A new pet

Chapter 1: First visit


-After school-

-The school bell rings and the school day have ended and the boys and Nora walk out of the school. Cartman running out and screaming, lying on his knees-


-The rest of them laugh a little of his reaction, but he doesn't notice them laughing-

Kyle: So what are you going to do this weekend?
Stan: I don't know. I mostly want to relax
Nora: Aha... So what? Nothing at all the whole weekend?
Stan: Well do you have any idea what to do?
Nora: No. Watch TV, play video games, something like that. What are you going to do this weekend, Kenny?
Kenny: (Right now, I'm going to go home and masturbate!)
Nora: -sighs- Is there nothing interesting you guys are going to do this weekend?

-The guys think-

Stan: Why don't we go home to you, Nora?
Nora: Me?
Kyle: That's a great idea!
Kenny: - in a whining voice- (But I want to go home and masturbate!)
Stan: Come on, Kenny! We've never been home at Nora's house before. We might like it.
Kenny: -sighs- (Fine) –looks disappointed -

-Cartman keeps on moon walking and dancing because it's weekend. Then stops when the others start to leave-

Cartman: Hey guys! Where are you going?

-He runs after them-

-At Nora's house-

-Nora opens the door and walks in and the guys follow-

Nora: So yeah, this is my home.

-The walls are mostly blue and green. There is a long kitchen table with many chairs around it, the living room and has a couch and a comfortable chair and a TV. Up at her room she got a PC and a TV at her room with her X-box and lots of games. She also got a little box filled with toys and another with only Legos-

Stan: Nice home you got here, Nora.
Nora: Thanks Stan.

-Kenny goes around looking in her wardrobes and closet-

Stan: What are you doing Kenny?
Kenny: (Looking for something)
Nora: Looking for what?

-Nora thinks then blushes and stops him-

Nora: Kenny!
Kenny: (Please Nora! I really need to do it now!)

-Nora stands there blushing, standing close the Kenny. Then hands him something, Stan and Kyle doesn't see it-

Nora: -Whispering- Now get in to the bathroom, lock the door, sit in the shower and don't mess up anything so that my mother won't get suspicious, got it?

-Kenny nods happy and runs into her bathroom and locks the door and Nora closes the door to her room-

Cartman: He is going to masturbate, isn't he?

-Nora Nods, blushing-

Cartman: -Cartman shakes his head- Poor kids. They go crazy when they visit someone rich.
Kyle: Hey, do you guys want to play with Legos?
Nora: Sure, why not.

-The four of them builds everything from towers to space stations-

-After a while her mother gets home-

Sara: Nora, I'm home!

-Nora runs down to her mother and welcomes her home-

Nora: I have friends staying over here, can we get some snacks up to us?
Sara: Of course! I'll be right up stairs in just a minute.

-Nora walks upstairs and when she's walked up the stairs, Kenny comes out smiling really happy, looking almost like he is drunk and hugs Nora tight-

Kenny: (My God, that was the best magazine I've ever masturbated to!)
Nora: -Trying to breath- Glad you... liked it...

-Kenny lets go of her and walks into her room. Cartman and Kyle are playing with Legos while Stan is listening to his iPod-

Cartman: "How's the progress going on destroying the Jew tower, Commander?" "The plans are soon to be done. All we need to do is to wait till the Jew-protector is not looking and then we'll start the invasion"

-Kyle walks over to the box filled with Lego and looks for some Lego-

Cartman: "The Jew-protector is busy!" "Start the invasion, solider!"

-Cartman walks over and kicks down Kyle's Lego tower-

Cartman: "Victory! Hurray!"
Kyle: Dammit, Cartman! I worked really hard on that!
Cartman: "The Jew-protector has noticed us and it is pissed off!" "Start the rocket launch!"

-Cartman throws Lego bricks at Kyle-

Kyle: Ow! Cartman!

-They start to fight and they knock over many things and including Cartman's space station. Nora tries to make them stop fighting, but not before Sara gets in with some snacks for Nora and her friends and walks in on the worst time of all. She sees Cartman and Kyle fighting, Kenny reading threw the porn magazine and Stan just listening to his iPod, but she still got mad at him-

Sara: Nora! You didn't tell me you had boys over!
Nora: Does it matter? –asks confused-
Sara: Yes! Look at this room!

-The room is a complete mess with the bed sheets daggling down from the bed, Legos all over the place, books spread across the entire floor plus Kenny's sperm is all over the closets' grip-

Nora: Oh...
Sara: Nora, I want you to tell your boyfriends to leave!
Nora: -blushes- They're not my boyfriends!
Sara: NOW, Nora!

-The boys are all quiet looking at each other feeling like they are in trouble. Nora looks angry down on the floor-

Nora: I think you guys should leave.

-The boys look at each other-

Cartman: okay, bye see you Nora. –Cartman walks out-
Stan: Yeah, cool house you got. –He leaves as well, quick so that she won't get angry or something.
Kenny: (Bye, Nora.) –Leaves just as well-
Kyle: I'm sorry I caused trouble for you, Nora
Nora: It's FINE just go! –gets angry in her tone-

-Kyle leaves quickly-