So Mr. Alchemist, you're back again.

I've decided that human transmutation is impossible. You were just making me do that for your own personal gain.

What would I want with a world like that one? They are not alchemists. They do not use equivalent exchange.

You're still the Gatekeeper. You still judge the people that die, and the people that live.

You're right alchemist. What you say is true. You didn't fulfill our deal. I let you have your alchemy, and you died. I gave you all the tools you needed and you failed. You are now my pawn, to use for anything I happen to need done. When I need you, you will be called. When you have repaid your debt you will continue being the normal human you are. So in the meantime.

The large Gate opened, you will go home.

There will be a sequel. Watch out for it. It might even come out today. But only might, don't count on it