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'I Don't Want To Tell Amelie!'

When we told Eve about what had happened over the weekend I expected a lot of yelling, of dramatics and a lot of things being smashed. Oh boy how I was wrong…

Eve launched her petit gothic form towards me, encircling my into a giant bear hug. "OH, MY, GOD! Claire Bear, this is amazing!" She squealed, I looked at her quizzically "I mean do you know what this means?" She asked, when we only returned puzzled faces she explained "It means that you dating the second oldest, and therefore powerful, vampire will take away the attention from me and Michael!... Claire, this might mean we can get married!" She gushed excitedly.

Confused on how our relationship would help her, I asked "Eve, what are you talking about?"

"Look, Mry over there is powerful; no one wants to overlook one of the oldest and craziest vampires in existence. So, if he has a relationship with you, whom is one of the most powerful humans, no one is going to say it can't happen. And then they can't say it to me and Michael, and our wedding won't be frowned upon!" She gushed, far too excitedly.

I realised what she was saying. Mine and Myrnin's relationship didn't just affect us, but Eve and Michael to! No one was going to question our relationship, no one that had a right mind anyway. If no one questioned ours then who were they to question theirs too?

I felt the familiar weight of pressure on my shoulders; I had to make this work! For as long as Myrnin and I were together and I stayed human (both things that were going to happen), every human/vampire couple would be safe… well they should be.

But it did mean that we would have to be open with our relationship… something I didn't want to do.

Realisation suddenly dawned on Myrnin's face. "But I don't want to tell Amelie!" He whined sitting down abruptly on the floor.

"It won't be that bad, I mean what she going to do?" Eve encouraged, making it clear that this would help her life drastically.

"She will just give me a lecture 'Myrnin, I do not expect this to be a repeat of Ada, if she is dead then the blood is on your hands' Even though A) I'm not going to kill Claire and B) The whole principle of blood on your hands is that you are responsible for their death; if I killed her then I obviously would be responsible." He said, comically mimicking her French accent. I unwillingly broke into a smirk, trying not to laugh.

As though talking to a three year old, I very gently explained "Myrnin, we have to. To change the way the vampires act with the humans."

"It won't affect it, we will still be discriminated for our relationship" He said casually, as though this was news he had known all along (Which he probably did) "Many vampires seem to believe that I am but a mad man, knowing nothing but science. It amuses me how they are so naïve… I'm getting off topic. Any who, they wouldn't think twice about speaking out against my actions, after all I'm just the town freak!" He rambled; I stroked my hand through his soft ruffled hair. The feeling of its satin like softness seemed to ease us both.

I suddenly realised what I was going. I was comforting him, it was odd. Only during his crazy times did I have to comfort him. "It's really bothering you, isn't it?" I asked him

"Yes! I just don't want to tell her!" He whined again

"Why?" Chimed in Eve "It's clear there is more to this than what you already said. You are a badass vampire, why are you afraid of this?"

"I'm not afraid of this! I'm just afraid of telling Amelie!"

"Afraid of telling me what, Myrnin?" Amelie's cool voice floated around our little gathering; I looked up and spotted her in all her ice queen glory. She held her glair steadily at Myrnin, its iciness conflicting with an almost amused look. Next to me I head a suddenly very nervous Myrnin gulp.

"Well, I… You see…" Myrnin stumbled over his words, leaping up from his spot on the floor and moving his hands in wild, manic like, gestures.

"Oh spit it out you old fool!" She demanded, annoyed at his attempts of stalling. I decided to take matters into my own hands; clearly Myrnin wasn't going to answer so I would.

"Amelie, I and Myrnin have-"I started before being cut off by said vampire

"Have just discovered a potential flaw in the colour scheme of this room! It's a bit modern don't you think?" He rushed gesturing to the walls of the room.

"And you were afraid to tell me this because?..." She asked, clearly not buying it.

"You would try to get me to paint it white, when personally I was thinking green. What do you think young gothica?" He asked, clasping his hands together and spinning to face a confused looking Eve.

"I think the antidote is wearing off." She muttered under her breath. Clearly forgetting she was in a room full of vampires (and the fact she can't mutter under her breath- com'on even I heard it!)

"Myrnin, I am running out of patience!" Amelie snapped, I flinched at the whip of her voice and shrunk back against the wall. "Now you will tell me what happened on this trip you took with Claire, do you understand?" By now Myrnin was looking like a scolded dog and I had to bite back a laugh.

"MeandClaireareinarelationship…" He mumbled so fast I was sure even Amelie couldn't fathom what he said.

"I could not understand a single word!" She said, reminding me oh-so much of my second grade teacher.

"Me and Claire are in a relationship." His words were barely audible to me, but I knew Amelie, who was hundreds of years older and stood closer, would've heard just fine.

"WHAT?" She screeched! "When did this happen?" She demanded

"On the trip," I blurted, now I was starting to see why Myrnin didn't want to tell her.

"Do you understand how incredibly stupid this is?" She shouted at Myrnin "The girl is clearly venerable after that Collins' boy stunt! How dare you take advantage! I thought well of you Myrnin… I mean sure it's no secret you are a womanizer, but not with your assistant!"

Did she say womanizer? I was sure that she did! Sure Myrnin was hot, charming, and irresistible and definitely someone you wouldn't pass on, but if he was a womanizer that must've meant he had his way with a fair amount of woman. And I wasn't too sure over how I felt about that.

I had become completely unaware of what was happening around me as those thoughts circled my mind. I glanced around and realised Eve had made a quick exit and Amelie was telling Myrnin off as though he was a naughty school boy. "He didn't take advantage!" I pointed out to Amelie, when she just looked at me I carried on "He told me long ago he felt that way and he waited until I was ready. And I'm ready Amelie, you know what it's like to have that connection with someone. Why can't you let me and Myrnin share that?" I reasoned, intentionally playing on her emotions for belated Sam.

"You're right, if this is what you truly want I am in no position to object." She sighed after along time, slowly excepting her defeat. She gracefully glided towards the now-open portal and just before she stepped through she said "Oh and Myrnin, I forgot to say. Georgette will be arriving in town in a few days." And with what looked like an amused/evil grin on her face, the portal snapped shut.

I looked up at Myrnin to see him staring at the portal in utter horror. I had only one question "Who's Georgette?"

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