"Say yes to me. Let me make you mine."

His hands went to her waist, a burning brand that seemed to melt through her skin. She gasped as the intensity of his gaze, the way it moved over her body, hot, possessive, claiming her very soul.

His mouth closed over her breast, wildly hot and moist, his teeth scraping gently, expertly so that she cried out and cradled his head to her. The sensation was so strong, so overwhelming. Her fists clenched in his thick silk hair, holding him to her while his tongue danced and stroked and his mouth pulled strongly, creating a burning, throbbing pool of need in her deepest core.

She couldn't resist brushing her hand across the hard evidence of his need. When he jumped, she closed her hand over the bulge, pressing into him. He was hot, throbbing. He grew larger, swelling into her palm.

His hands pushed her thighs apart; his hips took their place between hers. His weight as he stretched out above her pinned her in place.

Elijah was so ready for her; he didn't know how gentle he could be. Already he was pushing into her, the head of his erection meeting the tight resistance of her body as he inched his way into her channel.

She was fiery hot, velvet soft, tightly gripping him, the white-hot ecstasy bursting through him.

Elena drew up her knees, allowing him better access.

And then he began to move. There was only Elijah, his body surging in and out of hers, pulsing with fire and absolute pleasure.

He was driving up and up, climbing fast and high, taking her with him until her body was wound tight, the pressure building with the force of a volcano.

His tongue tasted her skin, flicked her pulse. Her fingers sank deeper into his hips, holding his body to drive into hers. He knew how she would taste. He sank his teeth deep.

He took her higher and higher, tasting her he made them one, his tongue closing the pinpricks on her neck.

"Let go, Elena. Come with me." Her body gripped his, and then they were both exploding together.

Elijah looked down at Elena and smiled softly. "From the moment I first saw you, I knew there was something special about you." Blushing, she rolled over and snuggled into his chest.

"I love you Elijah." He looked down at her and kissed her neck. "As I you." Elijah couldn't help but wonder. "No regrets?" She lifted her head off of his chest and smiled down at him. She leaned down and kissed him. "Nope, none."