I do not own Red Hot Chili Samurai. Shinnosuke's point of view. Time Line Volume 4 chapter 14.

Why Not

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"You stay just the way you are, Kokaku." I told him, he looked at me, and tears started to form in his eyes.

"What is this?" Kokaku asked and he just seemed to notice tears were starting to fall.

"There you go! Feel free to cry on my shoulder! C'mere." I said to him. After all I want to comfort and cheer him up since he is my friend. I'm more than willing to let him cry on my shoulder.

"No." He told me while rubbing his eyes.

"Wha? Why not?" I asked him in a curious tone, but he didn't reply and seemed to be thinking."But when you feel like crying..It's best to let it all out."

It is best to let it all out rather than holding it in. Best to let out all those tears and be done with it. It is not a good thing to bottle up one's emotions for when it does come out...The results are not good.

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