Comments on Reviews.

Thank you so much for the kind comments. I was a little timid when I wrote this because
the idea of having such a powerful character in the story does seem a bit ÔoverdoneÕ.
Especially to then go and make Harry one. But in the end, it does really all make sense.
At least to me. And in reality I know that a lot of this is completely improbable in terms
of the real story JKR has created/is creating, but if you read deeply enough into the story
youÕll discover the truth of Severus Snape, even outside of the context of the fiction
entwined with his life.

Jane and DS Moony asked about Dumbledore being an elf.

Is Dumbledore really an elf? See thatÕs what I canÕt figure out. In the books
heÕs always talking about socks. And who loves socks most? Well Dobby of
course. I donÕt know if IÕll actually write this into the story or not, I just
wanted to be able to point out the fact that the Headmaster is obsessed with
the same objects House Elves are. Maybe Dumbledore did some really
special magic a long time ago that gave him this aura. Or maybe some elf
gave him an honorary elf title and changed his aura. Maybe thatÕs why there
are so many happy elves at Hogwarts. ItÕs like a refuge for them. Maybe it
was Dobby. =)

DS Moony asks:

"Why was he [Snape] moving his lips [during the first year Quidditch match
when he was trying to save Harry] if he could just look at Harry and be
inconspicuous was he talking to himself "stupid potter stupid life debt" that
kind of thing?"

Well this is a perplexing problem, but ironically enough itÕs not mine to solve
Ð ItÕs JKRs =) Because if you have to have a wand to do magic, why didnÕt
Snape have his wand out as he was doing this counter-curse? So there are a
few possible explanations.

1) You donÕt need a wand to perform some curses/hexes or their counter
Ðcurses no matter who you are.
2) Snape was using Inner Focus and was so entranced by his counter
curse that he was actually lipping the incantation as well as speaking
it in his mind.
3) He wanted people to think he was muttering the counter-curse.
Remember when Quirrell brings it up at the end of the book? Maybe
Snape was deliberately muttering it out loud.

Zebee states:

"I am concerned a bit at the extent of the Oracle's powers, even with the EPA
ring available, she's still a bit top heavy."

I agree. And originally I hadnÕt imagined sheÕd be so powerful. But I wanted
to point out a few things. Dumbledore states that sheÕs one of the most
powerful witches. I see her having developed her abilities beyond what an
Oracle might. I also wanted to make it clear that OracleÕs rarely make
themselves known. So even if a witch/wizard was san Oracle, chances are
they donÕt abuse their powers. Sydney, the Oracle of Montare, for example
lives in a secluded house far away from others with her Veela servants and
the man she married (her Prelate). The fact that Kara has come out of the
proverbial Oracle closet, is a rare event, and she has done so to save the
man she loves and in the end she will stand up to Voldemort along with
Harry. SheÕs top heavy, but she throws it in the right direction.

"but if he knows what Sev is it seems odd that he'd give up any power over
him." (In regards to removing the Dark Mark from Severus).

Voldemort literally had no choice. He was pinned up against a tree with a
witch that could end everything for him in a single moment. It was quite
good actually that he didnÕt refuse, because little does he know (but he will)
that Snape has Inner Focus tool. It would be easy for the both of them to
just lock him up somewhere and let him suffer for all eternity Ð or however
long he lives. ItÕs not a logical move for Voldemort, and that is the beauty of
it. She fought him with his own meansÉ ChaosÉ unexpected situations. A
little disruption in his plan. Enough to cause confusion and make him make
mistakes. Note the way that she stated her neutrality statement. "I will not
OPENLY oppose you."