The monster was safely trapped in its pit; its big limbs no match for the depth of its hole. A second tug of the lever pushed some pistons covering it back up again. The dirt lid helped stop most of the gross smell from lingering and freshened the air out a little bit allowing the village to breathe easier. Sharing thankful glances they were undoubtedly overjoyed at the success but they had little time to celebrate as another voice called to them
"There's Lava spilling in from the West!" Echoed out around the walls, those who heard it over relieved chatter chatted further; there was no lava pool near them after all...
Kenzo clambered up to the view post and Creeps ran with Henk alongside the wall until they met up. The testificate eyed them a little oddly before pointing to the distance
"Over there, there's lava I just blinked and it appeared!" he gibbered; Henk took a hold of his binoculars and held them to his eye sockets. The man was right, in the distance there was a fountain of Lava jetting up a few blocks high before spilling back down to ashen land. Although most of the area around it had turned a dull dark red.
"Is thats Nethersrack?" Kenzo squinted trying to get a better view
"I think you're right kiddo" Henk muttered, Creeps couldn't see anything even when he squinted.
"Notchdamn it I can't see a thing!" he swore.
"Are those Pigs men!" Kenzo exclaimed, the testificate grabbed the binoculars back off Henk and looked back to the strange piece of the Nether
"The kid's right it's a whole group of them!" he agreed
"How are they and a parts of the Nethers up here?" he exclaimed again in confusion.
"Who cares? Maybe those monsters will be far more interested in that than us!" Creeps snapped, mostly out of annoyance that he was being denied a proper look.

He had been to the Otherworld before, it was not new or shocking for him. He was interested in why he had been brought here so suddenly though. The best place to start looking for answers would be the one place he liked to go first every time he came. He levitated downwards focusing his land to one tree branch he enjoyed it's rough touch, he enjoyed the feel of many of the things here. Today this tree seemed strange. String was tied around the branches, at the end of the string Zombie heads were hung along with Skeleton skulls. He grinned a little bit half out of nerves at this strange display have with a little bit of joy, he guessed it meaned nothing much had changed with the people here and that was good, that meant they were fine. Going along the branch he found the entrance built for him at its base. His special little door for visits. He walked in instead of his usual float enjoying the woollen carpet on his toes, he let out a gentle coo as no one greeted him. Crestfallen he searched all around the house, even under the bed! No one greeted him or responded to his crowing it worried him a little. If no one was in here maybe there was someone next door. Maybe that could calm him.

"The Monsters are back!" Came a screech from the south-side wall again as more disfigured monsters of Endermen crawled from the ground and the forest seething forwards like a huge swarm of insects. Almost like Creeps had predicted one of the monsters burst into flames as Lava erupted forth from the earth accompanied by a small spread of Netherrack, the fire hardly slowed it down and a few of its nearby friends also caught fire. As they neared the wall Kenzo smirked. The opposite way, he refused to look at the monsters but instead chose to stare intently at the roves of the Village. His smirk was not wasted, neither were his hours of work. When they got close the monsters triggered concealed pressure pads and succumbed to various traps. One group was dropped down to a rare underground river where they were left to melt. Another plummeted into the waiting 'jaws' of a second trap composed of many pistons slamming together crushing their decomposing bodies. Some led back to wall mounted dispensers filled with potions taken from Witches, the poison potions had no effect on their bodies but the potions of harm did their work and sapped energy from them. The potions of healing did better though. One or two healing potions had been added to the dispensers, for the normal zombies that roamed the wilderness healing potions hurt instead of cured and considering the undead nature of these things it was worth a try and it certainly didn't fail. The potions healed the skin making the large organ tissue stretch and pull itself together, but there was not enough of it to cover all the extra limbs and flesh from their mutating so the healing skin driven by the magical potions tore further and still tried to heal, it broke bones as it smothered the extra limbs then struggled to repair the bone. It had a varying effect on the zombie-things while most suffered the same fate some had different afflictions, some healing potions caused a couple of mutants to drop to the floor and spasm with no control of their bodies. Others suffered rapid healing and their cells mutated out of control turning into gross swelling puss-filled lumps being crushed under their own weight!. Other traps however made use of Creeps and his TNT, simple traps, just a pressure pad and some TNT but it worked wonders the explosions sent the small enough one's flying into the air in a shower of limbs and guts.
It didn't work as well as planned though… Despite the lacerations, missing limbs, broken bones, despite the swellings and lumps they still drove forwards. Only slower. Testificates, Humans and Mob joined the side of their Golem with weapons in hand. Even Kai came back with a splint around his wounded leg and sword in hand. Under any circumstances it was a glorious battle. The few fending of the many of the horde. Protecting home and family. No one bothered to remember their differences as Man and Mob it was just Them and Us now. Creeps looked to Henk as he fired arrows down into the fray fending off wayward limbs preventing them from hitting their mark. It was all good and well, but none of this will bring his friend back, it felt pointless to Creeps. He left the wall and hurried over to the main hut. Here he nudged Kenzo for attention
"Hey, hey" He whispered "I'm getting out of here"
"Whats?" Kenzo frowned "Why? We haves food here and better protections than if we were by ourselves!"
"I know, I know" He sighed back "But none of this is getting Lanky back, It's all I want to do, Nether! I don't even know if he's alive! I just want to see him. To know!"
Kenzo stared at him but eventually nodded
"You're right" he agreed.
"C'mon then!" He hissed. While the testificates backs were turned they both slipped out the door and down the gravel pathway. With both hands on the door Kenzo slowly pushed it open doing his best to keep it as quiet as possible. Out side they both hugged the walls Kenzo steered Creeps away from the traps he had laid. Heading over to the lava pool they decided to stop briefly and investigate this strange happening. It truly was bizarre it was if a peice of the Nether had just randomly replaced a part of the Overworld pig men and all. As they examined the borders of it they did not notice something coming up behind them...