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Chapter 1

"Who are you and why are you just laying out here?" Katniss Everdeen was out hunting with her best friend Gale. They had noticed smoke and went to investigate.

A boy with a red coat and black clothing on was lying in a descent sized crater. The blonde haired boy opened his eyes. They were a startling gold. "Al?" his voice was weak. "Where am I?" He looked at Katniss and Gale.

"Who are you?" he asked before passing out.

"We should go. He could be from the Capitol." Gale pointed out.

"He needs help. We should bring him to my Mother and we can decide what to do with him from there." Katniss insisted.

"All right." Gale sighed.

Their journey home wasn't easy. One this boy was so heavy. It confused Gale because he was so small. Another was they had to get him past the people and the Peace Keepers. That was a challenge all on its own. But they managed to get him in her house.

"What have you brought us?" Katniss's mother asked. She turned and gasped.

"We found him in the woods. We don't know who he is but we couldn't just leave him." Her mother nodded and laid him on the table. "He seems to be all right; just exhausted. He should wake up any minuet." She said after inspecting him.

As if on cue the boy awoke. "Where am I? Damn Truth, what the hell does he mean I don't to pick the punishment?" He sat up and looked at Katniss. His golden eyes seemed to look into her soul. She looked away. "Who are you? Military? Government? What?"

"We found you passed out in the woods. I brought you back here in case you were hurt. I'm Katniss Everdeen."

"Edward Elric. But call me Ed, when people call me Edward it sounds like you're going to kill me. Or shoot me if you're Hawkeye." He mumbled the last part.

"Where did you come from?" Her mother questioned.

"Depends, where am I?"

"District Twelve, Panem."

"Well I've never heard of you so what Truth said must be true. Do you know what the Hunger Games are?"

"It's a celebration." Grumbled Katniss, "Every year one girl and one boy are picked from each district. They go into a ring and fight each other to the death until there is one left standing. The winner receives glory and is honored."

"Well that's stupid. So Truth wants me to enter then win. For what? How the hell is that a price?"

"Excuse me, but who is Truth?" Katniss asked.

"He's a bastard and I've got to win the Hunger Games to get my brother back. If I don't, well, no I have to."

"Umm, okay." Said Katniss still confused.

"So how do you enter?"

"You have to be twelve to eighteen."

"Great, how do-" Ed went rigid. Then collapsed.

"Mr. Alchemist. Weren't you listening?"

"No," Ed muttered.

Truth sighed. "I have the conditions set up. All you have to do is be there for the reaping. If they don't call your name volunteer."

"Fine, whatever. How exactly will this get Al back?"

"You will see Mr. Alchemist. Just remember, you have alchemy. If I hadn't let you keep it this would have been a lot harder for you. You've got automail again. Your price was arm. I was feeling generous."

"Whatever bastard."

"See you soon!"

Ed woke up on the floor.

"All right, when is this reaping?"

"Tomorrow." Katniss whispered, seeing he was okay.


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