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Charlie's eyes fluttered open.


Less urgent than the first, but with more meaning.


Charlie's eyes widened. How was he still asleep?
He only stirred when a punch landed in his ribs.
"Ow…" he grumbled making a feeble attempt to hit his assailant back.


Joe's eyes shot open.
"Who is that?" He pushed himself up in the bed
"Well I don't know do I? That's what I've been trying to ask you!" Charlie hissed
"What do you want me to do about it?"
"Go see who it is! No one knows I'm here, this is your house therefore whoever is pounding at the door wants you!" Charlie looked at the clock "You never told me that you got visitors at one in the morning."


"Alright, already!" Joe grumbled clambering out of bed.
He was ready to walk out of the bedroom when Charlie shouted after him.
"You can open the door to me like that, but not anyone else!"
He looked down at himself and realised what he was wearing, his boxers, and rather more importantly what he wasn't. He walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out a white t-shirt that was about four sizes too big for him that he kept to sleep in if the nights got too hot for a blanket but too cold not to have something on, and his tracksuit bottoms.
"Meow! Sexy" Charlie nodded approvingly before sinking back under the covers with a yawn.
Joe blushed faintly before hurrying out of the room and down the stairs to the door.


"Oh for god's sake!" he growled as he flung the door open to reveal his team minus Megan standing in front of him all fully dressed, ready to work. He sighed. "Come in." He stood to one side and the three men filed in watching as he pointed to a door. "Through there." He sighed shoulders slumping looking defeated as he shut the door and followed them into his living room.
"Sorry it's so early." Miles apologised looking extremely tired himself, but glad to be out of the house.
"Yeah, Kent here…" Finley thumbed at the youngest detective "Had an idea about the case…"
"So he texted me and I told him to come over, he did told me his idea and we went to go and collect this muppet" Miles affectionately punched Finley in the shoulder "Then decided to come and get you."
"What about Megan and Buchan?" Joe asked stifling a yawn and rubbing his eyes.
"Well, Meg's got kids so we thought it best to leave her for the moment and Kent you called Buchan?"
All three older detectives looked at Kent for the explanation he was about to supply them with.
"He said he'd meet us here." Kent shrugged
"Have you told Buchan your idea?"
"It can wait until he gets here then." Joe told them somewhat slurring his words together through lack of sleep.

*Knock. Knock. Knock.*

That was Buchan. Joe had opened the door to reveal their 'advisor' cradling a heavy looking stack of files that he wouldn't let Joe take from him, not even half to help. Joe ran his hands over his face while letting out a long and pained sounding sigh; he wasn't going back to bed.

Thirty minutes later they had heard Kent's idea decided that they would start working on it when they were at work and Buchan was ranting at them about some murders that traced back to the middle ages and trying to explain, with no success, why they were relevant.


Joe sighed. Charlie had always been nosey, why should tonight be any different?
Unfortunately this noise had attracted the attention of the four other men as well.
"What was that?" Kent asked in a hushed whisper.
Finley tapped him on the back of the head, "It's no use whispering now you idiot! If it is someone they've probably already heard us!"
The noises from the stairs ceased. Sat on the stairs, Charlie was very good at that, just sitting and listening, never needing to see. The footsteps resumed on the floor padding toward the living room, everyone was visibly holding their breath. Joe was trying not to laugh, they all did look terrified. Where's a camera when you need one? The door crept open revealing a pair of blue-green eyes staring up at them from just over three feet off the floor. At seeing this Joe's whole manner relaxed, a toddler crept shyly into the room eyes brimming with tears.
"Daddy I gott'ed a cut"

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