Chapter 8: A nice friend

-Weeks later. At Stan's house-

-The door bell rings-

Sharon: Stan, can you go get the door?
Stan: Fine, mom.

-Stan pauses his game on the x-box and walks downstairs and opens the door. It's Nora standing there-

Nora: Hi, Stan.
Stan: Oh, hi Nora. What are you doing here?
Nora: Do you know that sleepover we had some weeks ago?
Stan: Yeah?
Nora: I thought it was kind of fun, would you mind if we did that again? We can play video-games, watch Terrines and Phillip, play some games.
Stan: Well, I don't think Wendy would like that you and I have a sleep over again.
Nora: That's okay, I won't steal you away from her. I mean gross! –Shivers-
Stan: Okay, come on in.

-He closes the door and heads upstairs with her-

Stan: I'm not that gross am I?
Nora: -laughs- Oh, Stan.
Stan: What? What?

-The end-