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Chapter 5

The entire world was dark.

And quiet.

Was the whole world supposed to be dark and quiet, shouldn't there be some noise somewhere.

Wait, there was some noise, but it was far away and muffled. And why was it still so dark?

She didn't understand. Why was the world so dark?

Her mind was too groggy to figure it out.

Oh, her eyes were closed. That's why the world was dark. She tried to open her eyes to shed some light on this weird feeling, but her body wasn't obeying her. She could barely move. Why couldn't she move?

And why did her head hurt?

Nothing made any sense, and it all seemed to be confusing and fuzzy.

She tried to open her eyes again, and this time her body started to obey, but the movement was slow and pained. Her eyes were finally opened though it didn't really help. The world was still dark, but not as dark as it once was and slightly hazy. It was too much so she closed her eyes again to try and think some more.

Something wasn't right but she didn't understand what was wrong or why. Her brain wasn't functioning normally; it was like everything was slowed down and foggy.

The girl tried to move again, but everything was tense and sore, like she had run a full marathon and she did not have the energy to try and move her body again. Though, she knew she had to try and make sense of this weird, dark world.

No, she would try to move at the very least, besides the stiffness in her muscles was easing a little. Maybe moving little bits will ease her aching muscles. It was almost as if she hadn't moved in a few days and her body was complaining over the sudden movements.

She scrunched up her brow and tried to concentrate on bringing her hand towards her face, but the command seemed to be slow as if her body was not used to moving and the signal was being delayed somewhere along the way.

When her hand eventually arrived at her eyes she felt something very strange, but what was it.

It wasn't the flesh she would have expected to feel around her eyes. It was soft, and cottony, like some type of material. But, why would there be material covering her eyes, though it could explain the darkness.

The girl sat up slowly and deliberately, and once she was sitting she brought her other hand to her face and let her fingers delicately follow the strange softness. It wasn't just on her face, it seemed to go around her whole head, but there was something missing from her head. Something that should be there but was missing.

She ran her fingers around the soft thing again, and it went underneath it. Now she could feel flesh.

It was a bandage. She had a bandage wrapped around her head. But why would she have a bandage around her head, and why had it taken so long to realise that the soft, cottony thing was a bandage. Surely, that should have been her first thought.

She let her fingers pass over the bandage again until she found something small and hard. The safety pin that held the bandage together, all she would need to do was undo the bandages and then everything would make sense.

She stalled when she had the safety pin off.

Was it really a good idea to take off the bandages by herself? What if there was something really wrong with her, she could do more damage than good if she were to take her bandages off too soon.

She should get someone's attention so they could help her.

And tell her what's wrong.

"Hello," she rasped in a pained Southern drawl. Was that her voice?

It sounded strange and foreign to her ears. It also sounded hoarse and strained, like it hadn't been used in a while. That must be the problem.

"Hello," she called again, this time a little louder, and still no one answered.

What if there was no one there and she was alone. After all, the world was strangely dark and quiet. No, someone had to be there. She couldn't have been left alone in a hospital with bandages around her heard.

And her brain was still so fuzzy; she still couldn't make sense of anything. If she could see then she could start to understand.

Cautiously, she began to unwind the bandages but kept her in the dark. Once the bandages were off the world became a lot lighter, but should she open her eyes again.

"Hello," she called out again, just to make sure that if there was someone there they would know that she was here. Again, no one answered her, but at least her voice was sounding stronger. Although, her throat hurt now. She could really use a drink of water.

She needed to see what was around her.

The girl took a deep, calming breath before slowly opening her eyes to a bright white, slightly fuzzy world. So she closed her eyes again and waited. She took a few more deep, calming breaths before opening her eyes again.

She blinked a few times and the world around her came into focus.

And it didn't make anymore sense then it did when the world was dark.

She was in a big white room, well almost all white. There were three white walls and one glass wall. And there were people moving around outside the glass, so why did no one answer her when she called out surely they could hear her. Or maybe, the glass was too thick. That must be the reason no one came when she called, they couldn't hear her through the glass.

She looked around her room again. There was a sink and a toilet in the room, but no mirror. There were also two blue circles painted on the wall, near the glass. Other than that the room was bare, well except the bed she was currently sitting on which wasn't very comfortable and only had one flat pillow, a thin blue blanket and a white sheet.

Why was everything blue and white?

The place didn't exactly look like a hospital, but what else could it be.

She put her hand to her head again running her fingers through not much hair. That was what was missing, her hair was gone. It was like it had all been shaven off recently, but was starting to grow back so it was slightly longer than stubble and felt really fuzzy. It was a funny feeling, this fuzzy haircut. She let her hand run up and down her head until she found something that felt different.

It felt like plastic knots, and the skin underneath felt very tender. So much so that she winced in pain when she felt it. She let her finger trace the middle of it. It wasn't very big, maybe an inch or two, and not very wide. It must be a cut of some sort; yes she could feel the line down the middle where the scab had formed.

That was definitely strange, but so far everything was strange.

It was all confusing. Her brain wasn't making sense of anything and her thought processes were too slow to start finding an answer.

The girl finally looked down at herself.

She could see chipped black nail polish on her short nails, but other than that there wasn't anything really distinguishable.

She was wearing blue cotton pyjama like pants, with a thin, white, cotton, long sleeved t-shirt. She was also wearing gray slippers but no socks. There was also some kind of cuff around her wrist. She tried to look at it more closely. It seemed to be made of a leather like material, with a metal plaque on it. There was something written on the metal, but her sight was still slightly blurry so she couldn't really read what was written. That would not do.

She blinked a few more times, and rubbed her eyes before willing them to get focused. She looked down at the metal cuff again.

"Mutant Subject 36, Energy absorption, May 30th 1986, female," she read slowly. Well, that didn't help much. What was the point of wearable ID if it didn't provide any form of identification, and she had no idea what `energy absorption` meant.

Would she normally wear something like this?

Maybe she really was in a hospital, but shouldn't there be some kind of equipment around her.

She didn't remember an accident.

Her brain was starting to come back into some form of focus.

She thought back to try and remember a car accident, that would seem the likely cause to be in hospital with a head injury.

But she couldn't remember anything about the last few days.

Actually she couldn't remember anything for last few weeks.

Her brain was focusing more, but only on the blackness that was in her mind. There were no fuzzy pictures or random shadows of memory.

It was complete darkness.

She tried to think back further, to see if any event leapt out from the depths of her mind, but nothing came. It was as if there was nothing there.

"Ok," the girl thought, panic racing through her body as her breathing started to get shallower, "lets start with something easy. My name, everyone has a name."

So, she sat and concentrated, willing her brain focus on a word that she would of heard several times a day, everyday of her life.

Again, only darkness answered her plea.

"This is ridiculous, how does anyone forget their name!" the girl exclaimed in a frustrated manner.

She tried to get up, but her legs still felt stiff and groggy. She must have been unconscious for a while after that accident, because there had to have been an accident. She was dressed in hospital clothes and had a big closed wound on her head. There must have been an accident, and that would mean that someone brought her to hospital and someone would have had to call her parents to tell her what happened and someone would be waiting to see if she was alright.

Parents; that was something else to try to focus on. She willed her brain to recall their faces, their voices, anything.

No, only darkness again. Something was very wrong, there had to be something that she could remember. The terror of her situation was starting dawn on her.

Her legs didn't feel as stiff anymore; the adrenaline was coursing through her body. She needed to find something, anything, that would give her a clue to what happened to her and who she actually was.

She was on her feet, after a slight stumble, and began to pace around the room to find something that had her identity on it. She glanced around quickly, but there were no drawers, tables or chairs. The room was just as bare as it had been ten minutes ago. She dropped to her floor to look under the bed, maybe there were storage boxes under there, but there was nothing under the bed except a vent in the wall. She couldn't even find a mirror or any reflective surface so there was no hope of seeing her own face to trigger the memory of her identity.

She was really panicking now. She ran to the glass wall, and started to pound on the glass.

"Help, help me!" She screamed, tears running freely down her face, but no one answered her. No one looked at her and what she saw out of the glass terrified her.

There were other people in rooms just like hers. They were dressed the same as her, but something was definitely wrong with them. They looked quite strange. There was a man with bright purple scales all over his body and he was lying in the middle of his room curled into a ball and not moving. There was another man with green hair pacing up and down his room, muttering to himself. There was a woman with very pale skin just staring off into space. There was something very wrong here. These strange people looked like caged animals, the ones that had given up the fight. The purple man looked like he might have even died.

The others walking around weren't any more comforting than those in the rooms. There were uniformed men walking around and they were all armed. There were also men and women walking around in white lab coats. They were the scariest looking. They had things floating in jars and were making notes on the poor people in the rooms, but they weren't helping them at all. It looked like they were studying them.

What was this place?

"I'm having a nightmare," She said quietly to herself though the tears that were falling down her face.

"This isn't real!" She sank to her knees on the floor.

"This isn't happening!" Her breathing was becoming more and more rapid and she was starting to get light headed. She needed to find some answers.

"Someone, please, please, help me!" She screamed again, and waited for answers.

No answers came, but the darkness was feeling so oppressive. She needed to get out. She had to get out.

She had no idea how she was suddenly standing, but she was up and moving. She threw herself against the wall, against the glass. Hammering with her fists and kicking out, her knuckles burst and blood was trickling down her hands and leaving marks on the pristine white walls. Though she didn't notice the pain, in her panic she didn't notice anything, all she wanted to do was to get out.

She was screaming out again, but had no idea what she was saying. All she was aware of was the suffocating darkness that was going to drown her.

It was the screaming that woke him up. That horrid, fearful scream that tore at your heart strings and froze your gut. The type of scream that even the hardest of men could still be frozen by. If it wasn't for that scream he would have rolled over and kept his unusual eyes closed and tuned it out, like he had done everyday for eight months and tried to remain in the blissful ignorance of his own imagination. After all, if he didn't see the cell that he occupied then he could be anywhere else in the world and not in some made scientist based horror movie.

Yet today Remy didn't. He opened his eyes to look around his white washed hell hole that was currently his life.

He could hear pleading, and screaming, and crying. He had to think for a second to realise what was happening as he hadn't heard anything like this in weeks. Usually everyone just sobbed quietly to themselves.

"She finally woke up then," Remy said quietly to himself.

The Hellion, as he referred to her as, had been unconscious for five days and he was beginning to worry that she had just passed away in the night. It had, after all, happened before. Though, he had never seen a body taken away and when he asked Kevin yesterday he had assured him that she was in fact still alive just unconscious after the surgery.

Remy had asked Kevin what they did to her during the surgery, but Kevin had no idea. He was just a guard and really didn't need to be kept in the loop, all he was ever really told was each mutants powers and whether they cause too much trouble. It must have been something bad though, as she was gone for a good seven hours before being wheeled to her containment cell, unconscious and with bandages wrapped around her head. It had covered her eyes and the top of her scalp leaving the bottom of her head bare, so Remy was able to see a little of what they had done. They had obviously washed off all her make-up giving her skin a beautiful glow, but they had also shaved her head. That was too bad, Remy had thought, she had beautiful hair that he would have loved to get his fingers tangled in and now it was all shaved off. That would be really upsetting for anyone to suddenly wake up and have no hair, he had experienced it himself a few months back. Remy subconsciously ran a hand through his auburn hair, that was now hanging around his ears and sighed.

Each day after her arrival to the base Remy had woken up and tried to call out to her through the vent between their cells, but she never responded. He hoped that she wouldn't immediately go off the deep end when she awoke, it would be nice to have someone to talk to, other than Kevin, someone who understood what he was going through. He had tried when he first arrived, with the girl who had previously occupied the Hellion's cell, but she had been completely unresponsive and only muttered to herself before she stopped vocalising completely. Besides, the Hellion looked like a lot more fun than anyone else in the complex. Anyone who could take down thirty-four armed guards and five scientist before succumbing to knock-out dart was definitely someone he would like to know better. Remy had watched those injured personnel hobble away after she was subdued and had gotten quite a laugh from it.

During the last five days Remy had been taken out of his cell. He didn't even realise it until he woke up and with his arm covered in bandages. Apparently, they weren't taking any more chances with him. It seemed they had knocked him out while he was sleeping, experimented on his skin, again, and just dumped him back in his cell. Kevin had told him that he wasn't out for very long, only a few hours this time. Remy had told him that that information really didn't make him feel any better, as at least before they had given him plenty of warning that he was going to be a lab rat again but now they were not even giving him a chance to fight. Just one more way they were de-humanising him.

Remy closed his eyes and listened to the sounds coming out of the next cell. She was panicking, and irrational. She was lashing out against the cell and was going to hurt herself soon. Or they would turn on the nitrogen gas or the knock out gas between the cells.

She was crying and screaming, and pleading for help. They all had pleaded for help at some point, but she was asking for something specific. She kept on repeating that she doesn't remember.

"They operated on her brain," Remy said to no one in particular as he opened his eyes in sudden realisation of the horror she was now experiencing. They had operated on her brain and she couldn't remember anything before today, anything before waking up in a crazy scientist run prison.

"No wonder she's gone off," Remy said solemnly. He couldn't fathom the terror she was feeling. His memories were one of the few things that had kept him going during his first few months here, and to have those taken away, well its just barbaric.

"Hello!" He called out to her, but he got no response. He tried again and again to call out, but she seemed to be beyond hearing him.

Remy Lebeau had always been a quick thinker and someone who could take advantage of any opportunity presented to him. It was one of the reason he was the best at his trade, but how could he reach her. She was in the other cell which was separated by a solid wall and a couple of armed guards. Actually, not a solid wall, there was a vent between them, under the bed. Surely that's where the vent was in her cell too.

The world had started to close in on her. The darkness of her mind causing everything around her to be in sharp and dangerous contrast within the stark white cell. Nothing else could penetrate her fear of the unknown, the only thing she could do was pace around and try to fight whatever demon was coming out to get her.

"Hey!" Called a disembodied voice. It sounded far away at first, but it started to get closer on repetition.

"Hello!" She screamed, while whirling around looking for the disembodied voice.

"I need you to calm down, and take deep breaths," the voice said calmly. It sounded concerned for her and a little friendly, but what it was asking her to do was impossible.

"Ok, where are you?" the girl said, though she wasn't calming down or taking deeper breaths. She was still breathing very shallowly and was in danger of passing out.

"I'm in the next cell, you need to calm down now," the calm voice said more determinedly.

"I… I can't! I don't know… I don't know anything!" The girl screamed again, whirling around to find the voice, her panic rising again.

"Listen to me chèrie, you need to calm down. Do you see a bed?" the disembodied voice said firmly.

"A… what?" the girl asked, suddenly calmer due to the strange question.

"A bed, do you see a bed?" the voice asked.

"Yeah, it's next to the wall," she answered, her breathing evening out and becoming deeper and steadier.

"Look under the bed, you'll see a vent," the voice said.

"A vent?" she breathed out, and without much delay she was on her hand and knees crawling under the bed to find the vent.

It was dark in the vent but she could make out something glowing red past the darkness and a hand reaching into the vent.

"Give me your hand chèrie," said the voice.

The girl lay on her side and reached her hand into the vent. The bars were wide enough to get most of her forearm through, which was lucky as it looked like he couldn't reach much further through the vent.

She didn't really need to think twice, she needed to feel something. She reached forward and grasped his hand.

His hand felt strong and warm, with scars running all over his palm and callused fingers. He began to run his thumb over the back of her hand in slow, small circles. It felt reassuring and her breathing calmed down, and the tears stopped.

"I'm Remy," the voice said soothingly. It was deep and rich, like chocolate, with a strange accent that she couldn't place. It was comforting and with the soft movements of his thumb on her hand she had finally calmed down.

"Where am I?" she asked him quietly.

"The worst place in the world, but don't worry chèrie, I'm here for you," Remy said firmly but reassuringly.

"What happened to me?" she asked.

"They brought you in and they did something to your mind, I think," Remy answered honestly.

"Why?" She asked.

"I don't know," Remy answered while still continuing his soft ministrations on her hand.

"Why am I here?" she asked as her eyes started to water again.

"You're here cause you're a mutant, and those bâtards are using us as lab rats," Remy said with a hint of anger and bitterness in his voice.

"But, why?"

"I don't know. What does your cuff say?" Remy asked.

"Um, Mutant Subject 36, energy absorption, May 30th 1986, female. Energy Absorption, what is that?"

"That would be your mutant power, so you take energy, I release energy. I can make potential energy change to kinetic energy, so they explode. It's quite cool to see when I make things go boom. Though these maudit collars stop me from just blowing a hole through the wall and walkin' out," Remy said ruefully.

"Collars?" She asked.

"Yeah, the one around your neck petit," Remy answered, subconsciously stroking his own collar while the girl felt her neck quickly but not feeling anything but the soft flesh of her own neck.

"I'm not wearing a collar," the girl said with a hint of concern in her voice.

"Must not be that worried bout you then petit, cause they put the collars on most. Or maybe they just weren't expecting you to wake up today," Remy said calmly, rubbing reassuring circles on her hand. He had heard the slight panic rising in her voice again, and didn't want her to hyperventilate again.

"What do you think is gonna happen to us?" She asked.

"I don't know chèrie, but Remy be here for you."

"Why?" She asked.

"We all gotta look after each other chèrie. I've been here a while and I've seen what happens to the ones who don't have anyone to talk to." Remy answered honestly, again. He wanted to give her all the information he could without scaring her too much. Though, after waking up without any memories finding out facts would have made him feel better, hopefully it would be the same for her.

"How long you been here Remy?" She asked him with so much concern in her voice that it made his breath hitch.

"Bout eight months," He answered.

They were silent for a few moments while the girl digested what Remy had told her. It all seemed to fanciful to be true. She was captured by mad scientist to experiment on her who just happened to take away her memories too. And what about this power Remy had told her about, if she could absorb energy why wasn't she absorbing Remy. The thought made her stomach twist in knots, like she should be absorbing him, but for some reason she wasn't.

"How do the powers work?" She asked him.

"You don't remember your powers either?" Remy asked, completely shocked.

"No, I don't remember anything at all," She answered, "I don't remember my name, my family, my past, anything. It's all black."

"I'm so sorry chèrie, no one should have to go through that," He said softly. He could hear her crying through the vent and felt her holding his hand more firmly. He knew she needed this, she needed just to mourn the death of her old life so he let her hold his hand in a death grip and cry. He wished he could be in the next cell with her, holding her while she cried out the pain, but if this was all he could do then it was better than nothing.

She had fallen asleep at some point, her grip had slackened and the crying had stopped, but Remy still held her hand in his and continued drawing small circles on the back of her hand.

It was dark in the vent that linked the containment cells, and he was sure that she couldn't really see him through the vent. But he could see her due to his unusual eyes that can see in the dark, and she was just as ethereal as she was the day she arrived, but now she seemed so young and vulnerable.

Her hair had been shaved off right to the scalp leaving a thin layer of fuzz, but he could still see the two colours in her hair, chestnut and platinum. When it grew back it would look beautiful. Her skin was pale, like alabaster stone and completely flawless. She had quite an angular face with high cheekbones and a straight nose, but it didn't look harsh on her, it looked fairly regal.

He couldn't see much of her body, and what she was wearing did not compliment her at all but from what he could see he was impressed. He could tell from her arrival that she was in great shape, after all she did beat up almost forty people just within the base, but he couldn't see that much when she was wearing her thick leather pants and baggy t-shirt while kicking several asses. Now though, lying on her side asleep on the floor, Remy could fully appreciate the body before him. It was fully formed and very womanly, you could see her curves as her loose fitting clothes fell closer to her as she slept soundly. She had a tiny waist, but bigger hips and breast. A perfect hourglass that many women would pay huge some to achieve. He could see from the toned arms that her head was lying on that she obviously worked out, but not to the extent that she lost her feminine curves.

She looked so young and peaceful, and perfect as she slept. She had said that her cuff put her birth date in May 1986, so that meant that she was only just 18, if Remy's math was correct, it should be June 30th today. That would mean that she probably just graduated High School too, but she didn't remember anything so she probably couldn't tell him if that was true. Looking at her again, he would think she was only 16 or 17, and without a care in the world. She should be preparing to go to college or have an adventure, not be trapped like a rat in a mad scientist run laboratory.

"Remy?" A very sleepy, very confused, very feminine voice said from the other side of the vent. She must be from around Mississippi, thought Remy, with an accent that clear, it would be hard to confuse.

"Right here ma chèrie," Remy said back through the darkness.

"I hoped that it was a dream," She said sadly, "I hoped that when I woke up I would be at home, in my bed, with my family around. I hoped I would have remembered my name."

"We'll figure it out chere, don't worry," Remy said sweetly.

"Mutant Subject 36," suddenly came a very stern voice.

"Chèrie, do what he says and everything with be ok, if you need to talk I'll be able to hear you," Remy said with a very serious tone as he let go of her hand and moved out from under his bed.

"Mutant Subject 36!" the stern voice called again, so the girl slid out from under the bed and walked slowly towards the glass, watching the stern voiced man watch her. He was one of the armed men she saw earlier, who was obviously one of the guards. He wore what looked like black army clothes and a black cap. She could see the baton on his right hip and a hand gun on the other.

"Mutant Subject 36, face the wall and put your hands in the blue circles. Keep facing the wall until your informed otherwise. If you do not comply with my instructions or try anything you will get the liquid nitrogen gas that will be fired from above the glass, or you will be punished by lose of meals. Nod if you understand 36." The stern voiced guard said, and 36 nodded.

"Put your hands in the blue circles and face the wall," the guard repeated and 36 did as she was told and put her hands in the circles and faced the wall. Once she had she heard a seal open and metal drawer slide open and then close again with a loud clang.

"Meals are served three times a day, once you hear the drawer close you can move." The guard said shortly before turning and leaving to deliver more food.

36 looked down at the tray that was now on the floor. It contained a single bowl with what looked like a pale stew and a glass of water. There was also a small chunk of bread that looked a little stale. She picked up the tray and went to take it over to her bed so she could talk to Remy while she ate. She could hear the guard yelling at him through the bed, and she was assuming he was yelling bad words back at him. The stern guard was threatening to walk away with his food and that's when she heard Remy be quiet and the drawer in his cell open and close.

"Is the food as bad as it looks?" 36 called out to the next cell.

"Worse, but Kevin assures me that it is nutritonally balanced and has all the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need. But, if that's the case I wouldn't be losing as weight as quickly as I am," Remy said back to her, "I would recommend you eat it slowly and imagine your eating anything else."

"Thanks. Who's Kevin?" 36 asked as she cautiously took a spoonful of the thin stew.

"The one nice guy in the place, he works Thursday through to Monday, so he'll be back in a few days. He checked up on you for me while you were out cold. When you didn't wake up after the first day I got a little worried," Remy answered while eating his own stew.

"How long was I unconscious for?" asked 36.

"Bout five days," Remy answered shortly. Five days was a long time, thought 36.

"Why did you care?" She asked.

"Well," Remy said as he set his empty bowl down next to the drawer, "When you came in it was the most interesting thing I'd seen for a long time chèrie, and I wanted to talk to you after that."

"What do you mean by that?" 36 asked.

"Well, ma chèrie, you came in with a shriek of rage. You fought off over thirty guards, knocked a few unconscious, broke some bones, and basically just raised hell before they hit you with a knock out dart. It was like you were an avenging angel, sent from the very depth of hell to make the bâtards pay from what they had done to all the mutants. It was mesmerising."

"I don't remember any of that," 36 said sadly. How could she have fought off so many people if she couldn't remember how to do it.

"You'll get them back chèrie," Remy said simply.

"How do you know? And don't call me that!" 36 screamed back through the wall.

"Well chèrie, I don't want to call you 36 so until we think of something else you'll be chèrie to me," Remy said with uncontained glee in his teasing voice making her laugh for the first time since she woke up earlier. It sounded beautiful, Remy thought, this girl was built for laughing and he wanted to keep making her laugh. It would be one of the best defences they would have against the crazed fanatics.

The reprieve from earlier didn't last very long. The stern guard had informed the head crazy scientist that Mutant Subject 36 had finally awakened after her surgery.

"That's encouraging to hear," the scary scientist said, "I want her brought to examination room 4 at two o'clock."

"Yes Sir, Professor Thompson," the stern guard said before leaving. It was one thirty now, so he had to get her ready.

"And I want her conscious!" Professor Thompson called after the guard, "And don't touch her bare skin if you can help it!"

Examination room 4 was like any other room at any other doctor's clinic around the world. Except the chair that the patient sat on had manacles on the arms and legs of the chairs to keep the patient still. This was the room where they would actually talk to their Mutant captives.

Remy and 36 had spent most of the day just chatting randomly about insignificant things, it was nice. Remy thought it would be best not to talk about anything of consequence after the heavy burden of information he gave her earlier. So instead, he started to tell her about some of the places he had see on his travels around the world. Currently he was telling her about Paris, but when they noticed the four guards walking towards their cells they instantly stopped and they weren't carrying food. They had obviously come to take one of them into the laboratory part of the complex.

"Mutant Subject 36, face the wall and put your hands in the blue circles. Do not move until you are told or you will get a dart. Now move!" The stern voiced guard commanded.

"It'll be ok chèrie, just do what they say and you'll be fine," Remy said softly to her through their vent.

But 36 didn't want to do what she was told. She wanted to fight. They were, after all, the people who did this to her. So, she got up and put her hands in the blue circles and waited.

She heard the glass front of the containment cell move aside to allow the guards entrance into the cell. She could sense them behind her and she heard one of them take out something from a pocket. Handcuffs, maybe. She felt his hand on the sleeve of her long t-shirt and she snapped.

She didn't know how she did it, but something took over and she knew how to take the guards down. In one swift move the one who grabbed her arm was on the floor, on top of another guard and one of the other guards was on the floor clutching his stomach after the organ bursting kick she just planted on him.

There was just one guard left and she was going to tackle him before he could raise the alarm, but this one was more prepared. He swiftly took out the dart gun that was on his belt and shot her. It wasn't enough to knock her out but she felt so groggy and slow. Her knees couldn't support her full weight and she had to lean against the wall to keep herself upright.

"Do you think we wouldn't come prepared after dealing with that demon eyed freak or after your entrance last week? Dumb mutie bitch," the guard sneered at her just before coming up to her face and punching her in the stomach.

Pain burst behind the eyes of 36 as the guard then delivered a steel-toed booted kick to her abdomen while the other guards cheered him on. He was about to kick her again when his name was called over his radio, informing him that he was late bringing Mutant Subject 36 to the examination room. So the guard restrained himself to only just spit on her.

Two guards then forcible hoisted her up to her feet, before locking the handcuffs in front of her. She was half dragged, half marched out of the cell while Remy looked concerned at the corner of the glass. Of course, she was too drugged up to notice anyone else paying her any attention; she was only concerned with putting one foot in front of the other so that her toes wouldn't get scraped across the floor as they took her through the doors of the containment area into the laboratories.

She was waking up enough to notice the rooms on either side of her as she walked down the corridor of the laboratory area, and what she saw had a more sobering effect than anything else she could think of as she could see into every room. Each room had a large viewing window, so people could stand outside the experimentation areas and take notes, or just watch with sick and morbid curiosity or humour. She saw a mixture of all when she was being marched down the corridor. And now she knew what happened to all the mutants who died while in the "care" of the scientists as she could see one being dissected by four scientists while three guards watched and chuckled.

"Is this gonna happen to me?" She thought to herself as she was still being marched past experiments and dissections and discussions.

The guards finally stopped her outside a room that didn't have a viewing window. This filled her with so much fear that she couldn't move anymore.

"What kinda sick things do they do here!?" she thought, but it seemed that she was going get her answers soon as that was where the guards seemed to be dragging her to.

Though, once inside, it appeared to be nothing more than an office. The guards forcibly sat her on the chair in the middle of the room, cuffing her to it in the process.

After a few minutes of waiting in slight terror the door opened once again to reveal an older man, wearing a white lab coat and rather thick rimmed glasses. He was relatively tall, with a bald head, but he stood straight and dignified. '

"Well Mutant Subject 36, how are feeling today?" The man asked as he sat down, but she didn't answer, she just stared at the man in front of her. She felt like she should know him, but she couldn't place him at all.

"Um…" 36 started, but didn't know how to continue.

"What do you remember?" The scientist asked.

"Nothing," 36 replied, maybe this man could help her. He seemed to be a doctor, and doctors were supposed to help people.

"Good," The scientist said simply. This shocked 36, why was this man so happy that she couldn't remember anything.

"Fletcher!" The scientist shouted suddenly breaking 36 out of her internal thoughts. She was so confused.

"Fletcher, I want you to take Mutant Subject 36 by the arm with your bare hand," The scientist said.

"Ok Professor…" The man known as Fletcher said as he placed his bare hand on 36's bare arm. Everyone looked quite expectantly down at the bare hand and arm as they came into contact, but after waiting fifteen minutes nothing had happened.

"Thank you, Fletcher, that will be all for now," The Professor said with a dismissive wave of the hand.

"What did that prove?" 36 asked when Fletcher had left the room.

"Why, that my theory was correct, your mutant powers have been reset. Now, you can go back to your cell, I don't need you for any more experiments for a few days at least."

36 had no idea what he meant, mutant powers have been reset? Theory?

She didn't even notice when the guards came back in to take her back to her cell.

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