Now out: Survivor Guilt

The threat is bigger than any of them ever imagined, and a certain group of friends are pushed to the limits, threatening to tear them apart. With help from old friends and new, can they make it together? Betrayal, hurt and romance. Titanium sequel.

For you guys who haven't got me on author subscribe, or haven't seen this in the listings yet, I am pleased to announce that the sequel to Titanium, Survivor Guilt, is now officially out, almost a month early. Guess I just couldn't wait to write again, guys. So, yeah!

Side note: I had someone point out that I had written Ferb is 17, suggesting he has had a birthday between Titanium and Survivor Guilt. This is intentional. There will be references to his birthday at some point.

Thank you, and this is huggable out for the last time on Titanium!