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Be My Valentine

"You need to stop freaking out."

"How am I supposed to calm down?! Valentine's Day is on Tuesday and I have nothing planned!"

Kurt was lounging on the bed with Zoe on his chest, splitting his attention between Zoe's babbles and Jeff's panicky rambling.

"Jeff, come over here and sit down for a second."

Jeff shook his head. "I'm too wound up right now."

Kurt sent him a look. "I'm sorry - that wasn't a request. Get over here."

Jeff looked like a puppy with its tail between its legs as he made his way over. Kurt had already moved over and waited somewhat impatiently for him to sit down. When Jeff got close enough but was still hesitant, Kurt went ahead and pulled the blonde onto the bed. Jeff sighed and curled up next to Kurt, who didn't hesitate to place Zoe on his chest. Any tension on his face melted away as Zoe proceeded to focus on him instead of Kurt.


"Yeah," Jeff replied. "Sorry about that."

Kurt playfully shoved him, "I'll let you slide this time. Now, what exactly is the problem here? You already got a present for Nick, so it's obviously not that."

"Well that's the problem; that's all I have for him," said Jeff. "I didn't make any plans for us to go out, and he hasn't said anything about going out either."

"That's what you're worried about?" asked Kurt. "Jeff, Valentine's Day is still a school night. Even if we didn't have rehearsal, our curfew is the same as any other day. And did you forget about the snow outside? We're supposed to be getting another few inches by Monday. Madame Moreau told me that if the weather stays like this, no one will be allowed off campus anyway."

"Well, that's fantastic," Jeff declared sarcastically.

"And besides," Kurt added, "who says you have to wait every year for February 14th to roll around so that you can tell your other half 'I love you'? There are 364 other days during the year that work just as well, if not better."

Jeff stared at Kurt in slight disbelief. "Geez Kurt, tell me how you really feel."

Kurt sighed. "Sorry Jeff. I'm a firm believer that Valentine's Day has become a commercial holiday and it just annoys me."

"Why though? Is it because you and Blaine didn't do anything for it last year?"

Kurt cocked his head to the side. "What are you talking about?"

"I heard you guys didn't do anything for it, which was why you were so crabby on the fourteenth."

"I spent the majority of that week sick, remember? Blaine and I were in Lima the weekend before. Somehow, Blaine convinced my parents to go out on a Saturday night and bribed Finn to do something with Rachel. He made chicken noodle soup for me and we had a movie night, which was just what the doctor ordered. So technically, yes, we did nothing on the actual holiday."

"So why were you in such a bad mood then?"

Kurt rolled his eyes. "I was four months pregnant, Jeff. I don't even remember much of Valentine's Day - I think I wasted most of the day in various bathrooms on campus. Dalton let Crawford come over for an early 'sweetheart's dinner' that night, and between the food and whatever scents everyone was wearing, how was I supposed to enjoy myself anyway?"

Jeff thought about it and Kurt could tell when he connected all the dots. "I totally forgot about the dinner. That's right - Blaine was only there long enough to grab a tray and left to check on you. He eventually sent a text to Wes that said neither of you were coming back down because you were too sick. The girls were disappointed."

"But I made it up to them later," Kurt said. "And if you recall, that was my last really bad week with the morning sickness. Blaine was the best valentine I could've asked for. Not many people would have been so willing to be near someone who spent the 'most romantic day of the year' throwing up, even if it was their significant other."

"Okay, so last year's Valentine's Day is accounted for, and this year must not be any different -"

"Totally different: not pregnant."

"...okay, I'll give you that - but isn't there a small part of you that wants to do something special?"

Kurt tilted his head as he thought about it. "Not really. I think I get that from my parents. I don't remember a year where Dad remembered the holiday on his own."

"Why's that?"

"I don't know, to be honest. My dad will be the first one to tell you that he is not a dancer, but there was one song that he had no problem dancing to when Mom was around. Have you ever heard the song Valentine by Martina McBride?"

"Yeah, I have. That song always manages to give me the chills."

"Me too. Well, the year that song came out, Dad had forgotten about Valentine's Day as usual. Things at the shop had been crazy and it just slipped his mind. Mom says that if one of the guys hadn't asked him about it, he probably wouldn't have even realized the date. Anyway, it's very vague to me - I was what, three? - but Dad came running in the house in a panic, thinking Mom was gonna yell at him or something, I guess. Mom laughed it off and told him that it was just another day to her and that him missing it again wasn't a big deal, since Dad did little things all year round to show her how much he loved her."


"Yeah, so Dad decided to ask her if there was something she wanted anyway. All that was planned was for us to have dinner and when I went to bed, they were gonna cuddle and watch a movie. Mom decided to catch him off guard and asked him to dance with her, right there in the living room. Dad agreed and when he turned on the radio, Valentine was playing. So every year after that, Dad would come home from work and offer her a dance while they played that song...although he did get her candy once."

"And your mom never cared? A lot of females expect certain things on days like that."

Kurt shrugged. "I picked up Mom's mentality about the whole thing. Dad doesn't consider himself a romantic, but he never had a problem showing how much he loved her. It was the little things that always made her smile; she didn't have a need for grand gestures. 'A simple touch of the fingertips' she used to say, 'that's romance at its finest. Everything else is just a bonus.' That's probably why Blaine and I haven't, you know."

It took Jeff a moment to realize what Kurt was talking about. "Oh - OH! Really?" At Kurt's nod he continued. "I thought after that talk we had…"

"Yeah, well, we haven't," he said, suddenly self-conscious.

Jeff had to admit that he was a little surprised, simply because he thought their chat would've been the push he needed to talk to Blaine. "Kurt, you know that it's okay if you two haven't talked about sex yet, right? There's absolutely no need to rush into it, especially for someone like you."

Kurt bit his lip. "I did talk to Blaine after I talked to you. We both agreed that there was no need to rush into it, and he was very understanding about the whole thing. I had kinda hoped we would've done it over break, but when that didn't happen, I actually wasn't overly upset about it."

"Kurt, can you answer a question honestly for me?"

"Of course."

"Do you wanna have sex because you want to or because you feel like you need to?"

Kurt was hesitant to answer. "Is it bad if it's a little bit of both?"

Jeff shook his head. "No, but explain it to me."

"Whenever we make out, it's fantastic, but then once in a while, Blaine will move a certain way or touch me in a certain spot and I freeze up. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it makes me question our relationship. Why is a guy like him, who is obviously ready for more, content to wait for someone that leads him on, only to disappoint?"

"Can I be completely honest?" Jeff continued at Kurt's nod. "You were raped, Kurt, and that is not something that you can get over quickly. While you may think you're ready, subconsciously you're not. You had a bad concussion in addition to the other injuries you got, which is why you're fine until something triggers a memory.

"You and Blaine got together two months after it happened. I know for a fact that all you two did was cuddle and kiss for a while after that, although I do recall some heavier kissing sessions before Zoe was born." He smiled when he saw Kurt blush. "Blaine isn't in this relationship for sex - he's in it for you. He loves you, and I bet he said something along the lines of neither of you doing anything the other wasn't comfortable with."

"When did you get so damn insightful?"

Jeff flicked his hair. "It's all a part of my charm. But seriously, whenever you two decide to do the deed, let me know so me and Nick can watch Zoe. It wouldn't be cool to traumatize her like that."

"And again with the awesome speech and terrible last lines."

While Kurt and Jeff were spending time with Zoe, Blaine, Nick, Sebastian and Thad were trying to make plans. Well, Nick, Sebastian and Thad were trying to make plans. Blaine said he was already set to go.

"I thought you and Kurt didn't really do Valentine's Day?" asked Thad.

"Well, this will only be our second one," Blaine explained. "Last year, he was too sick to do much of anything. We spent the weekend before at his house, like we usually did, but I made a deal with his parents and Finn to let us have the house to ourselves for a night. We had a simple dinner, a dance, and a movie."

"That's all?" asked Sebastian.


"That actually sounds plenty romantic to me," said Nick. "I don't remember you telling me about a dance though."

"That kinda happened on accident. We had the radio on low while we were eating and when I went to turn it off, Kurt asked if we could wait for the song to be over. I recognized the song and turned it up. When I looked at Kurt, he was humming the song with his eyes closed - like he was in the middle of a memory. So I walked up to him and pulled him into a slow dance until the song was over.

"He told me afterward that it was his mom and dad's go-to song if his mother wanted Burt to dance with her. I asked him what else they did and he told me how his parents really didn't acknowledge the holiday and just spent time together. So that's what Kurt and I did with the movie and cuddling on the couch."

There was a moment of silence before Sebastian spoke up. "I thought you said you sucked at romance."

Nick and Thad laughed as Blaine blushed. "Yeah, well, Kurt seems to think the opposite, so as long as he's happy, I'm good."

"You should've seen him last year, Seb," Nick said. "He won the title of 'Best Boyfriend Ever'."

"How'd he do that?" he asked.

"I did not," Blaine insisted.

"Oh yes you did," said Thad, who explained it to his boyfriend. "Kurt was absolutely miserable last year, but it wasn't because of the holiday; that was all Zoe's doing."

"But Zoe wasn't even born yet."

"Kurt had been sick the tail end of the previous week, but Valentine's Day proved to be the worst one of them all. If you ask him, he'll tell you that he doesn't even remember it."

Sebastian finally understood. "Oh let me guess: morning sickness."

"Try all week long sickness," Blaine interrupted. "There is no one proven way to help morning sickness, but that last week was torture. Kurt missed classes left and right that whole week; anytime he felt remotely okay, he'd go to class, instead of staying in bed. Dalton held a 'sweetheart's dinner' so that the Crawford girls could come over, but Kurt wasn't feeling up to it at all. So I managed to get some soup and bread and spent the night with him in his room, as he wasn't up for anything else."

"Wow. Even for someone that doesn't care much for the holiday, that really is a sucky way to pass the time," Sebastian said. "You two didn't share a room last year?"

Blaine shook his head. "When Kurt transferred, he got one of the single rooms, as the rest of us were already paired up and he wasn't up to handling a roommate right then. Per Dalton rules, couples aren't allowed to be in the same room. Jeff was the one to get permission for Kurt and me to have a room with Zoe this year."

"I always meant to ask how you managed it," Sebastian mused, "but I didn't want to overstep."

"Kurt had already resolved himself to the fact that Dalton would never let him attend with a baby, but Jeff was not having it. There are exceptions to the rules that are stated within the handbook that would allow for him to attend; you'd have to ask Jeff for specifics."

Blaine picked up where Nick left off. "Part of his proposal would allow Kurt and me - a well-known couple - to share a room, which included getting a petition signed by the rest of the student body. Since everyone was aware of the circumstances, no one hesitated at signing it."

Thad snorted. "Yeah, talk about determined. Once the rest of us heard about Jeff's plan, we made it clear that Kurt needed to be allowed to stay here. We started bothering Professor Dippet about it, and sure enough, everything worked out."

"That's very impressive," said Sebastian.

"Yeah," Nick sighed. "My boyfriend is the best."

"So then what are you gonna do for him for Valentine's Day?"

"I haven't figured that part out yet. What are you two going to do?" Nick directed that question to Thad and Sebastian.

The two in question looked at each other and then shrugged. "We were thinking about going out, but we may not be allowed off campus if that storm hits us. Besides, I still can't move that well with this ankle."

Thad looked at Sebastian, "Rain check?"

"Yeah, that works for me," Sebastian agreed. "Spring break isn't that far away, right? And we'll have a whole week to get into trouble."

"TMI, Seb," said Nick, as he pushed himself off of the bed.

Thad rolled his eyes as Sebastian just stuck his tongue out. "Get your head out of the gutter, Duval. Or are you just jealous?"

"Oh please - why do I need to imagine the two of you at it when I have a perfectly good boyfriend that I can have my wicked way with?" The three of them laughed at their jokes, not realizing Blaine's silence. Sebastian noticed first and left the other two bickering.

"You okay there, Blaine?" he asked, as he gave him a light shove. "You know we're just messing around, right?"

"Oh, yeah, of course...just thinking."

Sebastian stared at Blaine for a second before putting two and two together. "You two haven't done it yet."

Blaine startled at Sebastian's sudden deduction. "How did you know?"

"You just told me." Blaine groaned and shoved his face in a pillow. "Blaine, what's the matter? There's nothing wrong with not having sex."

"And you're gonna tell me that you and Thad haven't yet?"

"Well, yeah, but we've only been going out for a few weeks."

"But you just said - "

"Since when does what I said equal us having sex? We're just messing around, Blaine. That's what guys usually do. I think I'm more stunned at the fact that obviously you and Kurt haven't. You've been together - how long?"

"Fourteen months."

"Wow, really?" Blaine and Sebastian turned around to see that Thad and Nick had rejoined the conversation.

"Yeah, really. You guys do recall what happened to him right? The reason he transferred here in the first place? Forgive me if we're moving too slow for you."

"Don't get all defensive on us, Blaine," Nick said, holding his hands up. "Seb is right: there is nothing wrong with waiting."

"What if I'm tired of waiting? I want to show Kurt how much I care about him, but sometimes I do something while we're making out and bam - he's panicking and I'm having an anxiety attack! How horrible of a person does that make me?"

"Now hold on a second, Blaine," Nick started. "A horrible person wouldn't even be worrying about how their partner feels; they would just do what they want. A horrible person wouldn't regret unconsciously hurting the one they love. A horrible person, Blaine Anderson - you are not."

"Then what am I supposed to do?"

"Have you two talked about this?"

"Yeah, before Christmas. We thought about taking it to the next level for our anniversary, but that didn't happen."

"Too much family around?"

"That was part of it. I think us planning on it was a bad idea. Whenever we make plans for something more, either we get interrupted or he has a flashback or I start to panic - "

"Blaine, breathe." Nick grabbed Blaine's shoulders to get his attention. "It's okay - we're not trying to gang up on you or anything. We're just a little surprised, that's all."

Blaine took a few deep breaths until he got a hold on himself. "Sorry - I get a little worked up whenever I'm thinking or talking about this."

"Understandable," said Nick. "Just try and take it easy, alright?"

While Nick calmed Blaine down, Thad watched Sebastian's eyes light up, which usually meant he had a devious plan of some sort. He moved over on the bed to get his attention.

"Seb, I know that look," whispered Thad. "What are you thinking right now?"

"Thad, when was the last time Kurt and Blaine had a night out - no Zoe, just them?"

"I honestly have no idea...what are you thinking?"

"Well, since we've already decided to postpone our plans, why don't we offer to babysit so that the two of them can have a night alone? Seriously, if we play our cards right - and the weather really does get bad - we'll have a snow day. That gives the two of them plenty of time to do whatever without worrying about Zoe."

Thad started to consider Sebastian's idea. Now that he thought about it, the only time Zoe wasn't with Blaine and Kurt was during the school day. The last time they were apart from her was during winter break at the party; the time before that was Kurt's forced day out before school started. And yes, they'd gone out a handful of times when Kurt's parents watched her for a few hours, but for the most part Zoe was always with at least one of them, not that they ever seemed to overly mind.

"You might have a point, Seb. But do you honestly think that they will agree to it?"

"Why not? They get to have a night alone; we get to babysit; and since we're not leaving campus, Kurt shouldn't have an anxiety attack because she'll be close by. It's a win-win."

Thad thought for a moment more. "Fine, but you get to be the one to convince the two of them."

"I can handle that," said Sebastian, with a devilish grin.

Valentine's Day had finally arrived and to everyone's surprise, Dalton had announced early in the day that students were going to have a half day in order to prepare for the coming storm. Many of the faculty and non-boarding students needed time to travel, though many were bunking with friends. There was a stipulation that anyone that lived close by were allowed to go home if their parents called them out. While it would be easier and safer to just stay put, some were taking advantage of having extra time at home.

Nick had somehow managed to convince his parents to allow him and Jeff to go home, even though they themselves would not be. Kim was staying at Crawford and Robbie was attending an all-night game marathon with some of his friends, since school was likely to be closed the next day.

Of course, since his parents were taking care of it, Dalton had no reason to think that there were ulterior motives in place.

Nick had arranged for Jimmy to distract Jeff long enough for him to get things ready at his house. Jimmy lived two blocks away and offered to drop Jeff off on his way home, which left Nick only two hours to prepare dinner. He got lucky, as it had started snowing a little after he'd gotten home, so he was awarded an extra half an hour.

Just as Nick finished setting up, he heard the front door open and Jeff walking in after using his key.

"Nick? You here? I thought we were riding over together."

Nick hurried to light the candles on the table. "Yeah - I'll be right down. Don't leave the living room."

"If you say so," Jeff muttered, as he placed his overnight bag on the floor. He was curious as to how the rest of this day was going to play out. No one had been expecting the school day to be shortened, and last he had known, he and Nick were going to spend the night at his house. He had been expecting to see at least Robbie home by now, but it looked like they had the house to themselves.

Jimmy had let it slip on the way over that Nick had left earlier to do a few things, as Jeff was originally supposed to drive over with Nick. Jeff had tried to fish for more information, but Jimmy had kept his mouth shut after that. He had even tried texting some of the guys for details, but no one was talking. He hoped he wouldn't have to wait too long as he heard Nick walking into the living room from upstairs.

"Hey you," Nick said as he went in for a kiss.

"Hey," Jeff replied slowly. "So...what's going on? You have me very confused here. Last I heard, we were meeting here with your family for dinner, but it looks like no one else is here."

"That's because there isn't anyone else here. My parents are away for the week; Kim stayed at Crawford; and Robbie and his friends are pulling an all-nighter playing video games."

Jeff raised an eyebrow. "And how exactly did you get us out of school? I know your parents have basically become mine as well, but they wouldn't have the authority to excuse me."

"I called Brandon and asked him to help me out...after I convinced my parents to let us be home alone. Now that I think about it - I didn't exactly have to twist their arms to allow us to."

Jeff rolled his eyes. "Well, duh - obviously, they think we're capable young men and we won't burn the house down in their absence."

"No, but I know one way to keep ourselves warm," Nick answered with a smirk.

"Oh you must have read my mind...I love the way you make hot chocolate." Jeff wished he could have taken a picture of Nick's face, as his eyes widened and jaw dropped. "I'm teasing. I know exactly what you have in mind, and I am all for it."

Nick huffed and pouted for a moment, causing Jeff to laugh. "That was mean."

"Oh please. Now, what is on the agenda for tonight that had to start with distracting me for a couple of hours?"

"Do you trust me?" Nick asked.


"Close your eyes and let me guide you - it's a surprise."

Jeff stared at Nick for a moment before closing his eyes and holding out his hands. Nick threw Jeff's bag over his shoulder and proceeded to lead Jeff up the stairs to his bedroom, where he had everything set to go. Once they entered the room, Nick told Jeff to keep his eyes closed until he'd placed his bag out of the way.

"Okay. You can open them now."

Jeff opened his eyes and softly gasped at the room's setup. There was a table set for two waiting for them with dinner and the bed was angled to accommodate a TV and DVD player that didn't normally reside there, a stack of movies sitting nearby.

"Nick...I don't know what to say. How'd you manage to do all of this? I know from experience that bed is hard to move."

Nick smiled as he wrapped his arms around Jeff. "After the last time I had to clean my room, my dad helped me put those moving pads under the posts so that it slides. I did test it though - it would take a lot of movement to get it going otherwise."

"Really now? So if I wanted to skip right to dessert and throw you on the bed to test that theory, it won't go anywhere?"

Nick's mouth dried out as his brain short-circuited in response to Jeff's comment. All he could manage was an intelligible "Uh huh."

Jeff was well aware that he was torturing his boyfriend, but he thought he was due a little bit of fun. Jeff had to admit, though, that he loved the way Nick's eyes darkened when he became a sexy devil.

"Well, dessert will have to wait. I'm starving and dinner looks fantastic. Shall we?"

-Meanwhile back at Dalton -

Thad wouldn't find out how Sebastian handled Kurt until after Zoe was already settled into his room, though considering the way that Sebastian had practically smuggled her in, he hadn't quite filled his end of the bargain.

Thad could only stare at his boyfriend in shock after Sebastian explained what he did. "You kidnapped her?!"

"No, of course not. I went into their room earlier and packed up some of Zoe's things. Then while Kurt was getting dinner and Blaine was in the bathroom, I snuck back in to grab Zoe and left a note on the bed that said not to worry about her."

Thad just stared at Sebastian for a moment before he groaned and rubbed his forehead. "And in what universe is that not kidnapping?"

"What? It's not like I left them a ransom note. All it said was that she was safe and they wouldn't get her back until they enjoyed their alone time." Thad's phone beeped, cutting off Sebastian's story.

Thad held up his cell phone. "Well, Kurt is on his way here, so you better have a good explanation in mind. This is NOT what I signed up for."

Not a minute later, there was loud knocking on the door.

"Cameron Sebastian Smythe! Open this door right now or I will personally kick your ass!"

Both Sebastian and Thad winced. It wasn't often that they heard Seb's full name.

"Maybe leaving the note was a bad idea?"

"You think that was a bad idea?" Thad threw back as he hobbled to the door, watching as Sebastian tried to hide behind Zoe. Thad opened it up to see a very pissed off Kurt and a wary Blaine. "Hey you two -"

"Oh no you don't," said Kurt brusquely. "Where is my baby?"

Thad pointed behind him. "In my defense, this is not what I had in mind, nor did I play any part in this."

"Thad!" Sebastian exclaimed. "I thought you loved me!"

"I do, but when Kurt is pissed off and it's not my fault, I stay as far away as possible."

Kurt ran into the room and took Zoe out of Sebastian's hands, cuddling her close to his chest. He was borderline freaking out - not that Kurt believed that Sebastian or Thad would ever hurt her - but Zoe just giggled as he held her. He was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that Zoe was fine, but he wasn't leaving without a good explanation.

"I'm giving you one chance to explain why I suddenly found myself childless and left with a little note that said 'have a good time!' before I hurt you."

Sebastian would later deny the squeak of terror he made as he hid behind his boyfriend.

Thad looked at Blaine, who just shrugged, before returning his attention to an impatient Kurt. Thad sighed as he realized that he would have to explain what happened, as Sebastian was being a coward.

"Okay, for the record, this was not how this was supposed to play out. Sebastian was supposed to talk to you both and offer our babysitting services so that you two could have a romantic evening to yourselves. He was not supposed to kidnap Zoe."

Sebastian tried to interrupt. "Technically I didn't kidnap her-"

"What!?" yelled Kurt.

"Well, yeah. I mean, how many kidnappers actually think ahead and pack an overnight bag?"

Sebastian just got three stares in response.

"Okay...kidnapping is a harsh way to put it. We were just gonna borrow her overnight."

The stares didn't quite let up.

"...I'm sorry?"

Kurt sighed as he sat on the bed, Zoe still tight in his arms. "You're an idiot, Seb…thoughtful, but still an idiot. Why didn't you just ask? A simple 'hey, I wanna have a sleepover with Zoe' would have been acceptable."

"Well," Sebastian started sheepishly, "it was supposed to be a surprise. And I kinda thought that you wouldn't let her, and you two deserve a night to yourselves. Thad really had no idea what I was doing."

"Otherwise, I would've stopped this from happening," Thad interjected.

Blaine shared a look with Kurt before looking back to the other duo, thinking of a way to make everyone happy. "Well, what do you think Kurt? I mean, Sebastian had a point - at least he thought to pack an overnight bag for her - and a night for the two of us sounds rather nice, don't you think?"

Thad and Sebastian held their breaths as a thoughtful look came over Kurt's face.

"Did you only pack enough for tonight or were you planning on keeping her a while?"

"Well, since they're calling for a snow day tomorrow anyway, I grabbed stuff to last us the day too, just in case."

"Alrighty then." Kurt got up and passed Zoe back to Sebastian, but not before giving him a light smack on the back of the head. "Promise me to never do that again."

"I promise."

"Good. You and Thad can keep her tonight and tomorrow. I don't want to hear from you unless there's something wrong with Zoe - you got that?"

"Yes, sir. Hey, how'd you know it was me?" Sebastian asked. "I didn't sign the note."

"What the hell, Seb?" Thad groaned, as Blaine tried to stifle a laugh.

Kurt smirked, "You left witnesses. Daniel and James were messing around in their room and saw you leave. That saved you, so you should thank them later; otherwise I would've had to organize a manhunt and there's no telling how the others would react to your misguided good intentions."

"Are we all good now, Kurt?" asked Blaine, as he wrapped his arms around him, "cause I have to admit - I like the idea of having you all to myself all night."

Kurt blushed in response, but agreed that everything was fine now. Thad saw Sebastian about to make a suggestive comment, so he quickly covered his mouth and shot him a look that said 'don't even think about it'. Luckily, this went unnoticed by the young parents.

Blaine and Kurt said goodbye to Thad and Sebastian, though Blaine almost had to resort to dragging Kurt away from Zoe, who had no idea what had just happened. When the door closed, Thad let out a huge sigh of relief and sent a slight glare at Sebastian.

"Never again, you got that? That was terrifying - and I thought pregnant, hormonal Kurt was scary."

Sebastian's face flushed in embarrassment and he muttered an apology.

"I swear: if anyone ever pulls a stunt like that again, heads will roll."

"Yes, dear."

"I mean, really, what the hell was he thinking?"

"He thought he was doing something nice for the two of us. Yes, it wasn't the best approach ever - "

"He kidnapped our daughter!"

Blaine pulled Kurt into a tight hug - Kurt's back to Blaine's chest - in order to prevent another meltdown. "You and I both know that sometimes our boys don't think things through. Best intentions, mind you, but the road to get there? Not always the right one. Are you done freaking out yet?"

Kurt tightened his hold on Blaine's arms and breathed in deeply before slowly exhaling. Blaine could feel the tension melt away with every breath he took. He had to admit that he owed Sebastian and Thad one for tonight; he had a feeling after their last conversation that one of them would do something to ensure he had a night alone with Kurt.

"How do you always manage to calm me down?" Kurt asked. "And how come you're not upset?"

"The answer to your first question is easy: I'm awesome like that." Blaine just laughed as he watched Kurt roll his eyes. "And for the record, I kinda suspected that Thad and Sebastian were thinking of doing something drastic, but this wasn't exactly the first thing that came to mind."

Kurt turned around and faced Blaine with a questioning look. "What do you mean?"

Blaine bit his lip before responding, as he was unsure how Kurt would react. "Promise you won't get mad?" He waited for Kurt's hesitant nod. "Some of the guys and I were talking a few days ago about Valentine's Day plans and somehow, the topic of sex came up during the conversation...I might have mentioned that we haven't done it yet."

"Oh." Kurt wasn't mad, but he really wasn't sure about how to respond to that. "Okay, um, and what happened?"

Blaine rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm not really sure. Thad and Seb had already decided that they were going to postpone their plans and wait for spring break, since Thad is still on crutches. Well, Nick made a comment and it got me thinking...about us."

"Go on."

"I know that we've talked before about us going all the way, and I know that we both may have wanted to during winter break, but I keep thinking about it, and I have no idea how to bring it up, and I didn't want to hurt you or scare you or -"

Kurt cut him off with a kiss. "Blaine, honey, you're rambling. Let me get this straight: You were talking to Nick, Thad, and Sebastian about Valentine's Day - "

"Uh huh."

"- and you guys started talking about relationships -"


"- and you more than likely started to panic about how we've done a lot but not quite everything - "

Blaine nodded.

" - and now you're afraid I'm going to yell at you for talking about us to our friends."

Blaine held his breath.

"I can understand why you would talk to them." At Blaine's look of confusion, Kurt continued. "I've done the same with Jeff, several times actually. He's helped me quite a few times with figuring out what I want and if I'm ready for it. It's thanks to him that I was able to talk to you about any of this in the first place months ago."



"So what now? Where does that leave us?" asked Blaine, tentatively.

"Well, it is Valentine's Day, Zoe will be fine with her kidnappers, and we have the whole night to ourselves, not to mention the impending snow day. Maybe we should take advantage of it." Kurt looked hesitant, leaving Blaine momentarily unsure of how to respond.

"Are you sure? The last thing I want is for either of us to regret doing this."

Kurt pulled Blaine into another kiss, before pulling away to look him in the eye. "I love you, and I want us to be able to do whatever we want. I'm tired of us getting close, only for me to panic or for you to worry about how I'll react. Enough is enough. I want you to be my first - and hopefully only - lover. Help me get rid of the nightmares for good. I want to be able to say that my first time was with the love of my life. "

Blaine was speechless as he took all of that in. He had a feeling that Kurt still had nightmares, but had never been able to get a straight answer from him about it. If Blaine was honest with himself, he too was tired of constantly second-guessing himself whenever things got heated. He was willing to give it a try, as long as Kurt was up for it. He liked the sound of making good memories.

"I love you too. I agree with everything you said, and if you truly feel that you're ready," Kurt nodded enthusiastically, "then what are we waiting for?"

Kurt seemed to get a sudden boost of confidence and within seconds had their lips pressed together. Blaine threw his arms around Kurt's neck for a change, while Kurt placed his around Blaine's waist, pulling them even closer together. Without pausing to take a breath, Kurt gently pushes Blaine onto the bed, straddling over his legs moments after he gets comfortable. They take it slow, knowing that they have all night.

Usually whenever they made out, Blaine took the lead. It was never on purpose, but a majority of the time, that was just the way it worked out; it was rare that Kurt made the first move. Blaine was enjoying the way Kurt took charge and was determined to make this a common occurrence in the future.

Blaine stopped thinking as Kurt began kissing his bare chest - he could feel the brunette grin as he groaned in pleasure - though this did lead to Blaine wondering when their shirts came off. Kurt shifted a little as he was still on top of Blaine, and the next thing he knew, he was now on top of Kurt. The two of them broke apart for some much needed air, and Blaine drank in the sight of his aroused boyfriend.

"We still good?" Blaine asked, as they tried to regain their breath.

"Very," Kurt gasped.

"I didn't even notice you'd flipped us; I was enjoying your ministrations too much."

Kurt giggled at Blaine's response. "I wanted to change it up a little bit before you took over."

"I can wait," Blaine said, "I wasn't lying. I love it when you get all sexy-confident on me."

Kurt raised his head enough to peck Blaine on the lips again. "It'll be my turn later. Right now, I want you."

Blaine stared into Kurt's eyes, as if looking for confirmation that this is what he wanted. He had noticed Kurt's hands shaking again, not terribly so, but enough to cause concern.

"You'll tell me if you need a break?"

"I promise."

"Can you do me one big favor, Kurt?"

"What is it?" Kurt asked, worriedly.

"Keep your eyes on me. I'm the only other person here. I love you and I want to make love to you. Take a deep breath and relax; keep your focus on me."

Kurt smiled, "Somehow, I don't think that will be a problem."

The boys woke up the next morning to find out that Dalton did cancel classes, though the snow wasn't going to be around for long if the sun had any say in it. A few of the teachers who actually stayed at the school joked around with some of the students in the cafeteria that just because they were missing half the student body, didn't mean they had to cancel their own classes. They enjoyed the brief looks of horror before wishing them a nice day off.

The Warblers that were still at school met up for a late lunch, as they all took advantage of sleeping in and doing nothing all morning. The few that had gone home the night before started retuning as they were finishing their food. Nick and Jeff were the last ones to come to the table, still bundled up and shaking snowflakes off of their coats

Nick glanced around the table and noted that Zoe was there, but that her parents were not. "Hey guys - where are Blaine and Kurt? It's not often we get Zoe to ourselves."

Daniel and James started laughing. "Well, someone thought it would be a great idea to kidnap her so that those two could have some alone time."

Jeff's eyes bugged out. "Who in their right mind would do that and live to tell the tale? You never take cubs without asking; otherwise the mama bear will kill you."

Thad snorted. "He almost did. Seb and I thought it would be a nice thing to do for them - you know, since it was Valentine's Day and all - however, this idiot," he pointed to Sebastian, "was supposed to bring up the idea to our favorite couple as a suggestion. Instead, he kidnaps Zoe and leaves a note, with no indication as to her whereabouts."

Nick and Jeff winced. "Oh Seb, you didn't."

"It seemed like a good idea at the time," Sebastian muttered.

"How exactly did Kurt find out it was you?" asked Jimmy.

"The Weasley twins caught him and let Kurt know. Blaine sent me a text to warn me. Next thing I know, I've got an extremely pissed off Kurt in my dorm and Seb is using Zoe as a shield."

Daniel couldn't resist commenting. "I've never seen Kurt so mad! He even full-named Sebastian!"

"Wait, what?" asked Jeff, confused.

James picked up where Daniel left off. "You know - when you do something bad and your parents call you by your full name? When you know that you're really in trouble?"

"Oh. So again, how are you alive?" asked Nick.

"Dumb luck, a savior of a boyfriend, and Blaine calming down Kurt…wouldn't be alive otherwise."

"You've got that right."

The whole table turned around to see Kurt and Blaine behind them. Now, while there wasn't a sign over their heads that said 'we had sex', everyone at the table could tell that something had changed between the two of them. The Warblers couldn't deny that they looked even more adorable.

The two of them sat down at the table with Kurt curling into Blaine's embrace and putting his head on the other's shoulder. Blaine keeps his arm wrapped around Kurt, slowly stroking his side, and leaned in for another kiss. Normally, this would be when one or two of the boys would pretend to gag or make a joke, but the sight was too sweet to even think about ruining it.

"Hey you two," Nick says with a little smirk, "you look awfully cozy and lovey-dovey today."

"Is that a problem Nicholas?" Blaine answered, with a smirk of his own.

"Of course not," he replied. "I'm just ecstatic to see you so happy."

Blaine smiled in thanks. "I'm glad that we have your approval. I take it you had a nice night as well, then?"

"Of course we did," said Jeff. "Nick and I had a date night with the house to ourselves. Though enough about us - I'd rather hear about your night, starting with details surrounding Zoe's little sleepover."

Zoe had noticed her parents show up and waited for one of them to notice her. Hearing her name caused her to coo and wiggle around in Thad's arms. Kurt slowly left Blaine's embrace and leaned over to take her. Zoe must have missed him, as she wasted no time getting herself comfortable in his arms. Kurt just peppered her face with kisses and smiled at her little laughs.

"I have to admit - I was a little wary with her not being in the room last night, though it was nice not to have to worry about her for a little while." Kurt redirected his attention to his little girl. "Did you have a nice time with Thad and Sebastian last night, baby girl?"

"She did," answered Sebastian. "But I'm guessing her parents had an even better time last night."

Blaine and Kurt looked at each other and blushed. "So what if we did?"

"Then mazel tov. It's about time the two of you were able to have some time to focus on yourselves," Sebastian replied honestly.

"Yes, we're all glad that the two of you have done the deed, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we're happy for you." Jeff paused long enough for the others to say their congratulations to the couple's embarrassment. "Since you have resolved your own personal unresolved sexual tension, does this mean we can get focused on Regionals now? Because you know I love you two dearly, but I for one would love to kick some ass so we can go to Nationals."

Kurt rolled his eyes at his 'son' while Blaine outright laughed. "Yes Jeffrey, we can now work on stuff for Regionals. I take it you have an idea or two?"