Mornings were never truly crisp and fresh.
This story takes place in a cuboidal land with structures and landscapes made up of blocks. the creatures who inhabited it fit in with the blocky style, yet none of it looked like a bad fantasy. The mornings there should have seemed crisp and fresh. The clear skies and beautiful grassy landscape dotted with flowers relaxed and soothed a person just by looking pretty. But the beautiful visage was spoiled by towering infernos of Skeletons and Zombies, hissing and howling as they heaved their mangled, burning bodies to shade. Warm morning sunlight ignited their sensitive bodies, and smoke filled the air with the foul dust and ash left behind as they wasted away into nothingness.

Down by the forest laid a dead-end cave, overshadowed by a large tree with a house in it. Only the tree-dwellers were awake this early. One, and Enderling with a genetic fault, covered a branch like a furry matress waiting for the burning of the creatures to end. Unlike most of his species, which had charcoal skin that let them blend in with the shadows like demonic spectres, he was covered in grey fur. He was also short for his species, but since he was rather young, that wasn't so surprising. His name was Kenzo, the fluffy Enderling. Smart and gentle, and dubbed by miners as a Minecraftian yeti of all things. He didn't mind the nickname, though, as he didn't have a much better idea of who he was anyway. A wandering Zombie heaved itself under the tree where the shade protected it from the sun's rays. It exhaled dust as it's body smoked and crisped. An assured whistle and thwunk sounded as an arrow pierced the Zombie's head, and it gurgled once before dying and melting into chunks of rotted meat. Kenzo arched his back and swung his head round to greet the owner of the flint headed arrow, his unofficial roommate of sorts, Nyssa. She was an Enderling just as unusual as Kenzo in terms of appearance, with milky-white skin the polar opposite of the majority of her kind. She was albino, aside from her eyes which were green rather than the classic red color found in other cases of albinism. Gold armored pants hung loosely from her wiry frame, contrasting Kenzo's yellow eyes and average frame increased by fluff. Kenzo waved his tail irritably as Nyssa grunted, rolled over the fence and skimmed down the outside of the tree before redeeming two slabs of dripping flesh.
"You reallys want to eats that?" Kenzo spoke. He could speak perfectly well, yet had a strange quirk to the way he said things. Almost like a foreign person speaking a new language for the first time.
"So? What's wrong with Zombie flesh? The more you eat the more you build a tolerance of it! Wuss." Nyssa grunted in return. What she said was true, as she could eat the chunks of rotting meat left behind by those walking cadavers as if they were cooked pork. A gross habit, Kenzo thought as the foul smell threw him right off. Watching Nyssa sink her teeth into the foul flesh was even grosser! She was anything but lady-like, which was rather unnerving for him. Any excessive violence was generally unnerving for him, so Nyssa was by far the worst flat mate option for him.

"What gories and unnescessaries venture are yous on todays?" He asked, hoping it would be something far away from him. He had recently come in possession of a massive quantity of TNT and had been 'dared' to make a Redstone activated cannon with it by the person who left it to him. Something he had not tried before, but he was certain he could try it out.
"I am going to go hunt a Slime" she murmured, sliding a light blue diamond sword into a scruffy homemade leather scabbard. "I have some ideas for a new weapon I could make with their slime." She grinned absent-mindedly, twiddling with one of her own recent possessions also left to her from an anonymous miner or something. It was nothing special, just a blue bead on a thin string. But the note left with it told of electrical powers held within. Nyssa had not yet mastered it, but refused to take the tacky thing off, adamant that it had a use and she was going to control it. She'd believe anything if it were what she wanted.
"Excellents!" Kenzo beamed happily. She ignored the sudden joyful yell. Either way, she'd be below ground and he above, with no interruptions! Happily, Kenzo went down the tree using the branches as stepping stones as Nyssa slid down the ladders like they were a pole. Kenzo watched from under his mop of hair as she continued ignoring him and traveled away with a couple of torches in hand while kicking the ground to leave a small trail of grass-less dirt to document the directions she most commonly took. As the golden glimmer of her armor pants vanished, Kenzo knew it was his day now. He grinned, his single jutting fang looked less dopey accompanied by other teeth, and ran towards the neighboring cave.

"Hey, hey! Wakes up!" Kenzo barreled in, tail quivering with excitement, into his neighbors cave. The adults didn't wake as early as he and Nyssa did, but Kenzo couldn't make a cannon alone and couldn't wait until they woke up. Kenzo went for the easier and safer of the two to wake first, an Enderman named Lanky. He grabbed at the sleeping Enderman's characteristic long blue scarf and yanked hard. It was a stupidly long scarf, but it'd work well as a waking device. He pulled at the older Enderman until he rolled onto his back.
"Nuh, dhun waek me urp" Lanky swung his claws over his face and turned away.
"Does everyones turns this lazies when teenagers? Or justs you? Wake up!", Kenzo shouted.
"Oh Notch, do you have to wake me up? What do you want, Kenzo?" He blinked at Kenzo with bleary eyes. The scarf, now wrapped around his face twitched only slightly to give away that he was talking. Not enough for this kid.
"Come oooonns! I needs helps with stuffs!"
"You're almost a adult yourself Kenzo! And smart. Do you really need my help?"
"Yeees! What If I needs more Redstones? Yous only Endersman that can get ores rounds here! Ands! Ands! Twice as many peoples twice works done!"
"Mnn Work? What work?" Lanky pulled himself up into a seated position and arched his back in a stretch
"I has new projects I need helps workings on!" Kenzo jumped up and down, wagging his tail like a excited wolf hound. Lanky sighed and rubbed his brow. "Youngsters as neighbors…" he thought, "Always a bit of a nuisance."
"Fine right." he finally spoke aloud "You want me to get you ores, how many are you after?"
"Wells I don'ts know! Depends on whats useds rights?" Lanky pushed himself upright and looked down on the kid.
"What are you even building this time?"
"Yes, wells I got givens a challenge you know, and it saids to builds big TNT cannon!"
"Oh, right! I'm not helping with that!" Lanky put his claws up "With something like that around, and certain dangerous loonies of our acquaintance, that's not your best plan yet!"
"Of course I knows that! Is why I made certains she is downs in mineshafts today! And, wells, I do needs helps from someones who knows what do with TNTs..." he shyly smiled. They both shared glances to the other side of the cave at their Creeper friend "You knows hows to wake Creepers safely no?"
"Nope. Well, kinda. I..." Lanky thought for a second "I can force him out".

A block of TNT was pushed over. Thundt. And again. The sour Creeper pushed it over with one of his four legs.
"Doesn't helmets get hots and bothersomes?" Kenzo peered at the creeper as he moved another block of TNT. Creeps looked up from the block and gave Kenzo a hollow glare. He seemed to have no eyes in his sockets, only glowing red pupils
"No!" he snapped. "and in future I would prefer NOT to be woken in the maws of a slobbering beast!"
"Buts we no knows how is corrects way of waking Creepers without explosions happenings"
"I'll give you a hint. It DOES NOT INVOLVE FREAKING DRAGONS!" he shrieked before rolling the TNT cube away in a huff. Unfortunately, he was the only one of them who knew how to work TNT safely, so his bad attitude had to be looked over as best as possible. Kenzo wondered why he ever decided to move here. Never before had he moved somewhere, only to gain a single friend and two sour, angry neighbors. On the bright side, however, a Creeper doesn't go about slaughtering animals and eating their flesh without cleaning up afterwards.