Hello everyone, i have decided to re-edit this story, as there are some things that i am unhappy with.

This story will follow the primary story arc of evo, with a few exceptions.

-Gambit did not have much of a part in evo, he was retained slightly by Magneto for odd-jobs but never really encountered any of the x-men

-Rogue was a junior when Scott and Jean were seniors and all other students were in the years below.

-Apocalypse awoke at Jeans Graduation, and fell 6 months later, so this story is set six months after that.

hope you enjoy


Chapter 1

Once glance around and it would be easy to tell that this was a joyous day. The football pitch of Bayville High School was completely crowded with families in their very best clothes, all snapping photos, while the graduating class were in their maroon caps and gowns. It was an absolute glorious summer's day, courtesy of Ororo Munroe of course, and the atmosphere was one of pride and excitement. The crowds were all smiling and cheering as each individual student was called up onto the podium to accept their High School Diploma, a symbol of all the hard work that they had put into their formal school years. But the loudest cheers came from a small section of the stands as a girl with two-toned hair got up.

Rogue looked up embarrassedly as she saw her pseudo-family, all the X-men, cheering her on. She had expected Logan and Kurt to be there, and maybe the professor, but not all of the X-men, which included all the new and younger recruits. Their joy was entirely focused on her as she was the only one from the institute graduating that year. Scott and Jean had graduated the year before with a rather interesting ceremony, while Kitty and Kurt were graduating next year, along with some of the newer X-men. When she eventually arrived at the stand she was cautiously handed her diploma by the new principle. Even though she was wearing gloves and had a small grasp of control on her absorption powers the principle was still absolutely terrified that she would kill him. That was one thing Rouge was not going to miss, the fear and hatred that followed her through the hallways of Bayville High. Rogue looked up as she walked away from the principle and gave a very uncharacteristic smile and wave to the stands before descending the steps off the podium and going back to her seat while her photo was taken by the countless mutants in the stands.

After the speeches had finished, and the last ex-student had accepted their diploma and everyone collected on the field had tossed their caps into the air Rogue made her way over the stands entirely undisturbed. All the other students were still far too scared to come anywhere near her, and even went as far to give her very dirty looks as she made her way over to her guest. It felt like they didn't feel she deserved to celebrate this day with them even though she had worked harder than anyone else to get there. Rogue smiled to herself as she walked over, she sure wasn't going to miss any of these narrow minded people. And though she knew that she would still have to deal with some people like that Rogue did hope that New York University wouldn't have that many.

As she approached everyone who had come to see her graduate she was engulfed in many hugs and several congratulations were screamed in her general direction while everyone else around them narrowed their eyes at the mutant display of pride and happiness. But not one of the collected mutants seemed to care. They had all had a very eventful year and no one deserved this as much as Rogue did and ever mutant on that field was going to make sure this day was going to be incredible special for her. After all, the girl had saved the world. Though that didn't stop the stares and the whispers that followed her everywhere she went.

It took a great deal of organisation and death threats to get everyone back to the mansion in one piece, while Logan was given the task of distracting Rogue by taken her back into the city on his motorcycle. It was a long argument as Kurt wanted to take his sister out just as much as Logan did. In the months after Apocalypse's defeat both Rogue and Kurt had become even closer. They had developed a real sibling relationship; Kurt had even taken Rogue over to Germany last Christmas so his parents could finally meet her.

The argument between Logan and Kurt was fierce but inevitably Logan had won, but it didn't stop the angry look on Kurt's face as Logan and Rogue climbed onto the back of his vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle while Kurt climbed into the back of Scott's convertible. He knew Rogue would love the surprise that Logan had planned as she shared his desire for fast motorcycles and had tried on several occasions to steal his classic Harley Davidson. She had succeeded several times much to the annoyance of all the boys who lived at the mansion who had also tried the exact same thing. They all also knew that she was the only one who could actually get away with it.

Logan claimed the trip back into the city was for her belated birthday/graduation gift, even though he refused to tell her what it was. The trip was in fact an opportunity to get the Mansion ready for Rogue's surprise bleated birthday/graduation party.

Her actual eighteenth birthday had been two months ago. Unfortunately there had been an anti-mutant movement by a group called the "Friends of Humanity" and so they had spent the three weeks around her birthday trying to keep peace and saving other mutants. There had been a rumour that Sgt. Trask, the man responsible for the sentinel programme, had escaped and had joined that group. So, the more experienced group of X-men had spent that time gathering up as much information as they could but so far none of the rumours had been verified. Though, there was another set of rumours that several mutants had been disappearing around that time, but again they had no evidence to support that. As a result the entire population of the Mansion had decided to give Rogue a huge surprise party today to make up for it.

Logan was more than happy to take Rogue out while everyone else got everything set up. There was also another reason for taking her alone, he didn't want anyone to see the present that he had gotten Rogue as he had a feeling he might get slightly emotional. And Logan had spent a lot of time cultivating his reputation as a complete hard ass and he didn't want anyone to see him cry as he presented his pseudo-daughter with the perfect gift.

"So Logan, not that I don't appreciate this break from insanity, but what we doing here anyway?" Rogue eventually asked after savouring her grandee vanilla latte in the small coffee and book shop that she used as her escape from all the crazy that her life encompasses. She had taken off her cap and gown and was now wearing a nice deep green wrap around blouse, with black pants and simple black ballerina pumps. She also had on a pair of black dress gloves for her comfort and others safety. She thought she looked quite presentable and nice, as well as smart. That morning she had allowed Kitty to dress her and for once she wasn't regretting the decision.

"Having coffee," Logan retorted succinctly. Logan had likewise dressed for the occasion. He was wearing a light gray button down shirt that had the sleeves rolled up to his elbows with a pair of dark jeans. He had point blank refused to wear a blazer or a tie and had resisted Kitty's pleading looks. He did promise that he wouldn't wear his leather jacket until after the ceremony to appease her. Kitty was also one of the few people in the Mansion who could get Logan to bend slightly to her will.

"Forgive me is I'm wrong, but I never pegged you as the 'having coffee' type of guy," Rogue said looking up at her favourite instructor and father figure trying to gauge his reaction.

"Just finish your coffee Stripes," Logan said good-naturedly as he lifted his plain black coffee to his lips and signalled Rogue to do likewise. Rogue smiled into her coffee, she knew Logan well enough that if he didn't want to give out information than it was pointless trying to guess. She might as well enjoy the one-on-one time with someone who she had always looked up to as a parent rather than just an instructor and the comfortable silence that came from a close, caring relationship.

After they finished their coffee both the gruff man and the young woman went for a walk down the street. It was still a fairly warm day, even though it was starting to get into the early evening. Both parties were enjoying the serenity of the day when one of them finally broke the silence.

"You know I'm… I'm proud of you, right Stripes?" Logan said uncomfortably as they turned the corner.

"Yeah, of course Logan," Rogue replied as she moved some strands of her white hair behind her ear. It was a nervous habit she had when she was embarrassed, and Logan was one of the few who recognised the movement for what it was worth.

He would never admit it to anyone but he was more proud of her than anyone else he had ever met. The girl had had one of the toughest slots in life given to her. She was desperate for contact but couldn't touch. She was desperate for love but couldn't trust. She had been betrayed more than anyone should have to be, and all in a few short years. Yet here she stood a member of a team, a family, with a strong will and character. She had developed into a seasoned fighter with a cunning mind, as well as into a beautiful young woman. Logan couldn't help but smile at the thought that he had had a hand in helping her become this person.

"Look Stripes, I'm not good at all this emotional stuff, not like the Professor or Hank is anyway, but you do know that I always thought you and me had a special relationship, right?" Logan continued, still sounding uncomfortable as he led Rogue down another street.

"I mean kid, you're really like the daughter I never had and didn't realise that I actually wanted. I want you to remember that. And I'm sorry we didn't get to do anything special for your birthday. I mean eighteen is a big deal you guys right?"

"That wasn't your fault Logan, these things happen." Rogue protested as Logan led her down yet another street.

"Still, I should have done something for you. I'm always gonna be here for you kid and I want to make this day special for you, after everything that's happened to you, you really deserve it," Logan said as he held open a door for Rogue all of a sudden and gestured for her to walk in before Rogue even realised that they were outside a building or, indeed, what building it actually was.

Rogue was completely caught off guard when she saw where Logan had led her. All around her were beautiful motorcycles on display in the showroom, plus helmets of every style shape and colour as well as everything else you could possible need for your own bike. This of course made Rogue entirely speechless as she looked around the showroom.

"Ah, Mr Logan, I was worried that you wouldn't show up before we closed!" Said a man with long brown hair, a blue polo-shirt and khaki pants. Rogue figured that he obviously worked here.

"Ah," The man said when he caught Rogue's wide mouth look, "This must be the young lady."

"Yeah, this is Rogue. Rogue this is Andrew, he owns the place," Logan said as he held out his hand to shake Andrew's.

"If you want to follow me I'll take you round to her then," Andrew said to a still flabbergasted Rogue, but neither man seemed to really notice as she nodded her head and dumbly followed them. Andrew continued to talk to both her and Logan as he walked them out the door and onto the lot, but Rogue didn't take in a single word as she looked from bike to bike and then back to Logan before she spotted it.

It was beautiful. It was a sleek black and green racing bike. Rogue couldn't help but think that the curves on it were this side of indecent. She had never seen anything in her life that she wanted so much before.

"I think she likes it Logan," Andrew's voice came from somewhere breaking Rogue out of her bike-lust induced haze.

"Good thing I bought it then," Logan said with a smirk.

"What?" Rogue exclaimed quietly, looking between the two men. At this point Andrew patted Logan on the shoulder before heading back inside the building.

"Happy Birthday Rogue and Congratulations on your Graduation," Logan said with a slight smile on his face. Rogue was still staring dumbfounded at him though.

"I wanted to do something special for you, as I do see you as my daughter and I wanted to make sure that, after everything you've been through you'd have one good memory at least."

That was all Rogue needed to hear before she launched herself at Logan and hugged him with all her might while tears streamed down her face. She couldn't help but notice, through the tears leaking from her own eyes, that Logan was tearing up to as he hugged her back. She cried unashamedly as she inhaled a scent that was comforting and undeniable Logan.

"You tell anyone I got all sappy and I'll put you early morning Danger Room sessions for the next month," Logan said joyfully.

"You tell anyone I cried and I'll make sure the entire student population know where your booze stash is hidden," Rogue replied.

"Love you Stripes."

"Love you too Logan."

After the declaration of family love was made both loners moved apart uncomfortably before heading back into the showroom to get all the equipment that Rogue would need to ride safely as well as finishing up the paperwork. While Logan signed the last of the forms Rogue picked out a classic black leather biker jacket, boots and trousers, while her helmet was emerald green and white

When it was all done and Rogue had gotten changed into her biker clothes it was still another half an hour later before they set off back to the Mansion. Logan thought Rogue was far too excited to ride back. It actually wasn't until Rogue realised that she had started to talk like Kitty did she agree to sit and try to calm down.

When they had eventually gotten back to Mansion, without racing or taking a detour to test out Rogues new bike, and parked both the bikes in garage Rogue was entirely taken aback by the complete silence. She thought that at least a few people would still be around to celebrate her graduation with her and admire her new ride. She didn't think that they all would have left already. So, feeling slightly put out, Rogue and Logan made their way into the darkened main dinning room to see if there was anything left from dinner.

"SURPRISE!" Came a tremulous roar as all the lights suddenly came back to life across the large dinning room that was usually used for formal functions. Everyone was there. Absolutely everyone including Warren Worthington and Amanda, Kurt's girlfriend. Everyone was holding sparklers and wearing colourful hats while they all stood under several banners that either said "Congratulations" or "Happy Birthday" or something similar.

Once again Rogue was speechless; she didn't think so many people would go to so much trouble for her. After a few seconds Kitty came forward carrying a large purple cake with several sparklers and candles for her to blow out. After assuring Rogue that she didn't make the cake Kitty held it up for her to blow out all eighteen candles. This got another huge cheer and while Logan cut the cake everyone else took the opportunity to get the party started in their own unique way.

After a few hours of singing, dancing, general merry-making and many viewings of Rogue's new bike the Professor eventually called the room to silence. This was so Rogue could open the rest of her presents that were collected on the table of the dinning room, next to what was left of the food.

Rogue was amazed by everything that she had been given. She had thought that several of the inhabitants of the Mansion didn't care about that much, namely Jean Grey, but she was surprised at the depth and thoughtfulness of all her gifts.

Jean had given her a silk scarf and a book called "Surviving NYU", while Scott had bought her a very dainty silver and white gold bracelet. Kurt and Amanda had combined their money to buy her a beautiful silver Celtic cross necklace with a real emerald set into the middle. Kitty had given her a new pair of leather gloves, which was entirely lucky as they were sturdy enough to be worn with the bike and a very beautiful silver brooch. The other female inhabitants had given her several items of clothes that all seemed to be from her favourite clothes store. The boys seemed to play it safe by getting her various vouchers to book and music stores, except for Jamie. He had bought her a brand new black satin jewellery box which was decorated with a very stylised green velvet floral design. He got a peck on the cheek for that, much to the chagrin of all the other male populace of the mansion.

After all the hyperactive teenagers had presented their gifts it was time for the adults. Warren had given her a pair of long, black silk, expensive looking evening gloves. Ever since they had meet in New York both Rogue and Warren had kept in contact with each other and it was actually thanks to a sponsorship from his company that Rogue could go to NYU. A lot of the other students had implied that Warren had only done it because he had a crush on her, but Rogue just laughed that off, she had a hard time thinking that anyone would have a crush on her let alone a multimillionaire. Hank had given her the complete works of William Shakespeare while Ororo had given her a book called "The Backpackers World Guide" a brand new backpack and a wink.

Eventually she came to the last one. It was a plain white envelope and she wouldn't have even noticed it if Kurt hadn't pointed it out.

When Rogue opened the envelope she was speechless for the third time that day.

"What is it?" Kurt asked looking over her shoulders.

"Its open tickets and booking confirmations for planes, trains and hostels. It's a round the world trip." Rogue said looking up with tears in her eyes.

Rogue was going to study English and Journalism at NYU but had deferred her entry for a year. She had wanted to have an adventure and see the world, or at least part of it. She had been planning on getting a job to save up enough money while still working with the X-men. She hoped that she could saved up enough so she could at least see Europe, and that she could maybe see the rest of the world at various points in time. That had always been her plan since she was thirteen. But now, now the Professor had given her everything to make her dream come true before she started university.

Everyone in the room was completely shocked by the Professors act of generosity, Jean especially. When she graduated and turned eighteen she hadn't gotten anything close to a round the world trip and she felt a little jealous. After all, she was the Professors favourite student. Jean was actually quietly seething next to Rogue on the couch so that she didn't hear Rogue ask why.

"This, my dear Rogue is because everyone deserves at least one of their dreams to come true. You have had to endure so much in your short life, from complete betrayal to complete isolation and yet you've always put yourself and your feelings aside to help everyone else. This gift is the least I could do in gratitude for everything that you have done and in compensation for everything you have had to endure." Xavier finished with a smile.

"It's… it's too much though," Rogue managed to choke out.

"No, in the grand scheme of things, it isn't really. But it's all we can do at the moment," Xavier answered while the only thing Rogue could do was nod her head while tears streamed down her face.

"Thank you, all of you. I'm just speechless really. This is honestly the best day of my life," Rogue said through her tears and with a very watery smile. This tiny speech gave way to cheers from the entire room before the party started up again.

Rogue sat on the couch and just watched all the people around her. She saw Scott and Jean cuddled up on the chair across from her, while Kurt and his girlfriend Amanda were finishing off the last of the buffet. Kitty was on the dance floor with Amara, Jubilee, Tabitha, Rayne and little Jamie, who had multiplied himself so he could dance with all the girls, while all the other boys were trying to get away with drinking the spiked punch. Hank and Xavier were together talking over the spiked punch, apparently neither realised the boys had had a hand in making the festivities jollier. Meanwhile Ororo had succeeded in pulling Logan from against the wall to join the crowd of tipsy boys, but he didn't reprimand any of them he merely joined Warren to talk about classic cars while Ororo went to dance.

The smile on Rogue's face was evident when she surveyed all the people around her and realised that this, this was her family.

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