Title: Mike, the Lamest Werewolf Ever

Part: 3 of 3


Word Count: ~3,000 / 16,500

Warning: Slash. Naughty words. Unintentional self-harm. Fluff.

AN: I've only seen a few episodes of Suits, so if you think my rendition of the boys is OoC, you may be right. Concrit is welcome, but be warned, that means constructive criticism, and if you're being an asshat ("I hate your face.", "Your story's stupid. Goodbye."), I will not hesitate to delete you.

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After the night of the charity dinner, things are a little different between Mike and Harvey. Harvey seems more... relaxed. They eat dinner at home together more often than not now. Donna looks smugly pleased when she talks to them together.

Mike still can't believe that, for all intents and purposes, Harvey chose Mike over his career. That they're spending more and more time together. And when Harvey smiles at him now...

Well, Mike knows what he would like this all to mean. And it had seemed to be heading that way the morning after the last full moon. They'd woken up together, literally wrapped in each other's' arms, staring deeply into each other's' eyes, and... nothing happened. Harvey had smiled, or maybe smirked, and they had both fallen back asleep. When Mike woke up after that, he'd been overwhelmed by the lingering smell of his own blood, and by the tacky feeling of it covering his arms.

When he got done washing up, Harvey had already woken up and started the coffee. And when Harvey didn't say anything about the night before, Mike decided that it wasn't worth it to him either to pursue it. Harvey had come back. He'd held him for the rest of the night. That's what was important.

Mike's not-insignificant feelings for his boss don't matter, because Harvey is here now and that's all.


After the morning after the last full moon, when Mike had quietly slipped out of bed before Harvey and not returned, Harvey had, finally, taken some time to think about his relationship with Mike.

Just the fact that he used the word 'relationship' in reference to Mike, even in his own head, was somewhat revealing.

Here's the thing. Harvey wouldn't have consciously chosen to bring Mike this far into his life and space if it had been up to him. He would have kept Mike in his little associate-shaped box in Harvey's head and left him there.

Now, Harvey refuses to imagine his life without Mike. Not can't – refuses. As far as Harvey's concerned, Harvey promised never to leave Mike again, so Mike is not allowed to leave either. So there.

And even if Mike isn't ready to realize that yet, even if he continues to run away like he did that morning, even if Harvey has to wait months or years for Mike to be ready, well... Harvey already said he's never leaving again.

Besides, he'd hate to lose in anything, even love (yes, he said it), to a skinny puppy like Mike. So... there.

Remember how Harvey said he was content to wait for Mike to be ready to face this thing between them? Well, he still is. Mostly.

It's just really, really frustrating to keep spending all his time with Mike, and want to hold and touch him, but only be able to go so far. Now that Harvey's no longer actively blocking his feelings towards Mike, he can't stop noticing things about him. He keeps wanting to turn every pat on the back he gives Mike into an extended caress. The few, friendly hugs he's given Mike in the past few weeks each only lasted a few seconds, when he just wanted to hold Mike close, pull him down onto some flat surface and –

It's just very frustrating. Especially since right now Harvey is moping alone at home, waiting pathetically for Mike to get back. Rachel had kidnapped Mike right after work to do drinks, and Harvey had been left at loose ends. Which is, again, pathetic. Harvey knows people, knows where all the hotspots are in this city. He could go out too.

Only he might have been looking forward to spending the night at home with Mike, watching bad movies and eating greasy pizza. And apparently he's so far gone that the simple fact that Mike has other friends who want to spend time with him is enough to turn Harvey into a twelve-year-old girl.

Thankfully, just when Harvey is thinking about breaking into his most expensive bottle of scotch and putting on some Sinatra, his phone goes off. It's not a number he recognizes, but it could always be one of the high-maintenance clients he gave his personal number.


"Hi!" says an unfamiliar voice. Harvey frowns. "This is Jenny."

"Ah. You're Mike's… ex," Harvey says.

"More his... awkward hetero experimental phase," Jenny says, laughing. "Don't worry. I mean, you have nothing to worry about."

"Uh-huh. Yes."

"You're kind of all he talks about, so. You know. I wouldn't worry."

"Right," Harvey says, wondering where this is going.

"Yeah. So, I know we've never really met, and I kind of had to steal your number from Mike's phone, but I just wanted to call and say thank you. Without you, I wouldn't have my best friend back, and there's really nothing I can say to tell you how much that means to me," Jenny says. She sounds earnest, and honestly grateful.

"You're… welcome," Harvey says.

"And, again, I know you don't know me, but I know Mike. And I can see how happy you've made him. Like I said, you're all he talks about. And judging by the fact that Mike doesn't know it was you who suggested I invite him for coffee, I'd say you care about him too," Jenny says. "And I just… from what I can see, you make each other happy. And I think Mike deserves that more than anyone, and I'm so grateful to you for being part of that."

"I…" Harvey says, feeling strange. He hadn't been expecting this. He never expected to hear these words from anyone, to be approved of because he makes someone happy. He didn't expect this warm, pleased feeling Jenny's declarations have inspired. Jenny chuckles.

"Anyway. I don't mean to sound… interfering, or anything. I just wanted to put that out there," Jenny says. Harvey clears his throat.

"Yes. I… appreciate that," he says.

"Cool. So, now that you know you have my seal of approval, I have a message for you," Jenny says.

"Oh?" Harvey asks.

"Elaine wants to meet you," Jenny says. Harvey blinks, surprised.

"Elaine? Mike's grandmother?" he asks.

"Yep. She says she wants to meet the man her boy has fallen for. She said she'd ask Mike to bring you, but 'Mike's so shy about his feelings, the poor dear,'" Jenny says. Harvey can't help but chuckle. Jenny laughs, saying, "Yeah. So, are you busy this tonight?"

"What, right now?"

"Yep. I turned down drinks with Mike and Rachel, so I know he's out. And since you haven't hung up on me yet, I'm forced to assume you're free," Jenny says. Harvey snorts. She's right, of course, that's the thing.

"Fine. Yes, I will be glad to meet Mike's grandmother," Harvey says, deciding to be gracious.

"Great! Let me give you the address, and I'll meet you there in an hour. I'll have to introduce you to the staff so they'll let you in," Jenny says, then rattles off the address. Harvey grabs the pen and pad of paper from the kitchen island and jots it down. After Jenny cheerfully says goodbye and hangs up, he spends a moment staring down at it. Then he shakes his head and gets ready to go.

Jenny, as promised, got Harvey through and to see Mike's grandmother. Harvey feels strangely nervous as they stroll down the white hallways towards her room.

"Hello, sweetheart," she says as they walk through the door. She's sitting in a chair next to the bed, the remote to a small TV in the corner forgotten in her lap. "And you must be Harvey. I've heard so much about you."

"Oh? I hope it was all good." Harvey gives her his most charming smile and offers his hand. Her grip is strong and her gaze is direct. She has a white bun high on her head, and is wearing gold earrings and necklace and a soft green cardigan.

"You must call me Elaine, dear," she says, smiling back at him.

"Of course," Harvey says, and going with his impulse, kisses the top of her hand. Her eyes crinkle and she chuckles, flapping a hand at him. Harvey winks and releases her hand, taking a step back.

"Oh, I can see you're quite the charmer. Take a seat, dear, and tell me how Michael is doing. He seemed tired the last time I saw him," Elaine says, gesturing at another comfy chair across from her. Harvey obligingly sits and settles back into the worn cushions. There's an afghan folded across the back of his chair, and he finds himself thinking that Elaine is the charming one.

"Elaine? I'm sorry, but I won't be able to stay," Jenny says. She doesn't exactly sound regretful, and Elaine grins at her.

"That's alright, sweetheart. I'm quiet happy to be left to interrogate Harvey in peace," Elaine says. Jenny grins back and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

"All right then. I'll leave it in your capable hands. I'll see you next week?" Jenny says.

"Of course," Elaine says, giving Jenny's hand a squeeze.

"I'll even sneak you a sticky bun if you promise not to tell the nurse," Jenny says.

"Now that is something to look forward to," Elaine says.

"Thanks," Jenny says, rolling her eyes. "All right, see you next week. Try not to break Harvey too bad, Mike likes him. Bye!"

Harvey watches Jenny casually abandon him, then his eyes snap back to Elaine, who's regarding him with amusement.

"Don't worry, dear, I'll be gentle," she says, and honest to god, her eyes twinkle. That shocks a laugh out of Harvey, and she smiles at him. "Good. Now that we've gotten a real smile out of you, I really do want to know about Michael. Is he alright?"

"Yeah, I think he is," Harvey says, relaxing back into his chair. Elaine, it seems, is just one of those people who really know how to talk to people. Harvey can't help but admire that. "We've started a big case this week, and he's been running around gathering information and witness accounts. I made him take tonight off, though, to decompress and get some sleep."

"And then you decided to spend this Friday night with a little old lady you barely know," Elaine says knowingly.


"I... yes," Harvey says.

"Does Michael make you happy?" Elaine asks. Harvey blinks at her.

"Yes. He does," he says, because what else is he to say but the truth? Elaine observes him for a moment.

"Do you make him happy?" she asks next.

"I think so," Harvey answers honestly. He gives a slight shrug.

"You think so?" she says, raising her brows.

"I... I don't know how to make him understand. I don't know how to make him see. That I... That I care for him," Harvey admits.

"Ah," Elaine says. Harvey watches his fingers pick at a loose thread on the arm of his chair.

"I might be afraid that I care more for him than he does for me," Harvey admits sheepishly.

"Oh, sweetheart," Elaine says, "That's stupid."

Harvey looks up to see her face, her serious expression, and he laughs.

"Yeah. I guess it is," he says.

"Now. You seem like a very nice young man, and I can tell you that Michael clearly adores you. Why don't you go home and make him a nice meal. It's what my husband used to do when he couldn't find the words. And if that fails, remember that dinner's a winner, but liquor is quicker, so I'd suggest serving a nice wine too," Elaine says. She's giving Harvey a cheeky grin, one Harvey matches.

"Thank you. I will," Harvey says. He glances surreptitiously at a clock on the wall, but Elaine just laughs and waves him off.

"Go on. Shoo. You have plans to make," she says. Harvey smiles at her and stands, and it only feels natural to give her a kiss on the same cheek Jenny did.

"Oh, get on with you," she says, patting Harvey on the shoulder.

"Thank you, Elaine. Mike and I will visit soon," Harvey says. He's already got ideas of dishes he could make and wine to pair it with whirling through his head, and he makes quick work of getting back to his condo so he can size up what he has in the kitchen.

Twenty minutes after he gets home, Harvey gets a call from Jenny.

"Yes?" he asks, staring critically at some baby spinach and wondering if it will last until Sunday.

"How did it go?" she asks. Harvey barely spares any attention to her voice, still poking through the greenery in his fridge. Some of which, unfortunately wasn't meant to be green.

"Hm? I think if she kept me any longer, I would have told her my entire life story and shoe size," Harvey says absently. Jenny laughs.

"Yeah, she has that effect on people," Jenny says, sounding fond. Harvey pokes at a carton of month-old fried rice, and then quickly retreats. Something definitely moved in there. Then his brain actually connects the voice he's talking to with the person.

"Jenny. You know Mike," Harvey says.

"Tall, funny-looking guy? Has an embarrassingly huge crush on Harrison Ford? Yeah, I know him," Jenny says.

"Yes. Him. You know what food he likes," Harvey says, undeterred.

"Yes..." Jenny says.

"Good. I need your help with something."

Mike's feelings still don't matter. Really. But, if they did, he'd be freaking out right now. The good kind of freaking out. Probably.

Harvey had caught Mike right before he left to have coffee with Jenny Saturday morning.

"Mike. You don't have any plans for Sunday evening," he'd said.

"Uh... no?"

"No. You don't," Harvey had said, giving Mike an intense look.

"O... kay," Mike said, feeling his eyebrows go up. Then Harvey grinned. It was disconcerting.

"Have fun with Jenny."

Mike got out of there quick.

The weirdness didn't end there. While he was talking with Jenny later, she asked, apropos of nothing,

"Hey, there's a new gallery opening Sunday. You want to go?"

Since they had previously been discussing the various merits of lolcatz, Mike had given her a confused look and said,


"Cool. But I'm only free early afternoon. That cool?" Jenny said.

"Uh, yeah. I, kinda, have plans Sunday evening anyway. I think," Mike said.

"Cool," Jenny said.

That should have been a tip-off.

Now, Mike is standing in the doorway of the kitchen, staring incredulously at Harvey. There is a rich red tablecloth spread over the dining table, what looks like real china plates and silver utensils, and candles, actual candles. Mike has no idea what is going on here.

"Harvey?" Mike asks.

"Good. You're just in time," Harvey says, looking up from where he's setting the last of the silverware. He smiles softly. Mike nearly takes a step back.

"Just say 'oranges' if you're being held at gunpoint," Mike says, not breaking eye contact.

"What?" Harvey asks, looking confused.

"Oranges," Mike says, completely serious.

"...No," Harvey says. "Put your bag away, and I'll start serving."

"Fine," Mike says, eyes narrowed. He does ask Harvey asked, and when he comes back Harvey has filled their plates with some salad, steak, and those little potatoes that always amuse Mike when he eats them (they're just so tiny!). "You... made this?"

"Yes," Harvey says simply, and starts eating. After a moment, Mike does too. He has to admit, it is pretty delicious. Though the whole Stepford Harvey thing continues to freak him out a bit. Especially when Harvey says,

"Oh, and I baked a cake."

Harvey feels that this evening has gone gratifyingly well. Mike had looked pleasingly shocked when he'd walked in, and seemed to like the food if the way he cleaned his plate is anything to go by. Harvey maybe thinks he even heard a moan when Mike tasted his cake.

Once they finish, Mike sits staring at the table while Harvey cleans up. Finally, he says,

"I don't get it. I mean... why? Candles?" For some reason, that's what he's really stuck on.

"Jesus, you're stupid," Harvey says, shaking his head. Seeing the stricken look on Mike's face, he huffs a laugh. "And you're going to make me say it out loud, aren't you?"

Now Mike just looks confused. Harvey looks at him for a moment, trying to convince himself that this isn't the hardest thing he's ever done, even if it feels like it. He takes a quiet breath, fortifying himself, then looks Mike dead in the eye and says,

"Mike. I'm in love with you. Hopelessly, completely in love with you."

Mike looks gratifyingly gobsmacked. Harvey can't help but smirk.

"There. Are you happy now?"

Mike continues to look absolutely shocked for one nerve-wracking minute. Then, when Harvey doesn't look away, doesn't play it off, he starts to smile. Then he grins.

"Yeah. I'm happy now."

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