Authors Note: I hope ye enjoy, it's been ages since I wrote something on this section. ^^;

Killer glared at the brunette as she gingerly picked herself up off the ground. The gun continued to jerk and twitch in the mobster's hand as his entire body shook in terror, his mouth agape.

Lady looked up at the woman as she nonchalantly killed the man who dragged her out into the alleyway. Her bare back still showed evidence of her skin tearing and the exit of the bullet wound was just starting to heal.

Killer's fingernails dug into his arms as the woman's eyes glazed over, reverting back to their normal colour and had begun looking around helplessly. Lady got up, her posture like that of a feline inspecting her prey as she stared at the corpse, avoiding the kissed woman.

His blood boiled in rage when Lady, his Lady, picked the woman up and locked lips with her, giving her life and Malice.

He growled down at her, his eyebrows knitting together as Lady stared at the maroon clad whore; walking away muttering under her breath about saving her brother.

"Hey!" he called out, clenching his fists.

She stopped for a moment, timidly turning around to look at the redhead. Her hands were semi-closed and were hovering over her chest, making some sort of a flimsy effort to cover herself as Killer's eyes wandered down to her breasts for a moment before focusing on her face.

"W-what do you want?" she asked, taking a small step back as she eyed the odd pair warily. She was more frightened of the man more than the woman; she just found her strange. Yet…there was something different about her other than her appearance. Edna didn't know how to describe it until it came to her. Raw power.

Killer snorted, nudging Lady slightly as he began heading the other way. He stopped once he saw Lady following the brunette. His eyes widened as Lady stood in front of her. She opened her mouth to say something to the silver haired woman but shook her head, her earrings swishing back and forth. "I have to help my brother…"

Walking up beside her, Killer looked down at Lady. Something was slightly off. For the few weeks that he had known and travelled with her, she had always been distant and devoid of emotion, completely spaced out from the world around her.

But when he took a closer look at her face he noticed something different in the way she looked, still zoned out yet not of the normal way she did so. Her head was tilted and he wondered if she was confused or if she was thinking of something.

He didn't have long to ponder on the thought once he heard the two pairs of heels clicking as the two of them began walking off. He scrunched up his nose, his eyes narrowing as he groaned, a strange feeling building up inside his chest. Anger and resentment began to course through his body, almost enough to drive him crazy yet he didn't see any need in doing so.

Why did Lady do that…? The question remained unanswered, like all of hiss questions about her were, as they walked through the streets of Chicago.

Author's Note: Sorry about this being a short chapter yet I felt that it was needed.