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My Old Friend,

I have something I think you will enjoy. I have already had the pleasure of enjoying it, and trust me it was one of my greatest pleasures. If you want to see what I am talking about arrive at the castle this evening.

Severus Snape

After sending the owl out to Lucius Malfoy, Snape could not wait until the evening's round of detention. He had a little surprise in mind for Ms. Granger.

Throughout the day, Snape was in a particularly jolly mood, which was still snarkier and darker than anyone else at Hogwarts, but he was still anxious as a little boy. He was still deducting points from students that were out of dress code hoping to run into Hermione. When he finally found her in the Great Hall with her two best friends, Potter and Weasley, Snape reminded her of detention.

"Don't forget your second helping of detention, Ms. Granger," Snape said smoothly without a smile.

"I wouldn't forget, sir," Hermione said with a defeated tone.

"And please remember to wear the proper uniform this evening. You don't want another detention tomorrow night do you?" Snape asked, a smile almost revealing on his lips.

Hermione just shook her head. Snape knew not a word of what had happened last night left Hermione's lips.

Happy with the little amount of torture he caused her, Snape went on his way.

Before heading down to her dreaded detention with Snape, Hermione looked herself over in the mirror again. She saw herself in the modest uniform of Hogwarts. She wore her long-white button-up, black jumper vest, house tie, knee length skirt, high grey socks, and black shoes. She looked in the mirror a third time to make sure she was presentable; she didn't want any excuse to serve a third detention like this.

Hermione made her walk down to the dungeons. Once outside of Snape's classroom, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door. It silently opened. Hermione knew to walk in.

"Welcome back," Snape said, thinking he was funny, "Come on in. I am so glad you are dressed appropriately."

"Thank you, Professor," Hermione said a little nervous about what was in store for her. Snape had mentioned it would be similar. She could only imagine the night being almost exactly like the night before.

"As a professor of Hogwarts, it is important that I teach you all that I can. And that does not limit me to just wanting t teach you Potions, Ms. Granger. Do you understand?" Snape asked.

Hermione nodded, she didn't really care about the back story.

"I'm going to teach you the importance of why we have such a modest dress code, along with a few more things tonight." Snape said. And as he finished his sentence, Lucius Malfoy appeared out f the shadows of the classroom.

Hermione knew what this meant. She swallowed, but knew what was coming.

"Tonight, Ms. Granger, we are going to do a little acting," Lucius Malfoy's smooth voice said, "How does that sound?"

Hermione knew she had no choice, "Sure."

"Very good. So let's adjust your uniform. We want to make sure you know why it's bad to be out of proper dress code." Snape said moving toward Hermione.

The two men circled her and helped her adjust her uniform. Hands hungrily groped her. They removed the jumper, undid a few of the buttons on her shirt, lifted her skirt embarrassingly high, adjusted her knee high socks, and ordered her to put her hair in pigtails.

Hermione felt like a girl in a pin-up. She had more skin exposed than covered.

The two "former" Death Eaters looked impatiently at her. "Ms. Granger, for our little game, you are going to pretend Lucius is a professor, and you will address him as such. Do you understand?" Snape asked, knowing she would nod- she did.

"We also expect a little acting out of you, Mudblood," Lucius said keenly.

"Yes, Professor," Hermione let out. Snape and Lucius both smiled.

"Well, Ms. Granger, we are very upset to see you violate the dress code," Snape said suddenly, "We should take a good amount of points from you and your precious Gryffindor house, since we already had this conversation yesterday."

"Please, Professors, I'd be willing to do anything to keep the points for my housemates," Hermione said with a little truth in her voice.

"Very good. You are going to have to amuse Professor Snape and myself," Lucius said pulling the girl toward him.

"I don't think I understand, Sir," Hermione said in acting.

"You are going to satisfy your two professors," Malfoy said as he guided Hermione's hand to his groin.

Hermione clumsily rubbed her hand over Lucius's robes. Lucius smiled as the teenager pleasured him. As Hermione worked on hardening Mr. Malfoy, Snape came behind her and roughly grabbed her breasts. Hermione hasped as his rough hands squeezed her.

"How about you stroke my friend as well," Malfoy purred up to Hermione's ear.

"Yes, Sir," Hermione obeyed 'Professor Malfoy.'

Hermione continued rubbing Mr. Malfoy and while Snape was behind her massaging her breasts she reach back with her free hand and started to rub her potions master.

As she was stroking the two men Lucius moved his hands worked to rid Hermione of her shirt. Once all the buttons were undone, Snape took that moment to remove her bra. As soon as the bra landed on the floor, both the men were rid of their trousers, along with the rest of their clothes.

Hermione had never been in the presence of two naked men before and the sight awkward for her. She stood in the midst of two men much more than double her age. Both were standing with full erections. Hermione dropped down to her knees and grabbed each of her 'professors' shafts.

"What should I do with these?" she asked attempting to get into character.

"You should stroke us and alternate putting us deep in your mouth," Snape encouraged.

Hermione did as she was told. She grabbed each man at the base of his cock and moved her hand toward the head vigorously. From her knees she took Snape's familiar member and slid the head between her lips. This time she was prepared for the unpleasant taste. She worked a modest amount in her little mouth and pumped on Lucius's cock at the same pace as her head bobbed.

The sounds of the two men's breathing and Hermione's mouth were interrupted when Lucius grabbed Hermione by the hair and said, "I think it is my turn, Witch."

Hermione pulled her lips away from Snape and moved them to Lucius. She tasted his precum and it wasn't any better than Snape's, but if she performed well she would never have to experience this again.

"Is this a nice cock for you, Little Whore?" Lucius questioned the girl.

It wasn't much different from Snape's, but Hermione nodded as she continued taking the former Death Eater at a comfortable depth. This, however, wasn't enough for Malfoy. He grabbed onto her hair and forced himself deep into her unexpecting throat. Hermione's esophagus made disapproving sounds. Malfoy was able to get four more hard thrusts into Hermione's mouth before she could remove him from her oral cavity.

"It's too big, Sir," Hermione said wiping at her lips, "I'm not used to something this big."

"Perhaps you need some more practice," Snape suggested moving himself toward her mouth. Hermione repositioned her hand on Lucius's wet cock and started to stroke, while she attempted to move at her own pace as deep as she could. Every time Snape hit the back of her throat Hermione made a difficult sound and could feel her cheeks redden. Hermione kept at it knowing that if she pleased her captors she would be free forever.

Hermione was startled when she felt Lucius pull away from her handjob, but continued focusing on pleasing Snape. She was more startled when she felt Lucius remove her skirt and undergarments. When she looked down at Malfoy sitting on the floor of the classroom stroking himself, Hermione knew what to do.

"Is it time for me to earn my house points, Professor?" She asked stepping toward the full grown wizard pleasuring himself.

"I think I should be able to see what you can do, Ms. Granger." Lucius said pulling her on top of him.

Hermione mounted the man and winced as it entered her and filled her up, "It's so tight, Professor!"

"You need to be punished for breaking the rules." Lucius said as the young witch lowered onto him.

Hermione got no time to adjust to the new size in her, before Malfoy started forcing her to bounce on his cock from her knees on the floor of the classroom. As if that wasn't demeaning enough, Snape made his way toward her, grabbed a fistful of hair and forced himself past her lips. Hermione's body was being invaded in two different holes and she didn't like it.

The moans of all three were echoing off the classroom walls. Malfoy was burying his member into Hermione with each thrust under her, Snape was driving his rod to the back of Hermione's throat with each of his thrusts, and Hermione was panting from being penetrated by both men.

Lucius's moans were becoming faster and louder than Snape's and it wasn't long until he said, "Come down here and swallow this cum, Mudblood."

Hermione slid off Malfoy and put him into her mouth and sucked waiting for the vile fluid. Then it came, the seed came and filled Hermione's whole mouth. She struggled to swallow all of it in one try, but she couldn't and the rest fell down onto her chest. Lucius smiled seeing his seed glisten on the girl's front-side.

"That's a good little girl," Lucius said out of breath, "Severus, I think you should have a turn."

"Bend over this desk, Granger," Snape hissed. Hermione took made her way to the small sized student's workplace and bent over it at the waist. Her ass stuck out and her small breasts were pressed on the flat surface. She looked back behind her shoulder to see Snape stroking himself behind her.

"Are you ready for your second cock, Ms. Granger?" Snape said rubbing his hardness at her slick opening, "It seems you are excitedly anticipating this. You are so slick."

Hermione's body was just protecting her young entrance, "Yes, Professor, I need it. You are corrupting this bad student." Hermione faked.

Snape drove into her, and Hermione winced and made a small cry, "It's too big, Professor Snape. It's hurting."

"That's a good little whore." Snape said as he pounded into her.

Hermione's thighs crashed into the desk with every one of Snape's thrusts. She also winced every time his shaft went to the end of her insides. Snape was grabbing her hair and using her pig tails as handles to force his way deeper into her. Hermione closed her eyes as his pulling was uncomfortable.

"Do you love this cock pushing all the way into you?" Snape said, his breath quickening.

"O yes, you are fucking me so good, Professor." Hermione said knowing what he would like to hear.

Pleased with her acting Hermione had almost forgotten Lucius Malfoy was still in the room. He reminded her when he positioned his hardness in front of her mouth. Hermione opened wide so he could force it into her passage. Both men filled her holes and she was having a hard time with the sensation.

Neither man was working in time with the other so while she was being thrusted by Snape, Malfoy was poking the back of her throat and she couldn't figure out the timing and was defeated as their play toy. Hermione could hear the men's breath grow faster and it was Snape who spoke first.

"I'm going to finish, Witch," Snape said and he pulled out, "Stay bent over." With a few strokes of himself Snape unloaded onto Hermione's back and ass. Threads of his seed covering her.

"Are you ready for your second helping, you little whore?" Lucius asked.

Hermione didn't get the chance to respond before Malfoy came in her mouth again. Hermione made a face of disgust but swallowed the small load. Both men and she were a mess.

"You are free to clean yourself up now, Ms. Granger." Snape said to her dressing, "I hope you have learned your lesson about dress code. I would hate to have to punish you again."

I'm sure you would, you filthy bastard. Hermione thought, "Yes, Professor."

Once Hermione had charmed herself clean and dressed she headed out the classroom. As she was walking from the dungeons of the castle back to her Gryffindor tower and bluish green light appeared behind her, and the last thing she will never remember was the word, "Obliviate."