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Chapter 1

Korriban. It was here I was going to train as a Sith. It was here that I would gain power and knowledge of the Force. It was here I was going to shove my training saber up Overseer Harkun's ass! I hated this man! He was snide and belittling, ugly too. If I didn't know any better I would say he was gay, what with they way he dotes and praises that pathetic Sith Pureblood Ffon. What did I know though I was just a slave, a Twi'lek slave. I was inferior to Ffon blah blah blah.

I knew I was more powerful in the Force than Ffon, the Sith believed that red skin was a sign of power and purity in their blood. Well guess what? I was red skinned! Ffon? He was orange, pathetic little worm.

It all started when we arrived on Korriban. We had just gotten off the transport ship, me and five other trainees. They too were slaves. Harkun was waiting for us at the pad. I decided to be lazy and look around the planet as he talked to the others once they meet up with him. It was red and barren. Rock and crumbling statues surrounded me as I gazed. Suddenly I was shoved aside. I glared at the back of someone I couldn't identify, though later I learned it was Ffon. He acted all high and mighty what with his hood and garb on. I rolled my eyes and decided to let myself be known.

Overseer Harkun spotted me and sneered. "Ah, the last one to arrive is finally here I hope you don't think you're special. It would be a shame if your freedom went to your head, or if you somehow got the idea you didn't need to pass your trials to become Sith. Lord Zash has tasked me with sorting through you refuse to find one worthy of being her apprentice, and I intend to do just that." I got the feeling he didn't any of us when he meant to make us an apprentice, it seems that honor was for Ffon. Smug bastard.

"Oh please, don't get all sentimental on us. We've only just met." I grinned at his glaring face. He was just too easy to rile up. I was going to have fun this one.

"I won't." He growled back. I just rolled my eyes, his presence didn't fear me.

He turned his attention to the rest of us. "Now the rest of you gutter trash know your trial. Get going while I bring our latecomer up to speed." The five of them left me alone with the Overseer. Oh scary. "Now slave for your trial: There's a hermit named Spindrall who lives in the tomb of Ajunta Pall in the valley of the Dark Lords. Spindrall's a lunatic, but Lord Zash sees him as some kind of prophet. Once you find him, he will test you." Wow how vague can you get. Good thing he wasn't a military officer or the Empire would be destroyed by now.

I rolled my eyes. "Fine. I will seek the insane hermit in the incredibly dangerous tomb and take his little test." I mocked him.

He growled. "But there, you know your task but in case you have forgotten let me say it again. Spindrall lives in the tomb of Ajunta Pall in the Valley of the Dark Lords. Don't get lost and don;t keep Spindrall waiting, slave." I just grinned showing off my pearly whites. I was going to show him his snide comments don't effect me. He huffed and left, passing through the archway off the Space pads.

I decided to leave as well and once I stepped through, a red head approached me when I left the magnificent Overseer's presence. "Hi, my name is Kory." She introduced herself and shook my hand. "Watch your back around him, friend. Harkun is dangerous but don't worry. It'll be alright. He can't kill us all."

"I'm not scared of him but thanks Kory. It's nice to see someone so civil with me. My name is Kuro Kali'ka" I said with a grin to the red headed woman. She smiled shyly. "I was beginning to think everyone on Korriban hated Twi'leks."

She giggled, something a Sith shouldn't do but hey we weren't Sith yet. "I happen to like Twi'leks, their beautiful."

I couldn't help it so I asked. "Males or females?" I asked seductively. As I said this I brushed some of her red hair behind her ear. I grinned when I saw her blush.

As if I had control of her mind she said. "F-females." She blushed deeper after realizing what she said. "I...I've gotta go." She stuttered and all but ran from me. I laughed aloud once she was gone. She was too cute. It was about time I got onto my little trial. How dull.

I took the steps down the platform after leaving the space station. Korriban was beautiful I'll admit in a weird way.

I found the Tombs rather quickly. How couldn't I? They might as well have put up a sign that said "Tombs of Ajunta Pall. Beware K'lor'slug!" I rolled my eyes and entered.

This trial was easy. I killed K'lor'slugs left and right. Further in were some looters. Why they were here was beyond me. These K'lor'slugs could eat them whole. They were hostile to me though so I slew them as well. It was fun to torture and them and shoot lightning from my fingertips a handy little trick indeed. It was so fun in fact I just threw away my training saber, it was just slowing me down.

Harkun was an idiot, he was so vague I didn't even know where Spindrall was in this tomb. That didn't matter though because I stumbled across a sacrificial chamber or at least it looked like one. There were six black robed people with training sabers attacking training dummies and above the steps was a brown robed man. Might as well as for directions.

"Ah, an alien acolyte. Unusual, but no unexpected. The Sith are not friendly to your kind, but that will be an advantage, I think." This man spoke, to me apparently as I closed in on him. Maybe this was Spindrall. "you are here for your trial, yes? Learn the ways of the Sith from a doddering old man in a tomb. And hopefully return to your master with the mark of my approval?"

I scoffed. "No I do this for fun, the Tombs seemed like a great place some fresh air." I said thick with sarcasm.

"Do you take me for a fool?" Obviously he thought I was serious, so yes I took him for a fool. "No one comes into these tombs for the sheer pleasure of it, not even me. No, they come for power, because they sense that these tombs hold secrets of the dark side and they do. But before you can learn them, you must pass a trial of blood. Survive this, and I will teach you what I know."

I looked behind me as he explained. A blood trial huh? So I gotta kill his acolytes? I shrugged and walked back down the stone steps. The six gathered around me as I stepped into the middle. It was almost too easy. I thrust my hands out, one at the two targets in front of me and sent a shock so powerful it messed with their nerve systems incapacitating them. I turned to face the other four behind me. The first stepped forward and swung his saber at my. I waited for the right moment then snapped my hands out using the Force to push him away into his fellows. "This the best you scum have?" Only two stood up after the push. Meaning the other two were either dead or unconscious either way good for me.

"Little Twi'lek bitch." I scoffed at the redundant insult. That wasn't the first time I heard that. This one yelled a battle cry and attacked me. I easily caught his wrist that held his saber and twisted his arm behind his back, effectively making him drop it. I may have been a slave but I taught myself to fight before the Empire found out I could use the Force, with such magnitude. I kicked him away and picked up his training saber and hurled it at his back. The vibrations of the vibrosword cut into his flesh effectively bisecting him. I was tired of this already and just shot lightning from my fingertips at the last man standing. I watched in pleasant glee as he screamed before dying.

"Excellent. These former acolytes wanted nothing more than to earn their second chance for glory by killing you and taking your place. But it would seem your desire proved stronger, and their blood became the mantle of your victory. Well done. But you are not Sith yet." I held back an eye roll at his words. Of course I wasn't if anyone could be Sith by killing six acolytes the Sith would be a laughing stoke. I never even expected this training to be easy. Did he take me for an idiot. He was speaking again so I payed attention. He may be a fool but he wasn't inexperienced. "Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, power. Through power, victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. This is the Sith Code. Commit it to your mind, body and soul, and you will have the strength to crush your enemies. Do you understand?"

"Of course." I didn't say it but those words struck me so hard that it made my head spin. They spoke to me. Told me what I could become in time.

"Good. Then go. Return to Harkun and nurture your hatred for him. And use your of him to grow stronger." Fear him? I wasn't afraid of him. If the Sith Code told me anything about our emotions with the force it was that fear was inferior. Fear holds you back it will never make you stronger. So no I didn't fear him, I just hated him. "He may raise his fist to strike, but it is Lord Zash who determines where the blow will land." That's right...Overseer Harkun was just a tool for Lord Zash. If I could become this lords apprentice then I had power over Harkun as well.

"If Lord Zash is above my Overseer, then who controls Zash I wonder." And I did wonder. Who was above the Lords? Above the Darth's?

"When you know the answer to that, you will have power over both your masters." I didn't understand. Now go! Leave me to my rest." I sighed he was obviously tired of me. He handed me a tablet with his seal of approval etched onto it. I took my leave of him then, fighting my way through the tombs once more.

It didn't take me long to emerge from the depths to the burning suns of Korriban. In front of me loomed the Sith Academy. The place that housed the trainees and teachers of the Sith way. I was in awe of the place. This was the place where I would become a Sith, no matter what Harkun said or had planned for me.

I ascended the stairs and entered the massive academy. Immediately I was snapped at. "You slave. Your Harkun's acolyte." It wasn't a question. "He told me to tell you to meet him in his office if I saw you." He sneered. Great another one who doesn't like me. No matter he was nothing to me. "My name is Markan." Really? Markan and Harkun? What were they a damn comedy team now? "Assistant Overseer to Overseer Harkun."

"I don't care what your name is." I spat as I walked past him around the corner. I heard him yell my name but he didn't stop me. I walked past the red armored guards in the academy and the strangest thing happened, they bowed. That wasn't something I was used. I was used to being called slave and walked on like a spaceship ramp. It was comforting to know that someday people would bow all the time. Since I didn't know where Harkun's office was and I didn't want to go back to Harkun two I decided to ask a guard for directions.

He pointed me in the right direction followed by "my lord". I had to smile at that. I thanked him and made my way to Overqueer Harkun's office. I wasn't surprised to see all the acolytes already there with Ffon as well. "Ah, the last one. Always the latecomer. Now we can see what the hermit thinks you slime." Again with the names, how pathetic. We handed over our tablets from Spindrall once he requested them. He looked them over with a critical eye. "Hm. Acolyte Kory. Step forward, please." Oh this wasn't good. I doubt anything good would come of this if he used the word please.

"Y-yes overseer." She said, a tremble in her voice. She could sense it too then.

He looked her over with disgust. "You are a weak, pathetic rodent and even a lunatic like Spindrall can see this. And that means-" Oh no. He was going to kill her. I don't know what compelled me to interfere but I found myself stepping in front of Kory as soon as Harkun shot lightning from his hands at her. I held up my hands palms forward and finger tips splayed and took the brunt of his attack. Once he realized what was happening he stopped. "What-You fool what are you doing?" He spat at me.

I chuckled, out of breath. "Honestly? I have no idea." I dusted myself off as I straightened, mocking him. "I just don't see a reason to kill her."

"She is weak and pathetic! You either succeeded as a Sith or die! And since you seem so keen on being her shield I will just kill you as well!" He raised his hands again but I spoke before he could do anything.

"Tell ya what Overqueer I mean Overseer." He bristled at the insult but stayed his hand. "If I fail the trials, according to Lord Zash's decree, then you can kill me personally, and then Kory if you so desire." I smirked then showing him a little I was afraid of his wrath. I could take his lightning easily so I doubt there was much he could do to me that was life threatening.

He thought over my proposal. "Fine. I will accept your wager." He growled. He turned to the rest of us as Kory quivered behind my back, her hands on one of my shoulders. I grinned a wolfish grin at Harkun as I waited for him to continue. "Meet our newcomer. Ffon Althe. This is real Sith strength, and he will tear you apart and crush your bones, slaves." Insulting us to cover up how weak he was. How pathetic. "Look on him! No connections left in the world, but pure Sith blood! This, this is Lord Zash's future apprentice! Not filth like you!" I knew he was directing those last words at me but I just smiled. It only seemed to piss him off more.

"We'll see how tough he is out in the tombs. Alone. With just me and my blade for company." I smiled. If the Overseer was weak, Ffon was weaker. Not even his gay Overseer would keep Ffon safe from my wrath.

Harkun glared at me. "Step this way, slave. I want to speak to you privately. The rest of you get out of here. You know your trials. You too Ffon, Spindrall awaits." Ffon didn't even speak to Spindrall yet? How pathetic! Kory didn't budge she just hovered behind me, feeling safer with me then anywhere else. If she was weak then her smarts made up for that. "Now listen to me. Spindrall is a lunatic. His approval means nothing. You are filth and you will. Is that clear?"

"First of all if Spindrall is such a lunatic why send your boyfriend to speak with him and get his approval?" I held back a laugh. Oh if looks could kill I would be dead right now. "Secondly, you are nothing Harkun. You don't scare me one. Not one. Little. Bit." I spoke slowly and clearly to make sure his dumb brain understood me.

"You're nothing. And don't forget it." Was all he could say. I rolled my violet eyes, so Overseer. "Now for your second trial, feel free to take Kory with you if you choose, not that it matters. Lord Zash has requested a special trial for you, which you will no doubt fail. Go to Inquisitor Zyn in the jails. He will fill you in on the details, and most likely, hasten your demise."

"Don't get to excited now Harkun." I purred. "I don't die easy."

"Don't boast, slave. I don't want to see you again until you're back from the jails. That's all now get out of here." He growled. He turned away from me and sat at his desk. I ushered Kory out in front of me. I wouldn't put it past Harkun to shock her in the back.

Once out of his sight, Kory slammed her body into mine, throwing her arms around me in a death grip. "Thank you. Thank you Kuro." She breathed into my chest, sobbing.

"Now now, no more tears." I said after a few minutes of comforting the smaller girl. I was tall for a Twi'lek almost six and half feet. Muscles toned from hard labor. I was a lethal killing machine, but that didn't mean I didn't have a heart. I smiled fondly at Kory. "Come on Kor we have an Inquisitor to see."

I walked away and she followed me, grabbing the hem of my robe top. "Nicknames already?" She asked with a shy smile. I laughed as Kory showed me the way to the jails. I was glad she knew her way around. I was so lost.

We arrived shortly to the jails and Kory told me where Zyn was. We entered his interrogation room, that's all I could have been. Zyn wasn't hard to miss. He was a plump man with gray short hair and brown eye liner and make up. Was he gay too? Not that there was anything wrong with that, I mean I was as gay as unicorns and glitter. "Acolyte! You've arrived and not a moment too soon." I was surprised to hear his tone was inviting and welcoming. So different from Harkun and Markan and...lots of other people. "Harkun has given me very specific instructions. You were raised as a slave, but must discard those traits and learn to control others." Already on it big guy. "And I have just the task for that end. Meet this driveling excuse for an acolyte. He will be your victim." I looked over at a man strapped to a interrogation table. Victim huh?

"What exactly am I supposed to do?"

"A short while ago, there was what we call an "unauthorized murder, here in the Academy. A rivalry among apprentices resulted in a death." Hm just like me and Ffon huh? The Sith Academy was an interesting place. "Interrogate him. Make him tell you who committed this crime, at any cost."

"And he knows who was killed?" I asked. I found it strange they he didn't mention he was involved or around the fighting.

"If I knew that I would have no need of you Acolyte." He said not unkindly. He had the patience of saint it would seem. I've been known to get under people's skin really fast. "What we do know is that he was spotted by the dead apprentice. Now it's up to you to find out who killed him."

I nodded. "I can do that."

"Excellent. Get to it then. I look forward to your work." I held back a laugh. Way to put the pressure on big guy.

I walked over to the red headed man. Blood was splattered on his face and his clothes were torn and rumpled. He looked like hell. Too bad for him it was going to get worse. He moaned in pain as I got closer and stopped in front of him. "P-please. Don't hurt me anymore. I don't know anything."

"Your quite quick to tell me so. You don't even know what I'm doing here. So that tells me that you do know something." I held out my hand and lightning burst from my fingertips. He screamed in pain as I shocked him. I used low volts, just enough to cause pain but not kill.

"Please! Don't do that again. I'll do anything..." I smirked.

"Don't do what? This?" I shocked him again upping the voltage a little, just so the pain would increase.

"Stop!" He cried. "Please. Alright alright I'll talk. He'll kill me, but I'll talk." He caught his breathe before speaking again. "The murderer is an apprentice named Esorr Kayin. You have to protect me or he'll kill me."

I looked behind at Zyn he was smirking. Seeming to read me mine he nodded and I nodded back. "He will kill you sure. Not if I do it first though. Thank me for ending your suffering." I sneered. This trial was to teach me to control others, kill others if need be. Why shouldn't I pass with flying colors? I shocked him a third time, the voltage up to lethal levels.

"No! NO!" He screamed in pain, the smell of burning flesh reached my nose as he fried to death. Once he died I turned back to Zyn. I saw the smile on his lips. Kory however didn't look pleased. I would have to teach her that it was the best thing to do as a Sith. She was weak, but still that didn't she was meant to be struck down.

"You don't have to tell me anything. I heard the name loud and clear, though I sorely wish I hadn't: Esorr Kayin." Zyn sighed then. "Kayin's master is a Dark Council member...I'd be a fool to oppose him." He shrugged "But anyway, your trial here is done. I will send my commendations to Overseer Harkun."

"What are you going to do about the murderer?" I asked. Seemed unfair to me to let him get away with it.

"Nothing, although the apprentice's master will have to be informed. It's not my business to dispense justice, certainly not where the Dark Council is concerned."

"I see. Makes sense to me then." I said with a shrug.

"I'm glad you think so. It has been most pleasant watching you work, acolyte. Truly, I wish you the best of luck in your remaining trials."

"Thank you Inquisitor. That means a lot to me to hear." I bowed and took my leave of him. I'm sure he had work to do. Kory and I walked back to Harkun's office in silence. She had a frown on her lips. I sighed and before we entered his chambers I stopped her. "I did the right thing, Kory. This is the way of the Sith. I want to tear my tongue out for saying this but I agree with Harkun in his statement that you are weak." The look of hurt on her face made me groan. I placed my hands on her shoulders. "That doesn't mean. Your pathetic Kory. You just have to learn. Amongst the Sith there is no place for mercy. Shit happens and we must deal with it." Kory nodded.

"I understand. I'm sorry for acting like this. I'm just not used to such cruelty."

"Makes sense. But understand that you are now on the giving side of that cruelty not a slave anymore. The others don't stand a chance against me ok? You'll be fine." Kory nodded again and we walked inside the office.

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