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My eyes were closed, blissfully aware of Kuro's breasts pressed against my bare back. I was hyper aware of every sensation she gave me. The way her lekku were twirled up with my own head tendrils, her face buried in my neck leaving soft kisses that never failed to make me shiver, her strong arms that were wrapped around my waist. I smiled and took her hand, placing a kiss on the backside then turned it over to kiss her red tinted palm, she sighed in contentment. "Ashara..." She mumbled, seemingly asleep, but I knew better. I giggled, she was so cute sometimes. I couldn't help but stare at her beautiful face as I turned in her arms. She looked so peaceful and happy being in my arms, it was so different than when she was awake. She was usually stiff and alert. So I just enjoyed watching her content face, to see the worry lines disappear, to see her true face for just a little while. This innocent face will always be ingrained in my memory.

It still amazed me how we came together. In all my eighteen years of life I never would have thought I would fall in love, and with a woman at that. I was always taught that a relationship between women, while not unheard of, was morally wrong. I still loved my family but they can go shove that bullshit right up their asses... Wow Kuro's rubbing off on me. I giggled at the thought. For that matter, though, I never would have thought I would fall in love with a Sith. For one thing the Jedi Code forbade it. Love, emotion, we were taught that it was the enemy, that it was wrong. And yet if the Force lead two beings together, told them that were meant for each other it was ok? Sounded hypocritical to me. I hated the Jedi for teaching me that.

Kuro showed me the truth, and I will always be indebted to her for that. She always said that peace was a lie. And she was right. Without emotion we are just husks of our former selves. Droids in human form. Emotion is indeed a powerful tool, but it isn't wrong, the Jedi are wrong. Kuro has shown immense power with her emotions, and she was fully in control. Our love for each other is unbreakable, nothing could, or would, tear us apart not even death.

Kuro shifted and I looked down, smiling. I could see her face light up a little more, as if she could see me through her minds eye. I bet she could. I giggled again and kissed our entwined tendrils, shivering at the wonderful sensation it brought forth. I loved this women, and I will never forget how we met.

Taris. Jedi Training grounds. Several Months Ago.

"'There is no passion, there is serenity.' Can anyone explain what this means?" No one spoke to Master Ryens question. Either they didn't know or didn't want to answer. I, also, didn't answer, I just stared at the stars in the night sky, a feeling of peace washing over me. I couldn't explain what it was, because I didn't know. But I liked the feeling, it was the feeling I had when being held by my mother. The feeling of family, of peace. I was shaken from my thoughts when Master Ryen called me out. "Ashara?" I looked down from the sky and into his yellow eyes, he raised a brow in question, waiting for me to answer. I sighed in minute annoyance. Why did he have to interrupt my peaceful stargazing?

"It means that a Jedi must be prepared to think calmly even in intense situations. Passion is a tool of the dark side." I answered mechanically. The words sounded hollow in my mouth, as if I didn't believe them. I didn't really understand why emotion was so bad. Was it so wrong to love the people we cared about? Get upset when something bad happens to you? No, it wasn't wrong. "'There is no emotion. There is peace.' It also means Jedi should temper their intuition on wisdom. 'There is no ignorance. There is knowledge." I finished, having memorized the Code long ago.

"Very good, Ashara." My Master praised. Right now I didn't feel happy about his praise, just annoyed. Normally I enjoyed the praise, but something felt different today. I couldn't put my finger on why though. "As you can see, the Jedi Code ties in with itself. But I believe that is enough for today, my students. Go and meditate on what you have learned." The others stood to leave to their tents, Mater Ryen doing the same. I sighed and lay down, staring up at the night sky once more. I can't remember how many times my eyes just turned towards them. I didn't understand why I felt compelled to look up, I'm usually so dedicated to my Jedi studies and training, no matter how annoying it's been getting lately. Maybe I should meditate on the Force like Master Ryen said. I closed my eyes and took deep breathes, focusing only on the Force.

For a while nothing happened, I just felt empty. Then after a time I began to feel something. It felt like, anticipation or tension. It was suffocating me, as if someone was holding me underwater. Time seemed to slow as I sensed the Force focusing its attention on me. Maybe that was selfish to think but that's what it felt like. It felt like it was...waiting for something, or someone.

When I opened my eyes again it was daytime and everyone was packing up. I groaned and stood up and began to pack my own things away. We set out back to the Jedi Enclave on Taris and it wasn't long before we reached the haven. After putting my belongings away in my bunk I decided to take a walk, to try and figure out what my earlier meditation was telling me. As I left the Enclave my holocommunicator went off, I was so startled that I jumped almost ten feet in the air! I let a shuddering breathe when I realized what the noise was. As I reached for my holocom I felt that same suffocating feeling from earlier. Was this what the Force was waiting for? I held it out and activated it, opening my mouth to answer...but froze. My mouth went limp and slack and my eyes widened in surprise. Before me, on holo, was the most beautiful Twi'lek I had ever seen. Her skin was red tinted, like blood, and black tattoos were painted on her face. They even swirled around her lekku. Her red eyes bore into mine as we stared at each other. To me, she was the image of perfection. Her black robes fit her perfectly.

The Twi'lek hadn't said anything yet, her face was passive, completely void of emotion. What did this lovely creature want with me? For that matter, how did she get this signal? Then a hand shot out from off-holo, smacking the beautiful woman in the back of the head. She snarled and glared at the human woman beside her and I felt a shiver run down my spine at the animal like noise. Then something deep within me, soul deep, wanted to smack the human woman across the face for daring to touch her. I was about to say something, but then she spoke, and my mind went blank once again. "Ashara Zavros." She said.

Ashara Zavros. I never could have believed that my own name could sound so sweet and beautiful, especially when it was enveloped within a voice that was like silk. The music that carried it, her voice. How could anyone in the galaxy possess such a lovely voice? It just wasn't natural. I felt so frightened by the power behind it, yet it also sounded so sweet and caring to my ears. Every second I could hear it was a blessing. The simple sound of it just made me feel as though I was wrapped in a bundle of eternal joy, soothing me with its loving resonance and sending waves of bliss and euphoria through me. I felt absolutely helpless before it, yet I also felt so safe, as if nothing in the galaxy could ever harm me again.
I prayed to the Force with every fiber of my being that the gorgeous Twi'lek didn't notice how utterly captivated I was by her image of perfection, I would surely be embarrassed. Yet, I couldn't look away even if I wanted to. Nothing else was worth looking at. When the hologram of her had appeared,
everything else just melted away. I realized then that she was still speaking and I tried to concentrate on the words, but the melody sliced at my ears and filled them with sounds so magnificent I found it deafening and suffocating but entirely hypnotic.
'Just keep talking,' I thought. 'I don't want to hear anything but your voice for the rest of eternity. Just keep talking. Please.'
But all good things must come to end eventually, it came all too soon, the experience was over. The holo-transmission ended, and the world around me seemed to go with it. My soul emptied when the music stopped, and I could feel my heart pounding as it silently begged to hear the voice of the mysterious woman again. All the color around me seemed dull. I was broken out of my blissful trance by the sound of a local bird. A small part of what was left of the rational part of my mind recalled how enchanting and peaceful I once found the song of birds, but now it sounded gravelly and coarse, a stark contrast to the melody searing my heart.

I suddenly felt lost. It almost didn't feel fair. I thought I had found my place in the galaxy with the Jedi, but now my heart cried out against it in anguish as my soul pleaded for me to seek out for this mysterious woman. I listened to it's call, and suddenly, everything seemed to make sense. I felt a clarity in the Force I never believed was possible. But despite this, the singular overwhelming thought in my mind was the final words spoken by the beautiful voice of the Twi'lek woman. 'I want to meet with you.' She had said.

Hesitant, I looked back at the Jedi Enclave. To my shock, it was like it had suddenly changed. It seemed...alien. The people I had spent over fourteen years with no longer seemed the same as they once did. The color was dimmed and insignificant compared to the beautiful woman and he aura. While the presence of the women made me feel so happy and content, now everything else seemed to be without meaning for me. I felt so empty and incomplete. It was starting to hurt, physically hurt and once again my heart pleaded for me to find the woman. Empty pain...hollowness. I...I didn't belong here. Not with the Jedi.
The moment those thoughts crossed my mind, I felt as if a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. What an unbelievable freedom! I knew what I had to do. I knew then, that my place was at her side.

Imperial Fleet. Present Day.

I smiled as I remembered that moment of realization that I had found my place in the galaxy, found my everything. At the time I didn't know she was Sith, but now I didn't care. In fact I didn't care then either. I was smitten with Kuro the moment I laid my eyes on her in person. Then she gave me the holocron, as promised. With it, I learned so much. I realized then that the Jedi were weak, their apathy to the galaxy was their downfall, and I wasn't meant to be there, wasn't meant for that self-destruction. If they continued on like this, the Sith would win. And I found myself not caring if the Jedi were destroyed. My life was with Kuro now, wherever that may take me.

I watched my lover as she got dressed in her intimidating robes. Not long ago, Kory came in with some news. We were going to the Imperial Fleet. Zash and Moff Pyron had a surprise for us. I smiled knowingly, and giggled at the squeal my Darth made when she heard this. Apparently the last time Zash had a surprise for her she got the Fury. I was already dressed in my leg length jacket and pants. I just finishing with my boots when I was yanked from my spot and dragged out of our room. I grinned at the excitement on her face. "Calm down, my love. Whatever surprise Zash has waiting for us will be there when we arrive."

She grinned at me. "Don't tell me you're not excited, Ash. After all this 'surprise' is for both of us." If she only knew. I suppressed a giggle as she lead me off the ship, Kory had landed the Fury earlier in the designated hanger. Moff Pyron and Zash were waiting for us, smiles on their faces. "Mama!" Kuro exclaimed and bounced over to Zash, if people were to see her now one would think she wasn't a dangerous Sith, or even a Darth on the Dark Council. The two women embraced tightly. This was a happy reunion for her. Zash had been away from the ship, from her new family for weeks. I knew why of course, but it was nice to see Kuro let her walls down for a while. Zash was the only other one who got see this side of her, and the lucky few who witness these moments in public, but that was rare.

"How are you, dear?" Zash asked her childish daughter.

"Great. Better now that I get to see you, mom." She told the older woman. Zash smiled. "Now what about my surprise?" I giggled at the excitement in her voice. Zash laughed along with me.

"You are so spoiled, little one." She just grinned, waiting for an answer. "Alright follow me." Kuro jumped for joy and scampered after her mother. I followed with a gentle smile on my face. Zash lead us through the Imperial Station, weaving our way through alien and Imperial crowds. We eventually came to the Cantina in the middle of the Station and proceeded to take an elevator to the top.

The VIP room was what you would expect for VIP's, large, spacious and shiny. Kuro's eyes took in the sights quickly and with appreciation. The VIP room was more of a nightclub of sorts. The lights danced across the walls and floor. A steady beat played as several Imperial citizens danced on a dance floor nearby. Zash and Pyron lead us to a table that had an amazing view of the starships out in space. I winked at Zash as she caught my eye, unknown to Kuro. The corner of her eyes crinkled in amusement as we all sat down. "Why are we here, mama?" Kuro asked, her inner child on full display. She was bouncing in her seat, hands clasped together with a happy grin plastered across her face.

I couldn't help but swoon and coo at her cuteness. Latching onto her waist I rubbed my cheek against hers, whispering sweet words into her ear. If it were possible, her grin only got bigger. "You'll see, darling." She pouted as I kissed her cheek, trying to appease her. I noticed the twitch of a smile on her lips and I grinned internally. The four of us sat together talking, catching up after so long of being away from each other. Periodically, Zash and I, would look out the window into the void of space, trying to catch a glimpse of the ship we were waiting for. I couldn't keep the smile off my features, Kuro was going to love it.

Zash had told me the story of how Kuro went from a cold hard killer, to ecstatic, squealing girl in a matter of seconds when she told her that she was going to get her own ship. The Fury was amazing, but this ship was dreadnought class. Kuro was going to "flip her shit" as she likes to say. I giggled and looked up again, spotting the ship. My eyes lit up and I glanced at Zash to see if she saw it. She winked at me, she did. "Nox?" I drew my love's attention. She groaned at the name and I laughed. She didn't like it when I called her that, she wanted me to call her Kuro, like I always did. Often times I would tease her and call her Nox, her Darth name.

"You know I don't like it when you call me that, princess." She all but whined. I kissed her cheek in apology. Then pointed out the window. She looked and noticed the ship. I watched her face closely. She blinked slowly, her expression curious. I was wondered how long it would take for her to realize. She looked to me, then to Zash and back to the ship. "What is that?" She asked innocently, pointing at it. I groaned, placing my face in my palm, Zash only laughed. "What?"

"You really are stupid, my love." She glared at me as I shook my head. I took her hand and stood. "Maybe you need to see it in person to get the hint. Moff Pyron, can you please prepare a shuttle to the ship?

"Of course, Ashara." He got onto his holocom, ordering Kuro's ship to dispatch a shuttle. That done the four of us strode out to the elevator and left the Cantina. Zash and the Moff led the way to the ships docking station. We climbed aboard the elevator and took it down to the docking bay. The shuttle was waiting for us and I ushered Kuro aboard. She looked at me skeptically, but I only smiled, pulling her into a seat next to me.

"So, whats with the ship?" She asked me, completely oblivious as usual. I giggled and she pouted again. "C'mon, tell me!"

I shook my head, amused yet adamant on my refusal to speak, and took a hold of her lekku. Intent on my task, I didn't answer her. I circled her lovely red head tendril around my own copper one, closing my eyes to the sensations of our beings becoming one once again. It was always an amazing feeling. Two souls brushing together in a moment of pure serenity. I sighed in contentment and lay my head on my decidedly less than smart lovers shoulder. I'm not stupid. Kuro whispered to my mind with mock indignation, her very being brushing my consciousness with her own. "Yes you are, my love." I teased further. She chuckled and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, pulling me tightly against her.

"Fine, don't tell me your little secret. I get the feeling I'll find out soon enough anyway."

"Of course. Then again, if you weren't so dense, love, you would have figured it out by now, and this curiosity would sated." I retorted. She grumbled under her breathe. That was her way of admitting defeat and it made me smile. "Don't worry. You'll enjoy your gift. That I can promise."

"I believe you." Was all she had to say. We smiled, enjoying the feel of each other as the shuttle took off. Head tails wrapped around the other, content expressions on our faces. As the shuttle shot through the darkness of space, Kuro and I leaned against each other, simply waiting for the ride to be over. Before long the shuttle docked with the ship. As we disembarked I wasn't surprised to see Imperial troops, several dozen in all in standard black armor, lining up on either side of the ramp leading to the elevator to take us to the bridge. As we stepped off the shuttle they straightened, tense. I couldn't blame them, they were expecting Kuro and she was quite intimidating when she wasn't in the best of moods.

Kuro glanced at me, clearly not expecting a greeting party, but didn't say anything. I took her hand and lead the way down the aisle of soldiers. Each one saluted and stood straighter, if that were possible, as we passed. I couldn't see their faces but I knew that each one was and would be loyal to Kuro until their dying breathe. I may it specifically clear to Zash to find men and women such as them. I wanted only the best for my darling Darth Nox.

As we boarded the elevator with Zash right behind us, the last two soldiers in both lines fell into step behind us, our escorts. I didn't mind, they were doing their job we hired them to do and I was glad for that. I wrapped my arms around Kuro's right arm, hugging it to my chest and resting my head on her shoulder as we rode the elevator to the bridge. "So, what do you think?" I asked, after several minutes of silence. It still amazed me how big this ship really was.

"I don't know what to think, Ashara. I don't even know why we're here." She replied, as clueless as ever. "It's certainly big and not without personnel."

I giggled into her shoulder and placed a chaste kiss on the corner of her neck, I could feel her pulse skyrocket as my lips lingered on her warm and supple flesh. She tasted so divine. "Oh, my dear little idiot Darth."

"I'm not stupid." She mumbled, seemingly embarrassed at my teasing in front of these soldiers. I caught their eye and winked. I couldn't see their faces but I could read feel the mirthful smirks under their helmets.

"Yes you are, don't lie to me, my love." I teased and kissed her cheek. She just rolled her eyes in that adorable way when she was really flustered and didn't know what to say. She was so cute sometimes. Finally the elevator stopped at the bridge and I took a moment to prepare myself. I smiled my most charming smile and caught Kuro's attention. She gave me a shy smile, her eyes brimming with love that was all for me. It made me feel warm inside, made my heart pound against my chest, as if trying to break free and merge with hers. It was a constant feeling of wonderment, that such a magnificent being would look at me the way she does. With such love and longing. This love was so intoxicating, and I couldn't get enough. I stared, transfixed by her red eyes. It still amazed me how she was so much taller than myself, a full head taller. I loved that about her though, she portrayed the dashing fighter and protector I envisioned my love to be when I was but a child. "Kuro." I called her name as I vaguely heard the elevator doors opening. I was too absorbed in her to pay it much mind. "I love you."

"I love you too, my little princess." She said in reply. She smiled then, softly, affectionately and began to lean down. She claimed my lips in a soft and chaste kiss. I knew she wanted more, I could feel it, but she was aware that we weren't alone. I found it cute that she got embarrassed when showing affection in public, at least with people she didn't know. I giggled and snaked my arms around her waist, pressing against her. She wrapped her arm around me and pulled me tight as we left the elevator, heading for the bridge.

We stepped onto the bridge and at once everyone inside stood and saluted her. People she has never known but could trust with her life. And there, at the helm, was her crew, her family, from the Fury, waiting for her with smiles, smirks or grins. "Welcome home, Kuro. Since you haven't figured it out yet, this is your ship, my love. The Fury will be docked at the hanger we boarded from, this ship, is yours to command. With your very own Silencer weapon system." I winked at her and stifled a laugh at her expression. Her mouth was hung open like gungan, her eyes wide in shock. "Catching flies, my love?" I teased after a long period of silence.

She snapped her mouth shut and looked at me with such love and adoration it brought tears to my eyes. Then she threw her arms around me in a tight hug. "Ashara...I...you...how..." She was at a loss for words, that was rare. I kissed her forehead and pulled her over to our chosen family.

Everyone was there, sporting smiles of various sorts, except for Yoko. I swear that girl couldn't smile even if you forced her. It was fitting enough I suppose, she was the personification of stoic. I watched as Kuro reunited with her friends and family. Most of them had left the Fury to get things prepared for this ship, helping with the purchase, getting access to black market tech and gathering all the soldiers and flight staff to keep the ship running. I was thankful to them, they had no idea how happy this made Kuro...made me. Well, maybe Kory and Zash did. "So, what are you gonna name it, Kuro?" Kory, her dear sister, asked with excitement.

My lover turned to me and I smiled, giving her my encouragement. She didn't need to look to me to give it a name. I would be fine with whatever she chose, should she name it. She smiled back and looked at her family. "The Premonition." She said at once. I wonder how long she had wanted to name her own ship. The name came so easily to her, that she must have been thinking of it for a while now, maybe even before we met.

I came up behind her and latched onto her arm. "Such a beautiful name."

"Huh? That's weird. Why that?" Kory mocked her sister, though with no real venom in her words. Kuro just smirked and snagged me, enclosing me in her arms.

"I had a dream once, before I met all of you." She began, we listened with rapt attention. "I saw every one of your faces, and I knew that I would meet you all one day. A premonition, as it were. I named this ship that because I finally feel like I have the family I've been looking for." A few smiles were cast her way: a bold grin from Kory, a shy smile from Rylee, a teary eyed smile from Zash. She was practically brimming with happy tears. Then Kuro looked at me and stroked my cheek. "I saw you the most clearly." She kissed me then, just a peck on the lips but it was so passionate it made my heart melt. "I love you." She said with such intense emotion, then turned to the rest of her family. Zash, Kory and Rylee, Corrin, Yoko and Elana Thul, the big guy Khem, Xalek and Drael with his remaining squad. Even the Cipher was here and were considered family. "I love all of you. Thank you for the ship, and most of all, thank you for being my family."

At the end of her speech, Zash surged forward, tears in her eyes and took Kuro from me in a bone breaking hug. I giggled as she was smothered by the motherly woman, my loves face pressed firmly into the older woman's bosom. I would have been jealous and annoyed if Zash was anyone else. But she was Zash so I wasn't bothered. "Shes amazing, my sister." Kory said as she stepped to my side. I turned to her and noticed Elana behind her, dragging a reluctant Yoko with her. The sight was amusing if not cute, she looked like she would rather be anywhere else. Perhaps killing something.

"She is. And an amazing lover too." Elana put in. Kory laughed and slung an arm around the smaller woman, agreeing completely. I blushed with a slight smile. I silently agreed. I had forgotten that Kuro had slept with both Kory and Elana, but it didn't bother me. It was before she met me. But, at the same time, she knew of me, she even said so. But I would ashamed of myself if I were jealous of these beautiful women. I wasn't naive enough to know that Kuro wouldn't find someone to warm her bed until she met her soul-mate. It wasn't bothered. In the end, Kuro chose me.

I noticed out my peripheral that Yoko didn't seem happy by this announcement. She glowered and was slightly turned in Kuro's direction, who was currently talking with Zash, Rylee and Corrin. "None of that, Yoko." I chided gently. Yoko glared at me but I wasn't intimidated in the least. "Elana still chose you, didn't she?" I noticed the slight darker tint to her red cheeks and I grinned having hit the nail on the head as to why she was upset. She huffed and turned her back on the three of us, who laughed at her expense. Elana hugged her from behind, whispering reassurances into her lovers ear.

All too soon it was time to disperse. The others left, going to their quarters that were on this ship. Before I acquired the Premonition I made sure that their were several sets of rooms for Kuro's family. This was our home now, and I wanted it to be treated like one. I took Kuro's hand, and after making sure the night crew officer was in charge, left the bridge. We didn't speak but enjoyed each others presence. We took the main elevator to the highest level of the ship. This deck was the family living quarters. It was a long stretch of hallway that lead to the rooms for the family. To the left of the elevator was an open area, complete with a kitchen and lounge room for the whole family. The hallway had four doors, two on each side, that lead to Yoko and Elana's room, Kory and Rylee's room, Corrin and Zash's room, and a spare room. Though, if I had my way tonight, it wouldn't be spare forever.

At the end of the hallway was another door, this one led to our room. I opened it and pulled Kuro inside, shutting it behind me. Kuro looked around in wonder, obviously enjoying the room. It was an exact replica of the Fury's captains quarters, just bigger. "A home away from home?" She asked with a smile. I nodded, knowing she would sense it, and slid up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist. I was mindful of her Lekku as I gently kissed the nape of her neck. "How did you do get this ship?" She asked me. Finally being able to ask without the emotional drama in the way. She held back a moan as I continued to kiss along her neckline, slowly circling her to kiss along her jaw. I could feel her slight tremors and moans through our mind-link, through her own warm skin. I never wanted to stop touching her. Innocently, or otherwise.

"It isn't hard to procure a ship when several military associations owe you a favor or two, no?. The Thul's, the military on Balmorra and Hoth, the Dark Council, even Andronikos owed you a favor. All of these people owed you for everything, I just called it in." I admitted. I hope she wouldn't be angry with me, I knew that those favors could be used for something else, maybe something more. But I couldn't help myself. Kuro loved ships, and having her own flagship and in command of her own fleet in years to come would make her so happy.

"Is that so?" She didn't sound angry, just calm, content. I breathed a sigh of relief, tickling my lovers throat with my breathe. I giggled as she shivered at the sensations.

"Yes. I...hope that is ok?" It came out more as a question instead of a confident statement. I really didn't want to upset her, not only the fact that, if she wanted, she could kill me in the blink of an eye. Though I knew she would never do that, still making her upset was the farthest thing from my mind. I just wanted her to be happy. She must have sensed me disquiet because she turned around and smiled at me. That smile put me at ease.

"Of course it's ok. I would have used those favors for something like this anyway...maybe." She shrugged causing me to giggle. She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me closer and kissed my temple. "Thank you, Ashara, for everything. The ship is wonderful, I have my family and the one person I couldn't live without."

"And who is that?" I asked. Though I already knew the answer.

"Zash, my dear mother." She smirked at my surprised expression. I huffed and crossed my arms as she laughed at me. "Oh calm down, sweetheart. You know I can't live without you. Was just teasing is all."

I knew that but there was always a part of me that felt I didn't deserve this goddess among mortals. But I made sure to put those doubts behind me. She clearly stated that she wanted me and only me. Granted she would devastated if her family perished, but if I were to fade away...Kuro would just cease to function.

So I would take a few jokes in stride. Instead I just grinned, turned and claimed her lips in a sudden kiss. She didn't seem surprised, for she kissed me back quickly and intently. I pushed her gently towards the king sized bed and laid her down gently, not once breaking our amazing kiss. Finally I pulled away and stared into her bright red eyes. "Kuro?"

"Yes?" She answered, her breathe coming in quick gasps.

"I...I want to speak to you about something." Suddenly I was very nervous and shy. This topic could potentially be disastrous. "I...um..."

"What is it?" Kuro seemed worried. "You know can tell me anything." she stroked my cheek, trying to help me say what I needed, and wanted, to say.

"I...I want to have a baby!" I finally blurted out all at once. I stared her down, determination reflecting my eyes with only a small hint of fear. Kuro's eyes widened in shock, her mouth hanging open.

"W-what?" She breathed after a minute of silence.

"I want to have a baby. Your baby." I said again, calmer, clearer. I wanted to make sure she knew that I meant it. "I love you, Kuro. I want us to start a family of our own."

Kuro opened and closed her mouth a couple times, not unlike a fish, then and looked away from me, a haunted look in her eyes. I knew that look, she was thinking about her parents. The monsters I, called them. "I...don't think I would make a good parent, Ashara." She said, her voice broken and weak. "I'm a killer, a monster, a destroyer." She shook her head then looked at me with glaring eyes. "Is that the kind of person you want to sire a child with?" She asked me rhetorically, almost violently. She pushed me off of her and surged to her feet, pacing in front of the bed. I sighed and watched her. "I'm dangerous, Ashara! What if I hurt her? I could kill her without meaning to!" She ranted. "I have enemies too, you know this. What if...what if they kidnap her? Or worse, kill her, to get to me? I..." Her hands sought her right lekku, stroking it over and over. This was a nervous habit of hers to try and calm down. "I wouldn't be able to live with myself if she got hurt because of me." She finished in a whisper.

"Kuro." I called her name, softly, gently. She looked at me, fear was evident in her eyes, and in that moment I knew the real problem. It was obvious she loved the idea of family, so having child of her own wasn't the problem. The problem was herself. "Listen to me, my love. Your worry for our unborn child speaks volumes." I soothed. Standing from the bed I went over to my distraught lover and cupped her cheeks and holding her gaze. "I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you would never let harm come to any child that we have. I can see it in your eyes, Kuro." I paused to let the words sink in. I felt the tension in her body easy and I smiled softly. "She would be well protected here, you know that. Between her grandmother Zash, her aunts and uncles, and the ships soldiers, even the ship itself. This ship is the deadliest in the galaxy, filled with people who respect you, are loyal to you and would gladly lay down their very lives for you and your own. "She will adore you. How can she not? You are the sweetest, most wonderful person. Your family loves you and our daughter would be no different. You have absolutely nothing to fear."

I gathered my trembling Darth into my arms, holding her to my body. The effect was instant. She relaxed against me, face buried in the crook of my neck, fingers at the back of my neck and on my head tendrils. Then Kuro pulled away, just enough to press our foreheads together. She gazed into my eyes and finally smiled. "You always know just what to say, Ash." I grinned in return, happy that she was calmer now.

"I know. It's a gift." Was my witty response. She scoffed and pushed me onto the bed behind me. I yelped in surprise at the sudden motion and bouncing a little on the mattress. "Kuro!"

She laughed and sauntered over to the bed, swaying those delicious hips. "Sorry." She sounded anything but sorry. She climbed onto the bed with me, positioning us at the head of the bed. I sighed contentedly as I snuggled with my lover. It was silent for a few minutes, then Kuro asked. "Question. How can we have a child? I'm no doctor but, I'm pretty sure you need a man and a woman to have a baby."

I couldn't help it, I laughed. Leave it to Kuro to ask questions when it should be obvious. She pouted playfully at my mirth. "I've done some research on that. There have been rumors that a Force-Sensitive female, such as myself, with very strong affections for another, namely you, can mentally draw upon the essence of their lover's soul. Effectively implementing that essence into one of my eggs, within my womb." I placed my hand over my abdomen. I giggled at the responding blush from my hot-headed lover.

"Well, you didn't need to say it like that." She mumbled.

"And how else would I say it, hm?" I questioned with an amusement, poking her gently.

"Well you... Oh shut up and kiss me, damn it." With those eloquent words she kissed me, deeply. I moaned into her mouth seeking out her tongue with my own for our familiar loving dance. After a moment she broke away. "Let's get back on track. I would love to have a child with you, Ashara. But..." I frowned and looked into her eyes sadly. Was she having second thoughts? No! She just said she would love to have me bear her child...then what was it?

"B-but?" I pressed, my voice cracking slightly. I winced at the sound.

Kuro kissed me, effectively calming me down. "We are in a war. Or will soon be. Bringing our child into it would be the height of cruel. Don't you agree?"

I thought about it. I was so wrapped up in wanting a child that I didn't even think of that. What a terrible mother I am! Our child wasn't even born yet and I was willing to thrust her into life in the middle of a galactic war? My lips trembled as I tried to suppress the tears that threatened to fall. It was a losing fight and I clung to Kuro, tears streaming down my face. "Y-you're right. By the Force...I...I'm such a terrible person."

I felt Kuro's long, slender fingers brush away the tears. She cooed into my ear, her voice filled with love and patience. How could I have been so lucky to deserve her? "No, Ashara, no. You're not a terrible person. You were excited and didn't think it all through. And that's ok. That's why I'm here to keep you grounded." She teased gently. I smiled a little, Kuro knew just what to say to keep me in a happy mood. "One day, love. One day our own little one will be born, and she will be magnificent." She said it with such conviction that I had trouble disbelieving her, and she was right. She would.

I will admit I'm disappointed we wouldn't bringing a new life, a new Sith into the world so soon. But one day, we would. One day the Republic would fall and on that day a new life would be born a new generation. I couldn't wait to see it with my lover, my soul mate. I will forever thank the Force for sending her to me. With those thoughts I closed my eyes, and snuggled with Kuro Kali'ka Kallig my beautiful and powerful Darth Nox, and fell into a blissful slumber.

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