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Anyway…this story is a Klaine fic, with mpreg. The main plotline is that Kurt wasn't just hate-kissed in the locker room, and the result was a pregnancy. Kurt still transfers to Dalton and gets with Blaine, but he doesn't re-transfer back. That said, it'll follow the show for the most part, but there will be obvious differences as the story progresses.

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So without further ado, here's It's not gonna be pink.

"Okay, so how about we do a kick for yes and nothing for no. how does that sound?"

Blaine got a kick in response. "Ha - see Kurt, this will be easy."

Kurt just raised an eyebrow at his overexcited boyfriend. "Honey, you do realize that babies kick, like whenever they want to, right? I would've thought that you, being the smart boy you are, would know that. She's responding to your voice and knows it's you."

"...you love ruining my fun, don't you?"

"I just don't want you to be disappointed when you don't get the answers you want. And why are you asking her opinion anyway? She doesn't know what colors look like yet! And in case you haven't noticed, the kicking is starting to hurt. I don't mind when she's in the mood to move around a little bit - I know she's running out of room in there - but do you really have to be the instigator?"

"I just don't want him to be mad at us when he's older and we have to explain why his room is pink. It's going to be his room for a while, and I don't want him to resent us for not taking his feelings into consideration."

Kurt watched Blaine rubbing his belly, wondering what the real problem was. Kurt already knew how they were going to set up the baby's room -which he had proof of that it is a girl - but there had to be another reason why Blaine was so insistent about something as simple as a paint color. So in order for him to get his question answered, Kurt started to move off the bed, noticing the look of alarm on Blaine's face.

"I'm not leaving, calm down; I can't lay like this anymore. Once I get comfortable, you can start your questioning, alright?"

Blaine's face lit up and with that, was determined to get Kurt comfortable, as quickly as possible, which was hard considering his 34-week pregnant body, and knew just the position to get him in. Blaine climbed on the bed, put a couple pillows against the headboard, and leaned against them, pulling Kurt towards him until he heard a sigh of contentment. He loved holding Kurt like this. He got to hold his boyfriend and feel the baby at the same time, which for the next hour would be perfect.

"Now before we get started, I need to ask you something, and I want you to be honest with me, you got that? Otherwise, I'm going downstairs and sending Finn up here to interrogate you."

Kurt felt Blaine sigh, and nod his head in response.

"What's really bothering you, Blaine? And for the record, my room was initially pink until I was born. It was repainted while Mom and I were still in the hospital. I didn't care about the color until I was able to talk and started coloring the walls myself."

Blaine had to laugh at that. He'd heard the story a month ago from Burt, back when they first started discussing the baby's room. "And why did it have to be repainted-oh yeah, the doctor said you were a girl. And even though you are a diva, you're definitely a boy. How sure are we that this one," Blaine pointed to Kurt's belly, "is definitely a girl? Until that kid comes out, you can keep saying it's a she and I'll keep saying it's a he."

Kurt rolled his eyes, "Blaine, from the stories I heard about Mom's doctor, he was wrong about the gender of most of the babies he delivered. It became a running joke at the hospital that if he said you were having a boy, it was a girl, and vice versa. Besides, we went ahead and got the 3D sonogram last week. There's no sign of a penis, and as you've said: no penis = a girl...you're afraid of girls all of a sudden?"

"…..no…..just infant girls….and teenage girls….."

Kurt sat shocked for a second-then began to laugh. "You are adorable. I'll ask about that in a minute. Now, back to my original question. What's the deal with the paint color? If you want to wait, we can. I know it can be painted in the time between pushing the kid out and coming home - since it's been done before."

Blaine sighed again and hugged Kurt closer to him. "I just want to make sure the baby has a room they'll like. Babies like bright colors and happy things. My parents weren't expecting me. My room was painted brown, and it lacked any kind of feeling. I never liked it and when I asked my parents about it when I got older, they didn't seem to care at all. 'It's just a bedroom for a child-you should grateful you have a room.' When I used to go on play-dates, I was always jealous of my friends. If their room didn't have a theme, it at least had some color."

Kurt turned around enough to give Blaine a kiss. While he was glad that Blaine had an older brother that loved him, he knew it hurt him that his parents didn't give a damn about him. Cooper was the son they wanted - straight, smart and successful. Blaine was a surprise they didn't want, and even though he was smart and on his way to being as successful as his brother, the whole 'being gay' thing didn't help him.

"I know it hurts that they aren't and haven't ever really been supportive of you. It breaks my heart that they don't see what I see, what Dad, Carole, and both of the glee clubs see, what your brother sees. If they don't want to see the awesome, funny, caring, smart and talented guy you are, then screw them."

Blaine had tears in his eyes after that little spiel. His boyfriend had made his point. So what if his parents didn't care? Kurt had named plenty of people that did. He didn't need his parents' input on how to raise a child - Cooper did most of that for him - and not only that, Burt and Carole had become his parents, and they had only known him for a year.

Blaine leaned down and kissed Kurt with more passion than usual. Screw his parents - he didn't need them.

"I love you, Kurt, and thank you. Sometimes I just need some sense knocked into me, although I don't know where it all disappears to."

"Well, maybe if you stopped jumping on the furniture during Warbler practice - Jeff and Nick have a bet going to see how long you can go without hurting yourself again."

"Oh really? Well, I'll show them."

Kurt was relieved to see Blaine's smile, and knew just what to do to keep it there. "Go ahead, Blaine. You have my permission. Just try not to make it last long."

Blaine looked confused for a second and then brightened up even more. "Really?"

"Go ahead and ask her what color she wants her room to be. Just be ready to give me a massage later as payment. I have a feeling I'll be in need of one." Kurt smirked while Blaine rolled his eyes.

"Whatever you want, Kurt." Blaine carefully moved from behind Kurt, and after making sure he was comfortable, moved down to lay next to Kurt's belly and started where he left off.

"Okay baby, remember what I said earlier: one kick for yes, and nothing for no. So, first things first: since everyone is convinced you're a girl, they wanna paint your room pink -"

"Except me. I never agreed that her room was going to be pink."

"...so I've been worked up over nothing? Why not pink?"

"Pink is a stereotypical color for a baby girl, and you know how much I love to break stereotypes."

Blaine just stared at his boyfriend with his jaw dropped. "You know what-forget I said anything. I temporarily forgot that you're my super awesome fashionista, that's probably had the whole room designed for the last month."

Kurt laughed again at the look on Blaine's face. "Actually, no...more like almost three months." He proceeded to rub his belly and talk to his daughter. "Don't worry baby girl - your daddy is just having an off day. He's normally a lot smarter than this. But you already knew that, didn't you?"

All the boys got in response was a nice, strong kick, which had Kurt wincing and Blaine nodding in approval, "that's my girl."