Part One (Meryl's POV)

A week has passed since Vash had left me. A whole entire week and I can still feel the numbness that he left me with.

Millie is worried about me. She thinks I will do something awful to myself. I won't. I would have to care enough for that.

I will go on. I must go on. But I don't know how I could. I had come to love Vash so much. In a short time I had come to love Vash the Stampede more than I have ever loved anyone before. And he told me not to wait.

How was supposed to move on with my life? Find a new love? Marry? Have children? I couldn't do any of that. I would rather die old and alone than be with anyone else other than Vash.

There, my mind was made up. I would go to work and come home for now on. I will visit Millie when necessary. That will have to fill my life.

Work was all I had left. Going to work was what I prided myself on. I have always been a hard worker. I was always precise when it came to my reports. I was always on time with my paperwork and with my being. And with Vash gone my work ethics did not change.

Sure, I was a bit quieter and a bit sterner, but I was Meryl Stryfe and Meryl Stryfe was nothing but a hard worker. But it was at work that the numbness faded from my body. It was at work that I felt the stab of loneliness.

One of my co-workers, Karen was talking about her handsome new lover and I could not help myself, I broke down and I cried for the loss of my own handsome lover.

I wept for Vash at my desk in front of everyone and they just stared at me like I had two heads.

Milllie and Karen tried to comfort me but nothing they did or said could console me. In the end, my boss came to me and told me to take the rest of the day off.

I actually agreed to this and walked home with blurry eyes.

END of Pt. 1