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Spot didn't return to Brooklyn that night. Instead, he staked out Central Park. If Cat was gonna reach her selling spot on time today, she would have to get through the King first. Settling down on the bench, Spot tried to sleep, but it wouldn't come. Am Isa doin' da right thing? He would ask himself. Should I let her go after all? But he was already this far out with his plan, plus he had Jack's approval, so he should be all set. Now the only thing standing between him and Wildcat was, well, Wildcat's stubbornness. But he could work past that. Right now he had to be the first one to claim Cat before Race did.

But all he could think about as he lay on the iron bench was what he would say to his gang once he was back in Brooklyn. They hadn't seen him all week, and if they did they knew he was going into Manhattan. What would he say? This was going to be tricky. Of course, they wouldn't be too harsh to judge if he'd come back with Wildcat as his, but what if he failed? Then he would have to go back and tell them that she was the one that got away. Then he would be the laughingstock of the town, but it was either that or not returning to Brooklyn at all, which wasn't an option. But coming home without Wildcat wasn't much of an option either. He would just have to wait and see how it all unfolded.

Spot found himself unable to see, but instead counting the chimes of the church bells as they rang midnight, then one, then two, then three and so forth. Finally he counted six o'clock. It was selling time! Right now Spot knew that everyone in the lodging house was up and at it, hustling out the door, picking up their papers and hurrying to their street corners, getting ready to sell. It was Saturday morning, the laziest day of the week, at least in the morning. The townsfolk who worked on Saturdays left early at dawn and didn't get back until late, so if you were gonna sell to them you had to be up early enough or stay out until after supper. Then business was as slow as maple syrup until the 11th hour, when people would finally get up and out of their houses. Selling was good until maybe 5 o'clock, when people started to realize it was later in the day and they should be making dinner. This was good business for shop owners, but to newsies, it was a different story. Too many in a hurry to buy, not enough time, at least in Manhattan.

Realizing that Cat would be up in Central Park soon, Spot quickly got off of his makeshift bed on the bench and ran up a nearby oak tree, where he could see everything for about 100 feet around the main street that Cat was going to be taking to reach her selling point. Not a bad view from up here, Spot thought to himself. Why didn't I come back to Manhattan sooner, I don't know! Finally he tore himself away from the sight and focused on the road down below. It was in the nick of time too, because around that time he spotted wildcat dashing through the Park, undoubtedly on her way to the selling point. It was now or never.

Leaping down from the tree Spot started to run after her, catching up but only after she had made him chase her all the way out into the middle of the Park, where the Big Statue was. I hope she don't go no farther than this, Spot thought. Or I won't be able ta find me way back to da main road! She didn't. Instead, the girl newsie jumped up onto the back of the bench and set her papers down on the seat like she use to do in her old spot. But since there was no one else around, she just waited. Spot slowed down his walk a bit and came up behind her casually, as if interested in buying a paper. "Hello, I would like to buy a newspaper, miss," he said, mocking the sound of a very dignified sounding man. But Cat was no fool to fall for that one. She glanced over her shoulder, rolled her eyes, and turned back away. "Well, come on ova here, Spot, ya might as well sit down." Spot paused reluctantly at her apparent attitude towards an enemy, but came over and sat down on the back of the seat next to her. The two sat in silence for a while before she spoke up. "So, what brings youse ta my neck of the woods?"

Spot was surprised again at Wildcat's calmness instead of anger at his reoccurring disobedience to her wish to have him out of her hair. He was even more surprised at the fact that she'd left her knife at the lodging house today. "Youse don't got youse dagger today," he murmured lamely. She laughed. "Yeah, well ya don't get too many visitors around here until sunset, Race said, so I decided to leave em' behind." She paused for a second. "And I wasn't sure youse was gonna show, much less come up here if ya saw I had em', seeing I threw em' at ya how many times?" She chuckled mirthlessly and Spot let out a laugh himself. But he shut up after Wildcat gave him a questioning look. He shifted in his seat. "What're ya lookin' at, Cat? I'm not allowed ta laugh?"

The newsgirl smiled grudgingly. "Nope…. Well, I guess." The two started to chuckle again. But then Wildcat grew serious. "So what are youse here for dis time, eh Conlon? Isa already told ya Cowboy's gonna have me hide if he sees me talkin' ta youse here." She chuckled again and put her firm hand on his shoulder. Conlon felt like he was about to rise to the moon and back. She was actually didn't hate him anymore. "But seriously, why are ya here?" Spot almost fell off the bench. She didn't know yet. So Jack hadn't told her about the fight between him and Racetrack yet. Spot grew angry at the leader of Manhattan, but then remembered that their conversation never was supposed to even have happened.

The King of Brooklyn leaned in close to Wildcat and whispered, "Can youse keep a secret?" Wildcat hopped off the bench and looked at him, startled. "How big is it an' what's da catch?"

"There is no catch."

"C'mon spot, ya always got a catch!"

"Not today, I don't need any favors from youse."

"Conlon, ya better not be lyin' ta me, or youse gonna get it!"

"If I am, youse get soak me even harder than youse did last time." Spot declared. Wildcat's eyes grew large. Then they narrowed. "Alright then, shoot." Spot drew in a large breath. He wasn't supposed to divulge anything about his meeting with jack until later, but this couldn't wait. Cowboy would forgive him. "Race likes ya. A lot," he began. "Well anyone coulda said that!" Wildcat huffed, interrupting him. Spot shot her a frustrated look. "Will ya let me talk, woman?' he exclaimed. Cat raised her eyebrows but said "Go on."

"Da problem is so does I," Spot continued. "An' me an' Race, aft' I left he followed me an' we got into it. Jack had ta break us up an' Race left so me an' Jack got ta talkin' an' he says that he'd rather youse choose a Brooklynite instead of a Manhattan newsie an' he gives me permission ta-" "Hold on, spot, ya givin' me a headache!" Cat interrupted again. "So youse sayin' that you an' Race were fightin' ova me an' jack suddenly decides that he prefers that I be your giorl instead 'o' Race's? Well, he lied Spot. Simple as that!" Spot crossed his arms. "An' what makes youse think dat?" Wildcat laughed harshly. "Because he's right ova here shakin' his head with Race!" She pointed to behind the statue. Spot froze. Wildcat hadn't come here to sell. She came to witness his death. Cowboy and Racetrack stepped out from behind the statue with Spot's rival at his side, glaring at Spot. Race stepped over behind Wildcat to lay his hand on her shoulder. Jack meanwhile was clenching his fists at Spot, which was already tense.

"Youse really thought I would support ya, Spot?" Jack asked. "Youse actually thought I would give away me only giorl newsie ta da leader 'o' Brooklyn?" He laughed. "You thought wrong. Isa lied about Race an' wildcat, Conlon. They gots more in common than they let on!" Spot spat at the ground in anger. "It don't seem like Jack Kelly ta betray a friend like that," he insulted. Jack glared at him. "We stopped bein' friends after the accident with Sarah!" he threw out.

Suddenly Spot fell into another flashback. This one was more recent, though, a little over a few months ago after the strike. Spot was on the bridge with Jack and Sarah, leaning over the water talking. To this day Spot didn't remember what they had been talking about, or the argument that followed. But what he did remember was Jack punching Spot punching Jack back and Sarah trying to step between them to make them stop. But spot had made the worse mistake of his life and shoved her out of the way so he could get another clear shot at cowboy. He had pushed a little too hard, and before they all knew it Sarah was hanging over the edge of the Brooklyn Bridge with her boyfriend and his other friend in a duel. The actual Spot tried to move, to stop the fighting when he realized he could move. Then he saw his old self get knocked to the ground right as Sarah lost her grip on the beam that was her lifeline. She would've been dead if Jack hadn't reached her in time. It took the better part of the 10 minutes the former Spot had been out cold to get Sarah back up onto firmer ground. Actual Spot watched helplessly as Jack kicked his old self in the ribs and marched off angrily. It had been his fault Sarah had almost fallen to her death, and now Conlon knew that jack had held that grudge for all this time.

Then Spot woke up back into reality. Jack was still upset at Spot and had used his feelings for Wildcat to get back at him. "Ya still mad at me about that?' he whispered quietly. Jack nodded furiously. "Because it was an accident!" Spot continued. "I said Isa was sorry!" "Sorry ain't gonna cut it here in Manhattan, Conlon!"Jack screamed back. "You almost cost Sarah her life! If she had died, I would've died too! I almost lost one of the only people I love, Spot!" Cowboy's face was white with rage now. "An' now you how it feels!" The King took a step back. His gaze fell on Wildcat, her brown hair falling from her cap so beautifully. He felt enraptured, but then he saw that her eyes weren't on him. They were on Race, the man with his arms wrapped around her. It should've been him in that position, not a cheap gambler like Race. Spot felt a surge of hatred pulsing through his body, wanting to rip Race to shreds for stealing hi girl from him. But it subsided with wildcat looking his way. They stared at each other for a long time, and then she said, "I'm sorry, Spot. You just got here too late." Then Race gazed at Race again. He pulled her close and kissed her. Hard.

Spot wanted to kill him again. But Jack stepped in and raised his hands out in front of him. "Get outta here, Conlon,' he snarled. "Youse don't belong here, with Wildcat or not. Go back ta Brooklyn, find yourself someone in your town and leave mine alone!" To move his point, he pointed at the way back towards the main road. Spot took one look at Jack and decided he had over stayed his welcome. He took off running for his life towards the Bridge before Jack could tell him twice. But as he stopped half-way and cast one lat wayward look at Wildcat. She would never know. He watched her kiss Race, he watch as they got up and left for the newsies lodge again, leaving all of the newspapers behind.

She never loved you, much less liked you before his nagger said. Her friendliness was all an act. You better get back to Brooklyn and forget all about her, Spot, before they realize youse were gone. For once Spot listened to his nagger and ran away from Manhattan and the woman he could never have.

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