Ties That Bind written by DarkAmethyst; co-written,edited, and revised by Mss Go.

This story describes the awkward moment when Nero and Dante realize they have something in common.

The battle raged on. Nero was becoming increasingly winded and could feel himself growing weaker. "Give up yet kid?" asked Dante. "I will never give up." Nero replied. "Nothing will stop me from rescuing Kyrie, not even you." Nero said angrily. "Your choice kid." said Dante with a sigh.

It was then that Nero released the power of the Yamato. It was at that moment that Dante realized that Nero was wielding his twin brother's sword. "Okay now I'm going to have to kick your ass. That sword belonged to my brother Vergil and I want it back." Dante demanded. "You can try but you can't stop me." Nero said as he lunged towards Dante.

Dante sidestepped to avoid Nero's attack and grabbed him from behind and slammed him on the ground. Using little effort, Dante began to wail countless punches upon the young man's face. Nero knew that he couldn't beat the mysterious "Man in Red" and realized he wouldn't be able to save Kyrie. "Just kill me, I don't deserve to live if I can't save Kyrie." Was all Nero could muster to say.

Dante raised his sword for the killing blow but couldn't bring himself to deliver it. Something inside him was telling him that what he had considered was beyond wrong. "I… I can't." said Dante. "Why the fuck not?" exclaimed Nero after he caught his breath. "Because we are connected you and I, not just by what we are but because of something deeper." Dante replied as he turned his back to Nero and paced the room.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Nero snapped, lifting his sword, as if he was going to pounce. "I realized something. No one could wield my brother's Yamato unless they share the same blood as him." Dante said with a smirk on his face "So I guess that makes you my nephew."

Dante began laughing to himself. "What are you laughing at?" asked Nero."I always knew Vergil was a ladies man. I see he chose right when he conceived you." said Dante with a smirk on his face. Nero sat there contemplating everything the "Man in Red" had just told him. "So what does this mean?" Nero asked "I guess this means that we are family. So this whole fight was pointless." replied Dante. They both began laughing. "Yeah I guess you're right. What's your name by the way?" asked Nero. "Dante," was the cool response Nero received. "Cool name. I'm Nero." said the young boy. "It suits you." said Dante.

"Now are you just going to sit here and chat or are you going to go save your girl?" he asked "Oh shit you're right!" exclaimed Nero as he got up and began leaving. "So what are you going to do now that all this is over?" he asked Dante, as he paused at the entrance. "Just go home, eat pizza and listen to Patty bitch." Dante said "When you save your girl come find me." "Patty?" Nero paused on his way out. "That is a different story for a different day." Dante replied. Nero just shrugged and ran towards his next Mission. "That kid is going to go far." Dante thought to himself before venturing off in the direction of Devil May Cry.