Having A Hard Time

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Silver awoke to taping and scratching noises coming from the bed above his own. It almost sounded like a cat. Though the old cyborg really was too tired to be bothered with getting out of bed and seeing what the disturbance was, he also couldn't go back to sleep while the sounds ensued. With a groan, he slowly sat up and threw his legs over the side of the bed, finally deciding to see what was interrupting his slumber.

Silver stood up; he was tall enough that he didn't have to climb the ladder to see onto the top bunk. A glance behind him at the upper bed revealed Jim sitting upright with his knees pulled against his chest, diamond-shaped map in his hands. The young teenager was touching everywhere on the map, trying to find a button. He seemed to be getting frustrated, as he was glaring at the map as if expecting it to submit under his unhappy frown and simply open by itself.

Silver chuckled a bit at Jim, thinking it was cute how the boy was getting so angry at an inanimate object. "Ye do know t'at map will not open just 'cause ye keep glarin' at it," the cyborg stated in a mater-of-fact tone.

Startled, Jim looked up at Silver, not having realized that the cyborg was there until he had spoken. The younger boy gave him a playful pout at the joke, but he also seemed to be happy that his friend was awake and was providing him with company. Jim crawled over to the edge of the bed with the map still in his hands before he sighed and looked down at it thoughtfully. "This map is a lot harder to open than the Treasure Planet map…" he muttered, turning the thing around in both hands to get a better look at some of its details.

Silver watched as Jim did this, also looking at the map in curiosity. "Aye, t'at map is very different," the cyborg agreed, not taking his eyes off the diamond map as the young teenager curiously bounced it in both hands.

"Aye, t'at true," Jim said with a smirk, mocking Silver's way of speaking.

Silver shot Jim a playful glare before giving him a small push. "Don't mock me pirate accent," the cyborg ordered with a chuckle. Jim only hefted a small shrug while smiling in a way that said he understood, but didn't care. "Well…we best be off ta bed. Night, lad," Silver said before yawning widely.

Jim looked back at the map in his hands, wanting to open it so badly. "I'll go to bed soon," the teenager promised, not taking his eyes off the thing.

Silver just shrugged at the boy before lying back down in his bed and closing his mismatched eyes. The moment his head hit that hard pillow, he was out like a light. Meanwhile, though, Jim sat up on his own bed, fiddling with the map and trying every possible way he could think of to open it. But this map was proving to be very different from the Treasure Planet map.

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