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No way had Charlie been expecting the sight which she woke up to with Joe lying there perfectly still his arms wrapped securely around Lillie. The whole scene made her smile; Joe was the kind of father that was few words but many actions, very unlike his own who had been a man of very many words few of them kind on what he had described as the 'Politics' of life, how he would never ever 'sugar coat' reality for his children… That turned out great for him when they followed their father's footsteps straight into the police force, promised seats at the highest table of the highest ranking officers.

Charlie managed to snap a picture on her phone before the little girl stirred and reached up to rub her eyes.

"Good morning baby," Charlie whispered smiling as Lillie steadied herself as she moved over to Charlie's side of the bed, standing straight on Joe's stomach as he turned on his back.

"Oops, sorry daddy…" She apologised, smiling as she sat in the middle of the bed between her parents "Morning Mamma,"

Charlie hugged Lillie and kissed the little girls cheek.

"Good morning handsome," She smiled as Joe moved to sit up,

"Good morning sweetheart…"

"You know, I think that me and you are going to have a lazy day today baby," Charlie pushed herself up so that she was sitting with her back against the headboard "And daddy is going to make us breakfast instead of me…" Joe rolled his eyes, Lillie bobbed her little head in a nod of agreement, Charlie ran one of her feet down Joe's leg and he shuddered in response "Go on then, big man" She winked, grinning "Impress a girl…"

"I'm up, I'm up! But I will not bring breakfast to you in bed…" He watched her warningly

"I know! I'm getting up too!" She picked Lillie up as she got out of bed herself,

Joe took Lillie from Charlie "You," He kissed her head "My little munchkin, go and get dressed okay?" He set Lillie down on the floor.

"Okay!" Lillie grinned widely as she skipped out of the door.

"Now… What was I about to do?..." Charlie feigned a 'lost in thought' expression and sat down on the bed "Oh, yeah…"

She grabbed the top of his shorts and pulled him over to her and on top of her where he supported his whole body with one arm, she pulled his head down for his lips to meet hers, they kissed happily and lazily before Joe broke it off.

"She'll be dressed and back in here within the next five minutes, if not shouting for one of us to help her…"

"Yeah, five minutes…"

"Not long enough…"

"Good point," She pushed him up off of her and she proceeded to choose clothes to wear "Go on then," She smiled cheekily "Go get cooking,"

"Need, shower…" He mumbled moving past her into the en suite

"Yeah, me too…" Charlie simply lost interest in the clothes in the wardrobe and just picked up the duvet and dragged it out of the room with her and into Lillie's room where the three year old was sitting on her bed looking very tired and had made no effort to get dressed just stayed in her pyjamas "C'mon…" She picked Lillie up and wrapped the duvet around her too "Don't bother getting dressed baby if you don't wanna, we're having a lazy day I'm staying in my jammies"

"Okay…" She wrapped her arm around Charlie's neck and stuck her thumb in her mouth "Daddy cooking?"

"Not yet, He's getting a shower and dressed because after breakfast he has to go to work so he's got to be ready to go," Charlie kissed her daughters head

"Why does daddy work so much?"

"Because that way he keeps all the bad guys locked up keeping people safe"


An hour later and with the miniature chef's hat his three year old daughter had lovingly plonked on his head still in place Joe sat down to breakfast with his wife and daughter.

"Well? Up to your standards ladies?"

Charlie took the opportunity to smile at the little chef's hat while Lillie watched him critically before grinning and continuing to eat the French toast he had made for them.

"The perfect little actress already,"

"Just like her mamma…"

Charlie playfully batted his arm with the oven glove she had grabbed feigning a 'shocked but hurt at the same time' look.

"Do you have to go to work daddy?" She frowned

"Yes baby I do, I can get away with turning up a few hours late though…" He glanced at the clock nervously "I … uh… suppose?"

Sensing his discomfort Charlie smiled softly at the little girl, "Hey now baby girl, we can't make daddy late for work or he won't have a job anymore!"

"Uh, oh…"

"Yeah, exactly uh oh"

"Mamma's right sweetheart," He knelt down next to Lillie, wrapped his arm her shoulders and pointed to the clock "You see the big hand?" She nodded "And the little one?" She nodded again "Well when the little one is on eight" he pointed to the number '8' on the clock "And the big one is on six" he moved his pointing finger to the '6' "Then, that's the time I have to go,"

She frowned at the clock while contemplating this, "But that's in…" she counted on her fingers "One, two, three…" she turned her frowning face to him "That soon though daddy,"

"I know sweetheart,"

Charlie smiled to herself as she cleared the plates from the table, and proceeded on to do the washing up, Lillie made a very good argument.

Small sharp barking broke her train of thought and the conversation between father and daughter.

"Rolo!" Lillie shouted, the puppy barked louder

"Lillie!" Charlie scolded "Don't shout him when he can't get to you it's not fair."

"Oh, uh oh?"

"Let's go get him," Joe stood up, Lillie hopped off the chair and grabbed his hand pulling him eagerly towards the door.

Joe loved family life, even that damn dog.

"Remember Luke, Rachael and the kids are coming over tonight!" Charlie called after him



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