Author's Note: Finally got the chance to post up a Killer/Lady fanfic. ^_^ This is just a short opening so I hope ye enjoy. xxx

The red headed man intrigued her as he crawled on all fours, blood dripping from where the bullet wound went through. His unkempt bangs hid most of his face but she could still make out his large brown eyes, the rim of his eye sockets eerily visible as he gazed up at her.

She could hear the sirens wailing and the shouting of unseen men, frantically giving each other orders. The red head's eyes widened as she walked passed him, towards the cops. He reached out his bloodied hand to her. "Wait!" he croaked before slumping back down in defeat, his plea ignored as she walked passed him. "Damn…" he growled, gritting his teeth from the pain.

She turned around the corner, passing the stacked up crates as she confronted the men in dark blue uniform. They are shocked by her appearance; even a flapper didn't show much skin as her. As one tries to approach her, she raises her arm and with a flick of a wrist, she commanded the red light to escape her body and kill the policeman.

The others screamed as they witnessed in horror at her deadly supernatural powers. One by one they lay dead before her and from the corner of her eye she could see the red head looking at her, his eyes widening and his jawing hanging in shock.

After finishing the last one, she turned to face the man. Her heels clicked against the ground as he struggled to get away, crippled from the severity of his would. She bent down to meet his face as his head snapped around. His body trembled as her hands cupped his cheeks. She lowered her face as she pulled him to her.

Their lips crushed each other as he opened his mouth; whether it was to protest or to receive her kiss she wasn't sure. His slick tongue passed her parted lips, desperately latching on as she let the Malice pour into his body, healing his wounds as his body adapted to the sudden rapid change to his body.

She stood up and gazed down at the man who was staring at his closed up wound in shock and awe.

He was hers. And there, she became his own divine goddess.

Author's Note: Thanks for reading! ^^