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Blazing sirens split the air, and twelve-year-old Zero Kiryuu wanted to kick the ambulance driver in the shin for having that piercing, excruciating noise ringing in his ears, making his headache worse.

He couldn't move, and he could barely think, but he knew his family was gone, and he knew he wanted to die. He could hardly make out the blood splattered inside of the vehicle, and even less so the flurry of action the paramedics created.

Please… don't let me wake up.

"You idiot!" Akatsuki slapped himself in the forehead, glaring between his nimble fingers at his younger cousin. The blonde noble dropped the body he was holding and blushed furiously, rubbing his hands on his pants.

"Caught red handed, eh?"

Akatsuki shot daggers at him and let out a heavy sigh. "Do you realize that because I just spent the last three hours trying to find you, we've lost the Shizuka trail? I'm not getting the backhand for this slip up, got it? You're going to tell the boss man about this."

Aido shrugged his shoulder, pulling his denim jacket closer to himself and starting to walk towards the end of the ally. "Sure."

Akatsuki rolled his eyes. "He always goes easy on you, anyways."

Aido smirked. "Yes. Yes, he does."

Akatsuki sighed, running his hands through his burnt orange hair. "Yeah, yeah." He never could stay mad at the dumb blonde for very long. "Whatever. We just need to—"

"Did you hear that?" Aido jumped suddenly, pulling up his hood and creeping towards the end of the alley.

"Hear what?"


They both listened, tuning in their superhuman, vampire hearing.

"It's a siren…" Akatsuki mumbled, thinking of the poor soul now given over to the hands of cruel fate.

"At this hour? No cars going anywhere, so it's not a wreck. No smoke, so it's not a fire." Aido's turquoise eyes lit up, and he grinned at the redhead. "Let's go check it out!"

Akatsuki slapped him upside the head. "Let the humans die in peace, for crying out loud! Defile the grave later if you want."

"No! I mean, maybe this is how we're going to find Shizuka's trail again."

"Or maybe it was a human homicide, or a robbery, or a stand-up, or a drive-by shooting, or a rapist on the loose, or a woman going into unsuspected labor because she fell down the stairs. There's a million things it could be, let's go!" Akatsuki turned and started towards a manhole at the end of the alley.

Aido didn't reply, and Akatsuki let out a huff.

"Don't be such a baby. Just come check it out with me."

He turned to glare, but found he was alone.

Darn that stupid kid.

Aido grasped the windowsill tightly and raised his head just above the brick ledge, peeking into the room where doctor's operated quickly to sustain a young human boy with blood to make up for what he has lost. And he had lost a lot. The smell was tantalizing, wafting through the air and around the aristocrat's nose.

"A million things, huh?" He grinned, watching the door fly open, revealing the number to be 302 before it slammed shut again. "Why are you working on him in a regular room? Hmm… Interesting…"

Aido jumped down, falling three stories to the ground where he dusted off his jeans and started for the front door. He was almost around the corner of the building when a hand grasped his shoulder.

"Let's go, Hanabusa."

Aido shook his head, jerking his shoulder away. "They're repairing blood loss. I want to check it out."

"Check it out later. I just got a call from Kuran, he wants us back A.S.A.P."

"Did you tell him about the ambulance?"

"Well, no, but—"

"Then he doesn't know that what we're doing is important to the mission!" Aido started again for the door, Akatsuki on his tail.

"We need to go. Now!"

Aido ignored him, and after a long sigh from his cousin, he heard, "Look, if you just come back with me now, I promise we will leave as soon as we can to check this out. It's not like he's going anywhere tonight. Besides, we have to wait until they leave him alone in the room."

Aido let his shoulders slouch, nodding begrudgingly as he started for a nearby manhole. "Alright, fine."

Akatsuki sighed, rolling his eyes. "Thank you."

Aido glared. "Yuh-huh."

Akatsuki laughed, socking his arm and dashed forwards, flipped the lid off and tossing it into the air and he jumped into the waters below. Aido glanced over his shoulder one last time, the child's blood still permeating his sense, and then dove in before the lid fell on, sealing them away from the world above.