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Chapter 3: The let the revealing begin!

Sulley watched the three monsters pick on Randall.

Sure the purple lizard monster could be a jerk but he still had feelings.

Randall was thrashing around, struggling to get out.

"Exactly what did Randall do that makes you want to pick on him?" Sulley asked.

Bruno held his victim, with a sinister grin on his face.

"You really want to know?" Bruno asked.

Randall snarled in anger and frustration.

"Let's take a trip to when Randall was in Kindergarten, shall we?" Bruno answered.


A tiny skinny purple reptile with large green eyes stared at the large gray building at him.

He was wearing a red Slimers baseball cap on his head, with a blue book bag on his back.

He adjusted his cap to wear he was wearing it backwards.

He looked at his adoptive mothers, Emilia and Cheryal Boggs.

Emilia was a ten foot brown furred monster with brown hair and blue eyes.

Cheryal was a five foot six inches purple monster with a pair of tentacle for arms, four stubbed legs, with large Hazel eyes behind blue glasses.

"Are you ready Randy sweetie?" Emilia asked, looking down at her small adoptive son.

He gulped, shaking his head.

They smiled gently at him.

Cheryal grabbed his top right hand, pulling him into the school.

They walked into the Kindergarten room.

He hid behind Emilia's legs.

He had never seen so many kids in one room let alone one building.

A skinny pink skinned monster with blond hair and green eyes walked up to them.

"Hello. I'm Mrs. Monroe, welcome to Monstropolis Elementary. I'll be your teacher. What's your name sweetie?" she asked Randall.

"This is Randall. I'm Emilia and this is Cheryal, my partner." Emilia replied.

Mrs. Monroe looked sweetly at the lizard monster.

"Hello Randall. I'll be your teacher. Can you say hello?"

Randall shook his head, cowering behind Emilia's legs once again.

Emilia and Cheryal looked at him gently.

"Now Randall. Don't be afraid. She's your teacher. You're going to be here in the morning and we'll be back by the afternoon." Cheryal told him.

He shook his head.

She smiled gently at him.

She pulled him gently out from behind Emilia's legs.

"Now Randall, sweetie. This will be a great way for you to make friends. You'll learn new things. Emilia will come and pick you up after school is over. Be a good boy and listen to your teacher okay?" Cheryal told him.

He slowly nodded his head, uncertainty in his eyes.

She kissed his forehead, then straightened his hat.

"Be good, okay?" she told him.

He nodded.

"Love you." They kissed him.

He kissed them back.

"Now run along and play." Emilia told him.

He nodded, going over to the books.

"He's such a sweet boy. So polite and quiet." Mrs. Monroe replied.

"Actually we have a few things about Randall we need to tell you." Cheryal replied.

"Of course." The pink monster replied.

"Randall's mute. So if he doesn't answer or talk to the other children, don't be alarm." Emilia told her.

Mrs. Monroe nodded.

"He also has seizures. So don't flick the light switch on and off repeatedly. Don't spray too much air freshener, or put too much stress on him." Cheryal continued.

"He doesn't tend to eat or sleep a lot which could set that off too." Emilia took over.

"And watch when he blends." They replied simultaneously.

Mrs. Monroe nodded.

"I understand." She replied.

They nodded.

They walked out of the school.

Randall was sitting in the corner in a large blue beanbag chair.

He was reading "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom," a book about the alphabet.

"Hey kid!" A voice called to him.

He looked up to see three kids heading his way.

A tall brown furred monster, looking almost like Emilia, a yellow skinned monster looking similar to Cheryal, and a five eyed green skin monster with bat wings. (You know who I'm talking about!)

He pointed at himself to see if they were talking to him.

They nodded.

"You are in my chair. Only I can sit there!" The brown furred monster told him.

Randall looked at him sheepishly and stood up, moving away.

He offered the chair to him.

He started to walk away, but the brown furred kid pulled him back by his tail.

"Where do you think you're going?" The yellow monster sneered.

Randall pointed over to the other side of the room.

"I don't think so." The brown furred monster answered.

"Yea! Don't think so." The green skinned monster echoed.

The brown furred monster punched the green skinned monster.

Randall looked at the green skinned monster sympathetically.

The brown furred monster looked at Randall again.

"What's your name kid?" The monster demanded.

Randall frowned.

He jerked him closer.

"I said, what's your name?" he growled.

Randall looked down.

He was unable to talk. How was he supposed to tell this kid he was unable to talk and tell him his name?

The monster growled and threw him against the wall.

"I said, what is your name?" The monster demanded again.

Randall shut his eyes to keep from crying.

He hated it when people started hurting him.

He didn't like the pain.

It reminded him to much of his past before he was adopted.

"Bruno! Let go of Randall this instant!" Mrs. Monroe scowled, walking over to the four boys.

Bruno released Randall.

The skinny lizard monster rubbed his bruised arm.

He looked at the older woman with his big emerald green eyes.

She looked at them.

"Now what happened here?" she asked.

Randall pointed at the three boys.

"What is it Randall?" she asked.

He pointed at the three boys again.

"Those three mean boys picking on you?" she asked.

He nodded.

She pulled the three boys to opposite corners of the room.

"You three will be here for six minutes. I'll be back till then." She replied.

Randall smiled and stuck his tongue at the three boys.

"Now off you go to play Randall." She told him pushing him gently to go play.


"That's why? Just because he wouldn't tell you his name and because he got you in trouble?" Sulley asked.

"Oh, he's done more than that." Skeeter replied.

"I was five!" Randall protested.

"No one asked you." Bruno told him, digging his claws into Randall's arm.

The lizard monster let out a squeal of pain.

Randall gritted his teeth.

He elbowed him in the stomach, causing the taller monster to let him go.

"Like you said Bruno, revenge is sweet." Randall told the taller monster, running.

"Boggs! When I get my hands on you, I'm gonna kill you!" Bruno called to him.

Randall continued to run.

Bruno snapped his fingers.

"Sick him Rico."

Rico flew off.

"Must you guys torture him? He's been through a lot and you guys are making it worse." Fungus replied, staring defiantly at them.

"My, I figured we hear from you Fungus. I don't see why you won't hang with us? Randall is a little too young to hang with you, isn't he?" Skeeter asked, leaning against the bleachers, coolly.

"Just because he's four years younger than I am, doesn't mean I'm going to drop his friendship like yesterday's trash. I'm the only friend he has. He's like the little brother I never had! He needs me."

Bruno shook his head.

"Oh Fungus, Fungus, Fungus. He can so immature at times. Don't you care that he had damaged your social life?" He asked, wrapping his arm around the little red monster.

"No, no I don't. I showed him things like any older brother would their own little brothers. Like I said before, he needs me. And I assume you three will leave him alone, or there will be consequences." Fungus replied, narrowing his eyes darkly at the two taller monsters.

Bruno moved away from him.

"Fine, be that way. But mark my words Fungus. One day he's going to slip up and you two will break apart and he won't be that precious little brother of yours anymore. It was nice seeing you again Fungus."

They left, leaving Randall's co-workers in awe.

Fungus frowned.

Suddenly a shrill scream was heard.

They turned their attention to see Randall flying through the air.

He landed on his assistant, falling off and rolling down a couple of bleachers.

The lizard monster groaned in pain at the sudden impacts.

"Randall! Are you okay?" Fungus asked, going up to him.

He sat the lizard monster up, who was nodding his head.

He grabbed his arm to help him up, but instead Randall let out a cry of pain.

Fungus looked at him in concern.

"Don't worry sir. Let me look at that arm."

Randall looked at his assistant, unsure what to do.

"Now sir, don't be afraid. I'm not going to eat you." Fungus laughed lightly, grabbing his arm gently.

Randall frowned, but let out a whimper of pain when Fungus grabbed his arm.

Fungus moved his hand over his scare partner's arm, Randall crying out in pain every once and while.

"I think it's sprain. We should go get you to the hospital."

He grabbed his friend and pulled him down the bleachers.

"What about the football game?" Mike called to him.

"That'll have to wait. Randall needs medical attention." Fungus called over his shoulder, dragging the lizard monster with him.

"Fungus!" Randall cried as the little red monster pulled him away.

They watched the two scaring partners run off.

"I hope Randall will be okay." Sulley replied.

Everyone, except Mike, nodded in agreement.

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