Silver Returns

Hello everyone, this is my first Treasure Planet story. I have been really obsessed with Treasure Planet lately. It's the best movie ever! please tell me if i did a mistake with any of the characters in this story because I'm not good at voicing them since it's my first Treasure Planet story and i might not be good at voicing Silver so please tell me if i had made any mistakes so i can get better, thank you.

It has been a year since Jim Hawkins has been to Treasure Planet and it has also been a year since he saw Silver, the one who taught him that he can chart his own course and make his own future. Ever since then, Jim has been doing his best at the Academy even though he does get bullied for being smart. Jim is still staying strong and tried not to let all those jerks get to him.

Jim has also been heading towards his dream of becoming a Captain of his own ship but he promised his mum that he would always come back, unlike his father. Jim always thought of Silver every night before he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. He wondered where Silver was and if he was alright and also if he would ever see him again.

B.E.N has been very helpful at the Benbow Inn when Jim was at the Academy, even if B.E.N was abit annoying, they all still loved him as if he was apart of the family.

Delbert and Amelia were happily married with 4 wonderful little kids. They both sometimes went off on space adventures but they never took the kids with them because Amelia didn't want them to get hurt so they would leave the kids with Sarah and Jim to look after. Jim was really good with the kids too.

The oldest kid was a kitten, her name is Kelly. She has auburn hair that was the same as her mother's and the same color eyes as her mother's too and she also acted just like her mother. She pickes on her brother alot and she is also the boss of her sisters and brother. She always runs off and hides somewhere to make Jim worry and think he had lost her but when he does find her, he tries not to be mad because he didn't want her to cry or Amelia would kill him.

The second oldest was the other kitten, her name is Kami. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes; she was a bubbly little girl who always says what she is thinking. She is always smiling and laughing, she also has a crush on Jim which he already notices. She loves to have fun and she is also the most childish of them all.

The third oldest is the puppy, his name is Kakeru. He has the same color eyes and hair as his father, he is really smart but he also longs for adventure just like Jim does. He looks up to Jim as his role model and always tries to act just like him which sometimes embarrasses Jim but he still finds it cute.

The youngest is the kitten, her name is Kiko. She has blonde hair and green eyes; she is really shy and quiet. She always cries when something is wrong which is really often. She also has a crush on Jim which he notices because she always blushes around him and gives him gifts that she makes.

Morph was always with Jim when he went to the Academy so he didn't feel alone because he has no friends. Whenever Jim was down or about to cry, Morph would change into something to make Jim laugh which always worked. Morph missed Silver just as much as Jim did but he still remained happy for Jim sake.

Sarah has been very busy at the Benbow Inn whenever Jim is at the academy but she still gets help from Delbert and B.E.N. She is proud of Jim that he is able to stay out of trouble and focus on his studies. Even though she misses him, she is glad to see the big change that has happened in him in the past year but she never found out that it was thanks to Silver that Jim was like this and Jim wasn't planning on telling her anytime soon.

The story starts on Montressor; it was early in the morning at the Benbow Inn and very busy too as Sarah was taking orders and B.E.N was picking up the plates from each table but he spoke to the guest's abit before going onto the next table. Delbert and Amelia were sitting at a table, eating breakfast with their kids. Morph was helping Jim do the dishes, well... kind of...

Morph was splashing the soupy water at Jim as he giggled at the soaking wet boy "Morph! Why you!" Jim yelled angrily at Morph. Morph flew off and Jim chased after him "get back here!" Jim yelled as he ran after Morph "Get back here" Morph repeated as they both attracted alot of attention from the guests that was eating breakfast at their tables.

Sarah walked over to Delbert and Amelia table as she watched Jim run after Morph. Sarah sighed "there they go again..."

Delbert smiled at Sarah "Jim is on summer holiday now so let him have his fun before he heads back to the Academy" Delbert said then laughed as Jim slips on the water that was dripping off him and landed on his butt on the floor.

Sarah smiled and also giggled "i guess your right but he is going to have to clean that up when he is done playing around" Sarah smiled at her son as he tried to get up but slipped back onto the floor on his back as Morph floated next to him laughing. Sarah walked over to a table to take someone order.

Jim finally managed to get up and began to chase Morph around again. Jim finally caught up with Morph and grabbed him in both of his hands "gotcha!" Jim yelled, happy that he finally got Morph before he fell over again and landed on the floor with Morph still in his hands.

Morph turned himself into a fish then squirted water in Jim's face, Jim glared at Morph "why you!" Jim yelled angrily and was about to grab Morph again but he heard his mum call his name.

"Jim! Go get dressed before you catch a cold!" Sarah called over her shoulder as she picked up a plate from a table then turned around to smile at Jim.

Jim looked at his wet clothes to see they were starting to be see through. Jim's face turned red like a tomato then he glared up at Morph and pointed a threatening finger at him "you're so lucky your cute" Jim said before he headed up stairs to his room with Morph flying after him.

Jim quickly got changed then ran down stairs to go finish the dishes and mop up the trail of water that he left behind. A few hours later it was starting to get dark outside and everyone in the Benbow inn headed towards their room that they were staying in. Sarah sat on a chair then sighed tiredly "today has been a busy day" Sarah said as she looked up at her son who was putting all the clean dishes away.

"Yeah" was all Jim said because he was also tired from all those dishes he had to clean which took longer because Morph kept playing about.

Delbert put on his red coat "well, we shall be off now" Delbert said as he picked up the basket that the 3 kittens and puppy were sleeping in.

Amelia nodded in agreement "we shall be back tomorrow for our usual breakfast" Amelia said with a small smile.

Sarah smiled back "i will have it prepared" Sarah said then gave them a small wave.

Jim was too tired to say anything so he just waved goodbye to them then walked up stairs to his room with Morph following behind.

Delbert watched Jim wave then head up the stairs "well... goodnight to you too, Jim" Delbert said offended that Jim just left without saying a word.

Sarah smiled "Jim is just tired, he didn't mean to be like that" Sarah said.

"Mr. Hawkins has been working really hard at the Academy, i never knew he was so smart" Amelia said as she stared at the stairs that Jim has walked up.

Sarah sighed then smiles at Amelia "neither did i..." Sarah smiled as she looked at the picture of Jim when he was only 3 years old, that was sitting on the table.

Jim collapsed on his bed on his back and rested both of his hands over his eyes. Jim stayed like that for abit and would have fallen asleep if he didn't hear chirping next to him. Jim took his hands off his eyes then sat up on his bed and looked at Morph "what is it, Morph" Jim asked, alittle irritated since he wanted to go to sleep but Morph was keeping him up.

Morph picked up Jim's P.J shirt and placed it next to him on the bed. Jim smiled at Morph for his concern "i get it. I have to get change in my P.J if i want to sleep" Jim said in understanding as Morph nodded and chirped happily.

Jim got onto his feet then took of his clothes and boots. He then put on his blue P.J top and bottom, and then Jim pulled the covers back and got into bed, pulling the covers up to his chest. Morph flew to Jim and laid down next to him then closed his small eyes and went to sleep. Jim smiled at Morph then closed his own eyes and drifted to sleep.

Jim heard aloud knock at the door, he rolled over trying to ignore it but then he heard the knock again. Jim sighed angrily then threw the covers off him, put on his blue slippers then walked out of his room, down the stairs. Morph woke up too and followed Jim down stairs. Jim walked over to the door then opened it to see a man standing there in a black coat with a hood over his head with his head down so Jim couldn't see his face.

Jim looked confused at the man then looked at the red clock that was hanging on the wall to see it was 3:00am. Jim sighed angrily then glared at the man who woke him up "we're closed, if you want a room then wait until morning" Jim said harshly, not caring who the man was.

Jim was about to close the door but a metal hand grabbed onto the door to keep it open. Jim looked at the metal hand in shock because there was only one person he knew with a metal hand like that. Jim stared up at the man still with a shock look on his face "Silver?"

I am so evil to leave you all hanging like that, i just couldn't resist but don't worry i will upload the next chapter as soon as possible. Bye for now and don't forget to review and let me know if i made any mistakes.