Optimus Prime,

There are really no words to explain how I feel about you, my love. But I still feel like I have to try. I know that our bond stretches across time and space. I know that you know everything that I am. We have never ceased loving one another. There have been tough times and fantastic times. There were orns where we did nothing but lounge in the berth and love one another. There were other vorns where we never saw each other. When we reunited, there were moments of tension, but it always broke so pleasantly. I love the fact that you relish me; spiritually, physically and mentally. There is nothing I like more than delving into your essence; you make me realize that we love each other more than should be possible. And I like it that way. No. I love it that way. The bottom is that I love you, Optimus. I loved you long before I even truly knew you. Now that I do know you so intimately, I can only send my thanks to Primus that my spark knew my love long before my processor. If my spark had not pushed me to you, I never would have known the love of a mech as fantastic as you. I know that I fall short as a sparkmate. I am moody, bossy and sometimes I get mad at you for no reason at all. I apologize for that. I can only hope that you have enough good memories of me to overcome the bad ones.

I'm getting off track. Let me think…Oh, yes. I remember where I was going with this. I hope that you won't forget me, lover. With the time and distance of the world between us, there are only so many memories to grasp on to. There will be lots of dark times. I know that look. The one you're making right now. You cannot let yourself fall prey to your own processor, love. Look instead to your spark. It will brighten you darkest hour. After all, my spark has touched it. That was a joke, by the way. I just…I know that I'm going to try my hardest to send you the best feelings I can muster over our bond. It will difficult for the both of us, but please, love, keep your helm high, your shoulders square and always remember one thing: I love you, and I'll always wait for you to come back to me. I know that the orn we are reunited will be the best we will ever see. I cannot wait.

~I love you, Optimus Prime.

Always and forever. Elita-One. Bondmate to the Prime.

Optimus smiled. He remembered those dark days of separation. He touched the worn edges of the data-pad fondly, remembering how comforting Elita's words had been. That had been one of her later letters, when they had started being separated for longer and longer. He was slightly ashamed to admit that he had taken to recharging with the data-pad, when the toll of being away from Elita began to wear on him heavily. Sometimes he would hold it, hoping that at any moment Elita would send him a new letter and that he could respond in kind. However, now that they had been reunited on earth for quite some time, both parties were healing. However, when Elita had asked him to engage in what the humans called 'spring cleaning,' he had been somewhat reluctant. But ever since he had begun to clean out his belongings, memories had been assaulting him. So, there he was, sitting on their berth, reading old love notes and letters that Elita had sent him while they had been separated on various missions.

Optimus Prime,

There are so many things I want to confide in you. Ever since you and the rest of the mechs have left, there have been so many problems. Even Chromia is starting to fall out of touch with reality. She gets this odd look in her optics and rubs her chestplates, staring off into oblivion. What really scares me is that I know I'm doing that too. I miss you so much. My duties as Femme Commander are getting more and more difficult. Not many of the femmes understand what we are going through. They are starting to talk about putting me on leave. Why am I so weak? I'm sure that you're still just as capable as always, but I'm falling apart without you here, love. I actually miss being able to cuddle with you. Yes, you just read that correctly. I, Elita-One, just admitted that I would like to cuddle with my mech. You had better save this message, Prime. I won't be saying that ever again.

There are so many things I want to tell you, but I can't. All of our transmissions are being monitored. So, I have to keep this letter strictly non-combative. I'd like to tell you all about what is going on here in Iacon, in relation to the war. But, I suppose that's simply my Femme Commander coming out again. I think that I'm starting to use my Femme Commander persona to hide from the rest of the Autobots, Optimus. It's starting to scare me. I used to be this strong, independent femme. Now, if I can get up and get a few things done without becoming completely obsessed with you, I consider my day a victory. Still, I know that you would tell me to be strong and persevere. Rest assured, I will always keep going for the cause. Well, maybe not just the cause, but because of you. I try to send you love, but I'm not sure if it actually reaches you. The bond is so fuzzy at this distance that everything is a little muddled. In case you didn't get it through the bond, I'm giving it to you here. I love you. Please be safe and return me as soon as you can.

Elita One.

Femme Commander, Bondmate to Optimus Prime.

Ah, yes. He remembered that particular message. They had been somewhat recently bonded, early on in the war. Elita had been struggling with herself; she had been two sides of the same femme for a long while. One side of her wanted to openly admit that she loved him, but the other side wanted to remain the stoic and cold Femme Commander. It had been a particularly vexing time for him, as well. There had been many times early in their relationship where he was completely unsure of himself. Those had been tumultuous times, because he was still adjusting to leading an army, and then he also had to worry about his mate's feelings and actions. Thinking about how much they had been through since and how much they had both grown made Optimus smile. He gently clicked the data-pad, to see the next letter.

Optimus Prime,

I know that I told you that I was never going to admit that I needed to cuddle with you ever again. But, I guess that I should admit it again. I want to cuddle with again. Having you back with me for such a small amount of time was both beautiful and horrible. The morning you left was one of the worst I have ever lived through. I woke up cold…again. I just wanted to feel your warmth encompass me. Instead, I decided to try a shower, to warm myself. When I went to get into the tub, I slipped and smashed my aft onto the floor. Stop laughing, you lug. It wasn't very funny, and I had to go to First Aid and ask him what to do about the huge dent in my aft. It's not funny. Stop laughing.

I want to tell you that things here are good, but they really aren't. Everyone is stressed to the breaking point. There's really no telling when the Decepticons will attack, and that has everyone on edge. Poor Blaster had to be forcibly removed from his station by Prowl, who demanded that he go recharge and refuel before he was to be allowed to continue his job. Luckily, the other mechs on base have been pulling shifts for him. I can only hope that tensions are a little less on your end of the world. I feel bad, dumping all of this news on you, when you surely have enough problems of your own. I suppose that if I was in your shoes, I would want to hear about my mate more.

Speaking of which, I love your letters to me, darling. You have this amazing ability to put down what you feel into words. I have always struggled with that, hence cold letters like this. But, I treasure each and every data-pad that is delivered to me with your words on it, regardless of the subject materials. I can only hope that we will be reunited soon, so I can show you the love I have for you. Oh, yes, Orion. Look forward to that.


Bondmate to Orion Pax.

Optimus's chuckle faded into the emptiness of the room. He had forgotten how much Elita knew him. She could predict when he would laugh at her, through her letters. He had forgotten how much they had known and understood one another even back then. His spark warmed, and he stroked her essence over their bond. She had been quiet all day; her side of the bond was unusually calm. She gently stroked him back, sending him on his way with a slight ethereal push. He smiled gently and clicked forward to the next letter. His optics darkened when he saw the subject matter.


I want you, Optimus Prime. We've been apart for almost a vorn. It's been horrible. For the first little while, it was painful, but now it's unbearable. I know that you're thinking along the same lines. I know it. So, I decided that instead of helping myself, I want to write you an impassioned letter. So, if you're out and about, don't read this. If you're alone, snuggled down in your berth, or even in your office, lock the door and brace yourself, love.

I love you so much. When I wake up in the morning, I want so desperately to feel you beside me. I want to feel the heat of your body. I want to feel the heat roll off your interface panel as you wake. I'm not sure if you even realize you do it, but when you wake, you start rolling your hips into my own, thrusting gently. Your hands gravitate from my waist to my chestplate, sometimes one falls lower still. At this point, I start gently kissing you awake. I'll start at your jaw, giving a little suck and a nibble. I'll flip over, crowding into your chestplates. My hands will caress you there, before moving up to your audios. I know how you love your audios stroked, love. At this point, you're awakening. Your hands return to my hips, squeezing and awakening my circuitry. Your broad fingers manage to slip between my plating, making me gasp and squeeze my thighs together. You chuckle, knowing exactly what you do to me. To return the favor, my fingers will squeeze between your chestplates, brushing close to your spark chamber. Your gasp sets me on edge like you wouldn't believe. It's like your gasp is directly connected to the lubrication of my valve.

After I stroke your chestplates, you start to get a little more aggressive. You're still too sleepy to bother with real aggression, but that will come soon. You'll flip me onto my back, holding me against you tightly. I love how large you are in comparison to me. Chromia once asked me if I minded not being able to see your face when we interface. I don't mind at all. It's so arousing to be pinned beneath you and stare into your chest. Besides, I can use my glossa to tease you. I love being under you. Being pinned by you is one of the most sensual things I have ever experienced. You'll open my legs with your strong hands, pulling them apart gently. Your hips will settle into me, just like they have ever since you took me that first night we had together. As you gently grind against me, I'll start dipping my fingers into your plating and send you strokes through the bond. My hips will roll into yours, in a rhythm that only we know. I'll watch as you raise and drop your helm above me. I don't need to see your faceplate to know what you are feeling. You'll brace yourself on powerful arms and let your helm hang down, optics searching for my own. I'll look up towards you and see that glint in your optic. You're ready to play aggressively now.

You'll brace yourself with one arm and use the other to pull me up towards you. Our mouths will meet in a deep and passionate kiss. The next thing I know, I'm being pressed face first into the berth. You flip me over so easily with your massive strength. Your large hand will abandon me and go to the pillow above my helm. You'll slide it under my hips, helping to prop me up. With a few quick strokes, my panel will open, showing you my port. I'm sopping wet for you, my lubricants already making me shiny with want. (Just like it is right now.) You'll open your own panel and push your rod against my port, teasing me gently. There will be a few moments where I'm sure that if I had the strength, I would push you off me and I would take it upon myself to mount you instead. At least that way I could have some instant gratification. But, no. You'll tease me until I'm sobbing for you.

When you take me from behind, I always know that you want me on a base level. Looking into my optics and making love to me is great, but this is so much more…carnal. I know you love me, because I can feel it brimming in your spark, but it's nice to know that I can still light your circuits. Your rod will hit my internal nodes just perfectly, and the hand you'll slip around my front to tease at my external node is exquisite. The other hand on my upper back, the one holding me down, is my favorite. I long to feel dominated sometimes, lover. And you do it so well. As our overloads approach, the hand on my back will lift, allowing me to throw my helm back in pleasure. You'll tilt my helm to the side, kissing me as you increase pressure on my node. With that one sweltering kiss, I'll go flying over the edge into bliss. But, watching you overload is by far the best part. You're hands tighten on my hips, lifting them completely off the berth. Your head flings back, your mouthplates open. You don't emit any sound, but your optics flicker, letting me know you're there. And then, it's a rush of hot transfluid filling my tank. Oh yes, Orion. I can feel it. It rushes into my tank, waiting for you to merge with me and create a sparkling. Sadly, that time is far away. (With good reason, love.)

Perhaps my next letter will be of my fantasy spark-merge. But, for now, I hope that brought you some pleasure, whether physical or mental. I love you, and I need a shower. I'll see you soon.


Prime smiled, his systems overheated slightly and his rod swollen behind his panel. How he loved his naughty little femme. She was the perfect femme for him, without a doubt. And the fact that she was able to overcome her hang-ups about writing anything emotional was amazing. Having her send him the letter about her fantasy was the most fantastic thing he had ever seen, at that point in his life. It had kept him hot and bothered for many an orn. It had gotten him through some hard times, as well. And now, it was one of their favorite positions together on the berth. Optimus sighed, placing his hands behind his helm and laying back into the pillows. Maybe if Elita read some of the letters he had sent her, then they could bask in the loving and aroused glow that he was in right now. Grinning, Optimus picked up the data-pad on his stomach and accessed his old files. With a flick of his finger, he sent Elita a few of his letters from similar time periods. With any luck, he would have an aroused and loving femme on his berth by nightfall.


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