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Chapter 2- The Prince

Mikan cursed as she stood up. "Watch it idiot," the person she bumped muttered.

"Who are you to talk to me like that?" Mikan exclaimed furiously.

"None of your business," the person retorted back rudely.

Mikan took a good look at the person who insulted her and was shocked. The person was a guy with raven hair and captivating crimson orbs.

"Like what you see?" the guy boasted, smirking.

"You wish!" Mikan answered turning around, blushing.

"Well next time you plan on turning your back on people, make sure to wear a belt so that your polka-dotted panty won't be seen," the guy said.

Mikan turned around abruptly with wide eyes. "PERVEEEEEERT!" Mikan screeched.

"Tch, so loud," the guy exclaimed as he turned and walked away.

"Don't you dare turn your back on me you sneaky, perverted fox!" Mikan exclaimed.

The guy turned around an amused look pasted on his face. "Who are you to boss me around?" the guy challenged. And their argument began.

Misaki's P.O.V

I have to find the princess! If something happens to her the King and Queen will kill me!

"4 of you search the town! While the rest stays with me, we'll search the park," I barked at the others. It was a relief they complied.

We arrived at the park and guess what? The princess was right in the middle of the park arguing with some guy. And yes, the princess was making and outburst. The people are starting to crowd around them and was that the paparazzi I just saw? In that case, I must hurry up before the princess embarrasses herself more.

Mikan's P.O.V

I've had it with this guy, he is sooooo rude! I have to tell mom and dad to sue him! He is disrespecting me and I am a PRINCESS (not to be boasting). I'm sure this guy recognizes me, I mean, everyone recognizes me, people are even starting to crowd around us.

"You should be careful with your words polka dots, you don't know who you're dealing with," the guy warned.

"Oh yeah? I'll sue you for… for," I tried to retort running out of reasons to argue with him. Man, this guy's a handful!

"Running out of reasons, Ms. Polka dots?" the guy teased smirking.

I just stomped my foot on the ground.

"Mikan-sama!" that was Misaki! Oh no, I totally forgot I was trying to escape.

"Misaki what are you doing here?" I asked pretending to be shocked.

"Whoa Ms. Polka dots! Didn't know you had bodyguards," the guy teased again, raising his hand in mocked surrender.

The nerve of this guy! "Let's go Mikan-sama, the paparazzi is just lurking around in the corner and you wouldn't want to embarrassed, would you?" Misaki whispered.

"Fine, let's go," I obliged; thinking of being on TV arguing with a guy sounds bad enough.

"See yah around Ms. Polka dots," the guy waved as he walked to the opposite direction.

Mikan's P.O.V

When we arrived at the palace I expected a long lecture from my parents. But surprisingly when I arrived my mom pushed me hurriedly towards my room telling me to wash up and look my best.

"Why mum? What's happening?" I asked as my servants prepared my bath for me.

"The royal family from the Hyuuga Kingdom is coming to visit, tonight," Yuka explained while ushering her to the bathroom.

After I bathed I was dressed hurriedly with a beautiful yellow-orange dress. The dress made my chestnut hair and hazel orbs pop. My mom praised me, hugging me and getting emotional of how her baby girl grew up so fast.

"Uh mum I think the hairdresser wants to fix my hair now," I stated breaking free from my mom's grip.

After an hour all of us were finally ready. I studied myself in the mirror and I had to admit I look pretty good. My hair was in a sophisticated bun with some strands curled and hanging loose and I was wearing light make-up. The yellow-orange dress suited me perfectly.

Normal P.O.V

Mikan and her parents waited for the Hyuuga family in the living room.

"So Mikan, I've heard that you escaped earlier when you were taking a walk in the park," Izumi stated, raising a brow.

Mikan looked down. "Y-yeah, but I wa-," Mikan started but was cut off by the announcement of the head soldier.

"The Hyuuga Family has arrived," the head soldier announced.

"Save it for later darling," Izumi whispered before the Hyuuga family entered.

"Hello Kaoru, Ioran!" Yuka greeted, as she hugged Mr. and Mrs. Hyuuga. (Ioran is King Hyuuga)

"Hello Yuka, Izumi!" Kaoru greeted hugging back. Izumi and Ioran just nodded respectfully at each other.

"These are our children Aoi and Natsume," Kaoru introduced ushering forward a little girl and a teenage boy both with raven hair and crimson eyes.

"And this is our daughter Mikan," Yuka introduced also, gesturing to Mikan.

Suddenly Mikan gasped. "It's YOU!" she exclaimed pointing to Natsume.

"Yes me, Princess Polka dots," Natsume said smirking.

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