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Spring time at Hogwarts was always a beautiful time. The snow was melting, trees were budding, and life started to come out of the castle. All the residents of the castle - faculty, students, ghosts, and anything else that took shelter in the castle for the long, white winter - always seemed to come out of hibernation around mid-March.

And it was this time of the year that was Severus Snape's favorite. After being cooped up in the castle for the winter months, all the co-eds were dressing for the nice weather. This was a chance for Snape to be able to deduct points from students' houses and ruin a few learners' days.

"10 points from Hufflepuff. Your skirt is too short," Snape directed at a 6th year. "Pull your tie up. 10 points from Ravenclaw," he barked at a 4th year. "You, you, you, and you, 10 points each from Gryffindor," Snape said with a smile.

Yes, the early spring was a great time of the year. It was his chance to reinforce his dominance on the grounds of the school. Before the end of the third period of the day, he was back in fine form. When he would round a corner, anyone within his line of sight would immediately check, and double check, that they were appropriately dressed. With a grin of satisfaction, Snape continued toward the dungeons for a class.

After lunch, Snape headed to the Black Lake to collect some samples of algae for a potion that Dumbledore had requested. On his way down, Draco Malfoy and his usual gang of Slytherin cronies were assembled on the bank laying out and absorbing the well-missed sun. The boys were topless tossing around a de-Fanged Frisbee, while the girls watched on in silence.

"Professor, come down for a toss?" Goyle asked throwing the disc in Snape's direction.

The Frisbee landed in the sand where Snape walked right by it, "I don't 'toss', Goyle."

Looking over his few favorite students, Snape continued to the water's edge where he collected a good amount of the algae out of sight of his Slytherins. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a group of Gryffindor's walking on a path that led right near to where the Frisbee-throwing boys of Snape's house were.

Another chance to ruin some Gryffindors' day. Snape thought to himself. He could envision the whole scene unwrap before it even happened. Exactly as he had predicted, the Frisbee appeared in Snape's view and landed right in the lake where it began to sink. As Snape walked to the collection of students, wands were drawn by six of his Slytherin and four Gryffindor girls, in the front of the Gryffindor charge was Hermione Granger.

"What is going on here?" Snape ask in a low tone.

"Granger, threw our disk in the lake, Sir," Draco explained to his professor.

"Only after you tried to hit us with it," Hermione lashed back.

"It simply could've slipped between one of the boy's fingers," Snape tried.

"We both know that isn't how it happened, Professor Snape," Hermione said irritated by Malfoy's constant mistreatment.

"Oh, we know that? You just know everything, Ms. Granger, don't, you." Snape said feeling a surge of dominance come over him, "Do you know all the proper rules of the dress code? Because I can see a handful of Gryffindors violating some of the code right here," Snape pointed out some of the flaws, "20 points from each of you."

"That's not fair," Hermione began, "they don't even-" But Snape cut her off before she could voice that none of the Slytherin boys had shirts on.

"Your tie isn't pulled up," it was at an appropriate height, "Your skirt is too short," it was perfectly acceptable, "you have the wrong socks on," that wasn't even a rule, "and you have lost these students' disk. I will see you for detention tonight, Granger." With that Severus Snape headed up to the castle where he spent most of the daylight hours in his dungeons brewing.

After the usual unsatisfying dinner, Snape went down to his classroom where he sat down at his desk to tackle some Sixth Year papers that he had been needing to grade since the beginning of the term. After he was halfway through his stack, there came a knock on his door.

"Come in," said his cold voice.

Hermione Granger walked in and took a seat at a desk in the first row of the classroom.

"Ms. Granger, you do not seem to be in uniform," Snape said without even lifting his head to address her. He was right. She looked like she was ready to lounge around the common room with Harry or Ron.

"I didn't know I was supposed to come dressed in my uniform, Professor," Hermione tried to explain.

"How else are you going to learn what appropriate dress-code is if you do not practice it?" Snape told her still keeping his nose in his papers, "I will see you tomorrow for detention, as well. And please come with the appropriate uniform."

Hermione gave a displeased sigh, but said nothing.

After a length of silence, Hermione spoke up, "Professor, is there something I should be doing?"

Desperately hoping that small talk would not start up, Snape suggested that she could start brewing a batch of a simple potion that would be the topic of discussion to a group of Second Years the following day.

The potion was something Hermione was familiar with when she was presented with her ingredients, but she had to search the shelves and cupboards for the recipe's contents.

This seemed like a good trade off, Snape would be able to finish grading his papers, and his potion would be done for his lesson plan the next day. Every so often, Snape would peer over his work and eye Hermione as she walked around the classroom searching for the ingredients on the recipe card. Watching her young form move started to stir something inside Snape.

Eventually, Snape found himself unable to stop watching her. He was beginning to get a rise out of seeing her bend down and dig in the lowest cabinets, or peering at her as she got on her tiptoes and stretched her whole body to try to reach the highest shelves. Snape was beginning to have inappropriate thoughts race across his mind.

His thoughts were interrupted when Hermione knocked half a dozen jars from one of the tallest shelf to the floor creating a mess. It took Snape a minute to realize that on the floor were pools of dragon blood, unicorn blood, salamander blood, and Acromantula venom, four very expensive ingredients.

"Granger!" Snape shouted as her eyes were fixed at the mess on his floor, "I asked you to do something very simple and you find a way to muddle it all up." Snape was about to stand up and make his way over there, but a slight tightness below his waist dictated that he couldn't.

"I'm sorry, Professor. I'll clean it up." Hermione said waving her wand around trying to pick up the magical contents, but it was no use. Once the liquids had mixed with one another, Hermione's spells had no effect.

"Use the towels," Snape instructed, "A Muggle would be more useful," he said under his breath.

Snape watched uneasily as she cleaned her mess. His mind first wandered to thinking about all the gold Galleons that would have to go into replacing those ingredients. The more he thought about it, the more upset he got with Hermione. She has to be punished, he thought.

"400 points from Gryffindor," Snape said needing to stop thinking about how much it would cost to replace the ingredients.

"No, Professor, that was an honest accident!" Hermione pleaded.

"Still there are punishments for accidents," Snape put in plain words, "Now sit down and wait for detention to be over."

Hermione took a seat and quietly sat and tried to think of what she would say to her fellow Gryffindors about the points.

Snape picked up another paper and attempted to start grading it. He enjoyed having his power over the upset student. He enjoyed the feeling of being dominate over her and being able to tell her what to do. And that is when he had one of his most despicable ideas since he had joined with the Dark Lord.

"Ms. Granger," Snape said in a low voice, "Come over to this side of my desk."

"Yes, Professor," Hermione said hanging her head as she made her way toward her potions master.

"Do you want to earn those 400 points back for your house?" Snape asked.

"Yes, Sir," Hermione jumped at the opportunity to save herself from being ostracized by her housemates.

"It will be unpleasant for you," he informed her.

"I'll do it," Hermione said thinking that there couldn't be a punishment that wouldn't be worth 400 house points.

A smile slid across Snape's face. "Sit yourself right here." Snape said pointing next to his Professor's chair.

"Ok, Professor," a hint of curiosity and nervousness was in Hermione's voice.

"Now, rub me while I finish these remaining papers," Snape said with ease - as if it was everyday conversation.

Hermione almost choked as she swallowed. Clearly, she hadn't heard her professor correctly - but she dared not say anything. She was frozen wide-eyed.

"Do you want to earn your house points back?" Hermione gave a small nod, "In that case, I am offering you an opportunity to retrieve them." He informed her without picking his head up from his work.

Hermione took her small manicured hand and tentatively brought it to her professor's robes. She went as slowly as possible - thinking that this was some sort of test of character that she was failing, but Snape never told her to stop. Hermione's fingertips hovered over his robes. She waited one more second - hoping for instructions to stop - but when no such guidance was given to her, her hand fell to his robes. She could feel the outline of his slightly hardened member. She lightly worked her hand up and down feeling it grow with every passing stroke.

In Hermione's mind, this seemed to go on forever. She didn't know how much longer this demeaning task was going to last. She could tell her face was giving off a bored look as she idly stroked her professor.

Hermione hadn't noticed that Snape had finished his whole stack of papers, "Ms. Granger, I want you to sit on my desk now."

She did as she was told.

Snape rose from his chair - erection showing. Hermione's eyes widened again at the sight of bundle of robes lifted at her professor's groin.

"Pick your arms up over your head," Snape instructed.

Hermione did as she was told again.

Snape then lifted her shirt up over her head. Unready for this, Hermione tried to cover herself up.

"Where is the brave Gryffindor now?" Snape mocked, "Please don't attempt to cover yourself. By the end of the night, I will see much more."

Hermione hung her head in shame and let her bra and slight cleavage show. She had just a nude colored bra that supported her sub-par sized breasts. Next, Snape removed Hermione's shoes and socks.

"Lie back down, so I can remove your pants." Hermione hesitated, but obeyed her potions master. Snape pulled her track pants down and revealed a blue pair of panties. Snape smiled at the sight in front of him.

"Hop of the desk, witch, and come let my cock out," Snape said enjoying the rush he was receiving from ordering the young witch around.

Hermione rested her weight on her bare knees and worked out her professor's length. Once the zipper was undone, it leapt out like a loaded spring. Hermione went bug-eyed again at the size of what was in front of her. It looked like her grip would barely fit around it, and it would be hard for both hands to cover the length of it.

"What do you think, Ms. Granger?" Snape asked mockingly.

Hermione still left her head down in defeat, "It is very nice, Sir."

"How about you give it a few more tugs?" Snape recommended.

From her knees, Hermione reached out and grabbed onto him with one hand and slowly worked toward the base and then back to the head, without much enthusiasm.

"Move a little faster, Granger." Snape said sharply, looking for more pleasure.

Hermione quickened the pace of her hand and in no time, small amounts of liquid were beginning to seep out of the tip. Like Hermione's hand, Snape's moans were starting to increase in intensity.

"Faster, witch," Snape ordered.

Hermione moved her hand vigorously, squeezing on her professor's cock. In a flash of a moment and a snap of his wand, all of Snape's clothes were on the floor.

"Remember when I said you wouldn't enjoy this?" Snape asked.

"Yes, Professor," Hermione recalled.

"This is when that is going to start," Snape informed her with a crooked smile on his face.

Hermione knew what was going to come next, but she asked anyways, "What do you want me to do, Sir?"

"You are going to put me in your mouth and pleasure me," Snape almost chuckled, "Do you understand?"

Hermione didn't make a sound. She just grabbed Snape's cock at the base and put the head into her mouth. She winced when the clear liquid touched her tongue. The taste flooded her mouth. Hermione worked the head in and out of her mouth for longer than she wanted, but the worst hadn't come yet.

"Put more in your mouth," Snape groaned at the stimulation he was receiving - as imperfect as it was.

Hermione didn't want to, but she had to obey. This time when she went down, she put all of the professor that she could fit until it met the back of her throat and she stopped. It wasn't much farther than she was doing before; however, Snape seemed moderately satisfied when he heard the sound of her throat coming to it's end. Hermione kept reaching this depth and she was disgusted with herself.

Before she could finish thinking exactly how disgusted she was, the professor had grabbed her head and roughly decided that Hermione wasn't going far down enough on him. He pushed her head on him and thrust his hips into her. Effectively, he began fucking her mouth. Hermione couldn't handle the depth and lost her ability to breathe, but she didn't dare move. When Snape let her up for air, she gasped in with pre-cum all over her mouth. Once she had received a few precious breaths of air, Snape gave her another round of face-fucking. The sounds Hermione mad only made Snape want to go harder.

"I'm going to finish in your little whore mouth, Granger. You are going to swallow every bit of it. Do you understand me?" Snape questioned.

Hermione didn't have time to respond when his salty seed flowed into her mouth. It was the foulest thing that Hermione had ever tasted. She hadn't expected any of that. Disgusted, she spewed it out of her mouth and it dribbled down her front, covering her breasts and bra.

"Tsk. Tsk. Ms. Granger, I wanted you to swallow that. What should I do now?" Snape purred at the chance to find another way to punish her.

Hermione wanted to cry, her professor of higher learning was taking advantage of her and he was loving every second of it. She said nothing to his question, but just looked at Snape's seed covering her as her head continued to hang.

"Let's remove the rest of what you have on," Snape said helping her off of her knees and up to her feet. Snape unclasped her bra and let her small breasts fall out. Again Hermione tried to cover up, but Snape forced her hands to the side. "Sit back on my desk," Hermione obeyed, "Is there anything you won't do to keep your precious Gryffindor points?" Hermione just kept her head down. "Good." Snape said with another smile - he had broken her long ago, but now there wasn't even a hint of fight left in the Gryffindor princess.

Snape pushed her gently back onto the desk and stood between her legs that were dangling off the piece of furniture. He positioned his hands under her panties and pulled them off of her, leaving her completely nude on his desk. Snape took in the sight of her little body, naked and ashamed. The potions master was very proud of his work.

"I think that since you didn't swallow when I ordered you to, you should have another opportunity, Ms. Granger." Snape said, "Do you think that is fair?"

Hermione just nodded.

"But you see my cock isn't nearly as hard as I want it to be. Fix that," Snape ordered.

"How, Sir?"

"You are going to pleasure yourself, and rub your feet up against me," Snape informed her.

Hermione had never done either of these things before, but she tried. She leaned back and rested her bare feet on her professor's soft member and tried to rub it effectively. At the same time, she took her right hand down and rubbed the outside of her softness.

"You are taking too long, whore," Snape told her.

Hermione winced at his sharp words and pressed her feet harder against the full grown wizard and inserted two fingers into herself. When she imagined the feeling of something inside her, she thought it would feel good. She was revolted with herself that she was performing for her teacher.

"That is much better," Snape said, his cock stiffening under Hermione's feet. After two minutes of clumsily moving her feet over her professor, he was fully erect again.

Without warning, Snape grabbed her hips and pulled her up to him. "Are you ready for the last thing you have to do for the night?"

"Yes, Professor," Hermione said ashamed assuming what the last step was.

"Aside from swallowing whatever gets in your mouth, I am going to fuck your Mudblood pussy," that was a word he hadn't used in over a decade, but he felt his old Death Eater ways coming over him.

"Yes, Sir," Hermione said opening her legs hesitantly to allow her professor access to her core.

With a smile, Snape forced his member into his young student.

Snape moaned, "You have the tightest little hole, my Gryffin-whore."

Hermione's voice sounded with an unpleasant groan of discomfort.

Hermione closed her eyes. She was horrified at herself for coming to this. Snape thought she was closing her eyes from pleasure and it urged him to continue. Snape thrusted harder and deeper each time he reentered her. Hermione tried to push him away with her thighs, but there was no chance. She just had to stand being his toy until he was finished. Snape enjoyed every thrust as her small breasts bounced. Sweetest of all was the shot of pleasure that ran through his rod with each powerful stroke he drove into his student.

"Hop off the desk and bend over," Snape ordered.

Obediently, Hermione jumped off the desk and turned around sticking her bottom out toward the professor. Snape positioned his cock outside her entrance again and slid it in. This time it curved up into her at an uncomfortable angle. Snape pounded into her until his toes were beginning to curl.

"Quick, on your knees," Snape said holding back his orgasm with all his might.

Hermione listened and opened her mouth. Snape took the chance to fuck her face for a few more strokes until he gave her the last instruction of the night, "Swallow it all!"

Hermione obeyed as his cock convulsed in her mouth. She tipped her head back and allowed the cum to flow down her throat. She was disgusted, but knew better than to didn't complain.

"Well done, Ms. Granger," Snape said exhausted, "I will expect you at detention tomorrow as well," he paused for a moment, "and expect something similar."

Hermione nodded. She refused to look up from the floor.

"And know if you mention any of this to anyone, the consequences will be worse than losing 400 points for your beloved housemates." Snape told her, even though she already knew that.

Hermione hung her head as she dressed and left the dungeon absolutely ashamed of herself.

"I should send out an owl to him," Snape said aloud as he dressed, "I feel like that will make us even."