Incoherent sounds mix with the sounds of their names.




Breaths intermingle, lips so close they nearly touch. Damp chests
heave as they draw deep breaths.


Each one's hands reach for the other, fingers tangling together,
grabbing fistfuls of bedsheets and hair, trembling from the overload
of sensation.


Pounding against their ribcages, fluttering within them like birds
struggling to break free.


One pair, blue and bright and beautiful, is shut in embarrasment, as
if the disgrace would go away if he waited long enough. The other,
gold and piercing. They see through Taki's denial and to the want and
need that lie beneath.


Slick with sweat, ready, waiting, begging for touch.

Souls. Connecting, accepting, and caring. Each lonely spirit finding
solace with the other.

Learning, growing. Becoming stronger as they reach the height of ecstacy.

With Taki Reizen and Klaus von Wolfstadt, their sex was about more
than merely carnal pleasure.

Some called it sin. If it was, the two sinned willingly, surrendering
to temptation sweeter than Heaven. To this filth that was purer than

If they were going to Hell, they were going together

And that was all that mattered.


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