consequences and change the future might bring."

"I see. A wish for guidance huh? You do know the consequences of your wish, right?" Nokoru asked as he stared right in the eyes of Kamui.

"Just by fulfilling that wish, you have already tampered with the future of 'that' world. Also, you should know that in every wish, there is a compensation." Nokoru continued.

"What is the price?"Kamui asked with determination.

Nokoru smiled sadly, "It has already been fulfilled."

Kamui widened his eyes. "Who?"

"That would be me and the princess of the Moon." Nokoru said.

"But, why?" Kamui asked completely baffled.

"I am the magician of time and descendant of Clow Reed, Syaoran and Sakura, the princess of Clow. I have alrady determined the future of that world. And it was tragic. Moreover, that tragedy was caused by Fei Wang Reed and it is our duty to finish the work of my ancestors as well as to maintain peace and order to the worlds. The new Magician of the Dimensions, the successor of Ichihara Yuuko, Watanuki Kimihiro and the reincarnation of Tomoyo, the princess of the world of Japan, Tsukuyomi which is Tomoyo Daidouji together with me have paid a prize to ensure that all the worlds will be in peace. "

"Kamui, the one who will determine the destiny of that world will be assisted by us. Also, I think that I should repay you for saving me at that time." Nokoru said cheerfully.

"What do you mean?" Kamui asked.

"I am also the reincarnation of Fai, no, Yuui, the magician that you saved by turning him into a vampire." Nokoru answered.

"I see. But, may I ask what is your price?"

"Time will tell, Kamui. Maybe I'll tell you or maybe I will not." Nokoru said as he put a finger into his lips.

"However, your body will have to remain here in dreams and you can only meet with Kamui as long as you are inside him and in dreams. You will have to do this because the price of your wish is too great even if we did pay some of it. After all, it can help change the future. For the better or for the worse, I don't know." Nokoru continued.

"I understand." Kamui said as he nodded his head.

"Well, then. Let me grant your wish." Nokoru said as he summoned his staff and magic.


"I see, so that's what happened." Tomoyo stated.

"Then, it all begins, huh?" Tomoyo continued.

"Yes. And the clock of time is ticking." Nokoru said.

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