Love Thief

Chapter 1

So hungry…Orihime thought. She curled in a ball against the wall of the room she'd been locked in. How the hell had she gotten herself in this? Oh yeah..she worried way too much, not to mention gullibility. Her mind went back to that cold chilling voice she'd found at her doorstep just thirty hours ago.

"Orihime Inoue, that is your name, correct?"

She'd nodded, too scared to think of much else.

"Our connections here in Japan tell us you've become quite involved in the Japanese mafia organization known as Shinigami, headed by Byakuya Kuchiki. Also, you are involved with the recent addition, Ichigo Kurosaki. Is that correct?"

"What do you want?" Orihime asked.

"This won't do Senorita. My boss back in Mexico demands your presence there. You would be wise not to deny him this. All I need is a yes. Should I hear anything else, your friends lives will be in peril this very moment."

No! Her head screamed. Her heart, always fretting, won.

"Okay, I'll go." The words came before she could stop them.

So here she was after a long plane ride tied to her seat, in Mexico in the city of Hueco Mundo, held captive in the luxury estates of Las Noches.

'Why must I be so reckless?' she thought.

His name had been Ulquiorra. Though for a Hispanic, he didn't look like one at all, with his creepy pale skin and emerald eyes. The odd tattoo lines descending like tears from his eyes kinda freaked Orihime out too. She wondered if the man was truly happy.

The door lock clicked and soon swung open. Ulquiorra again.

"Senorita, the boss wants to see you now. He asks you wear this." He gestured to a red bundle of fabric a woman beside him held along with a pair of black heels.

"Senora Maria shall help you get ready. I'll collect you soon." He locked the door again, leaving her with the older woman.

At once the woman began spouting off Jibberish.

'I don't understand a thing she's saying.'

Once the woman realized Orihime didn't understand she began gesturing instead.

Twenty minutes later, Orihime wore the dress, heels, and had her hair tied in a bun at the side with a carnation flower in it. Not to mention dark make-up on her eyes.

The dress, red, long and flowing skirt, swept the floor but kept cool in the hot climate.

Ulquiorra already waited when she stepped from the bathroom.

"Come, Senor Aizen waits."

Orihime followed him down two hallways and one staircase until he stopped at a red painted door.

"Come in, Ulquiorra," came a male voice inside.

The room looked quite lavishly furnished. A brown leather couch stood along the right hand wall flanked by an end-table and a bookcase. On the left a row of bookcases lined the wall. A large mahogany desk stood in the left corner. Centered, a four seat square polished wood table completed the room.

Aizen, Orihime supposed, lounged on the leather sofa. He stood upon their entry. He wore a dark, expensive suit and black tie. Piercing brown eyes watched from a sculpted angular face. All but one lock of brown hair was combed back. He didn't look one bit Hispanic. In fact he looked very much Japanese, though he stood tall for this, with broad shoulders and toned build.

"Orihime Inoue, what a pleasure to meet you. Oh and what I have heard of you. I am Sousuke Aizen, leader of the Mexican mafia here, known as Espada," he spoke in perfect Japanese. He moseyed from the sofa to stand in front of them. Ulquiorra pushed her further into the room.

"Thank you, Ulquiorra, you may leave us."

The odd man made a short bow before closing the door behind him.

"Yes, I thought that dress would flatter you. Of course I am correct."

It took a minute for Orihime to say anything, and it was the first she thought of. "You're Japanese. Why are you here?"

He grinned. "You are a smart girl. Yes, I left Japan years ago to take advantage of the drug money here. Look at me now. I rule half of Mexico."

Orihime got the feeling this was a very conceited man.

"How old are you, Senorita?"

"Sixteen, and it's Orihime."

He let out a small chuckle. "Senorita is the Spanish word for "Miss," Orihime. Please, call me Senor Aizen."


He looked amused. "I will be lenient with you. It's unlikely you've heard Spanish before now, having stayed in that place. Come, sit, you must be hungry."