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Charlie's Secret

Chapter 1

Bella Pov:


Something I had never experienced in my entire life...until now. We had been back from Italy for two weeks, most everything was back to normal. Edward and I had most of our classes together again, but unlike before, Edward was no longer allowed to pick me up or take me home from school. He couldn't come over to my house until Charlie was at home to supervise, and that was only from seven to nine nightly. Of course, Charlie was totally unaware that every night, after he was sound asleep, Edward would spend the night in my bed with me.

Much to my surprise, Edward actually let go of some of his carefully constructed rules. I asked him one night why that was, hoping it wouldn't ruin everything.

He said, "Silly, Bella, I've been through life without you. I'm making up for lost time. Besides, your blood isn't as temping to me anymore. I choose to control my blood lust, because the thought of losing you is far more over whelming than how your blood sings to me."

He said my blood still called to him, it was just a lot easier to ignore. I was extremely happy for this development, because I couldn't imagine him having to stay away from me since I had a hard time letting him out of my sight.

The hole in my chest would fight to open every time he was away from me. I was almost to the point of asking him to stay in the bathroom with me while I showered, just so I wouldn't long to be near him. Ahhh, I hoped the saying time heals all wounds was true, because I didn't think I could live through this pain for the rest of my mortal life.

Speaking of my mortal life, Edward was still not convinced I should join him as an immortal, even after the vote and Carlisle's promise to change me after graduation. I tried not to bring it up since it upset Edward so much, and it would inevitably lead to us discussing marriage, and I really didn't want to discuss us getting married, which, incidentally, was his only condition on him being the one to change me. As tempting as it was to just say yes to Edward, just so he's the one, I have to be ready and say "yes," because its what I want for me, with or with out my change.

I woke up Monday morning to a note and a rose on the pillow Edward had occupied. Edward was such a romantic sometimes. I smiled as I picked up the note and flower.


I'm so sorry I could not be here when you awoke. I have a few things to finish up at home before school. I hope your sleep was as wonderful as the words you spoke as you dreamed. I'll see you soon, beautiful.

Yours for eternity,


I groaned and flopped back on my bed. What did I say? I tried to think of my dream, but all I could remember was Edward and me in our meadow. Oh, oh...oh...oh no! We were in our meadow and, and...oh my God! I was totally mortified. I had a sex dream—an amazing sex dream―about Edward. I was so embarrassed as to what he could have heard, I contemplated locking myself in my room for the rest of my life, although, that would never work since Edward was a vampire.

"Damn vampire never sleeps," I grumbled. I finished up my morning ritual and hurried downstairs for breakfast with my dad before he was off to work.

"Bella." Charlie was sitting at the table staring into his cup of coffee. He seemed a little off this morning. He looked...sad.

"Dad?" I asked with hesitation. "Are you ok?"

Charlie sighed. "No, honey, I'm not. You remember your Aunt Penny, right?"

"Of course, Dad, I spent every summer with Aunt Penny's daughter, Claire, until I was fourteen. Why, what's going on?"

"Well, I just found out this morning that Penny was killed in a car accident last night. I'll be leaving for Maine in a few hours. We're the only family she has, Bells, Claire will have to move in here with us. I haven't thought about everything...yet, but I guess I'll have to finish up that room I've been building, so you guys won't have to share rooms. Until I get that finished, I'll sleep on the couch and give her my room." I just sat there in shock as Charlie finished his babbling.

Claire and I were only nine or so months apart; she wasn't even eighteen yet and had already lost her only parent. Claire had no idea who her dad was. Apparently, Aunt Penny got a little drunk at a party, that rewarded her with Claire as a parting gift. I couldn't imagine what she must be going through. Even though, shortly, I'd be leaving my parents forever, it wasn't the same. They would still be alive and well. Poor Claire. Poor Charlie. Penny was his only sibling―even if she was adopted by his parents when she was sixteen―she was still his sister; they grew up together.

Penny's parents were killed in a house fire when she was sixteen almost seventeen. Her parents and my grandparents had been the best of friends as were Charlie and Penny. Neither of Penny's parents had any family left so the Swans adopted her.

When Penny was eighteen she found out about Claire and moved to Maine with her boyfriend after only knowing him for two months. They broke up shortly after moving, and Penny was stranded, too ashamed to call my grandparents and ask for help getting home. She chose to stay in Maine, go to school, and save her money, until Claire was five, and then they moved back to Forks. I had to say I admired my aunt. She had moved across the country without knowing no one, had a baby, went to college, and got a great job, and she did all of it with no local support.

Even though I didn't grow up in Forks, I still knew my cousin pretty well. We kept in contact through letters, phone calls, emails, and every summer she would come and stay with Charlie. Even after I stopped coming for the whole summer, she would still spend the summer at Charlie's house. I always found it strange that after she moved back to Forks, at five years old, she would stay with him, even though they only lived five minutes from each other. They eventually moved back to Maine when Claire was ten, of course, she still continued her summer visits. I always liked the idea because Charlie needed someone to keep him company. Claire loved going fishing and visiting La Push with Dad, so who was I to complain?

"Dad, whatever you need I'll do. I'm so sorry. I don't know what else to say. I'm in shock, really," I told him as I squeezed his hand tightly, hoping it would give him some amount of strength. I'd never seen my father so teary before; it broke my heart.

"I know what you mean, kid. Shock pretty well describes it." Charlie was staring out the window, lost in thought and grief.

"Dad, am I going with you?" I asked hesitantly.

", Bells, I talked to Carlisle just before you came downstairs. You're gonna go stay with them for the week. He promised me that you'd have your own room, and that you and Edward would be supervised at all times. Your grounding will still be in effect. Obviously, I can't do anything about you seeing him more, but it's the only thing I can think of that you wouldn't object to since you and Jacob are still fighting. I just didn't want to cause a scene with this. I've got too much on my mind."

"Okay, Dad, thank you. I promise to be on my best behavior. I'll come home after school, get packed, and then head over there. Is that okay?" I was still in shock to think Charlie would actually allow me to stay a week at Edward's. My mind was spinning.

"Yeah, Bells, that's fine. Why don't you have Edward pick you up here when you're done. I'd really rather you not drive while I'm gone. I'll be a nervous wreck as is." Charlie stood and took his cup to the sink.

"Sure, Dad, I'm sure he won't mind." I felt incredibly guilty for being as excited as I was with my dad being so distraught about his sister dying. Don't get me wrong, I was really upset about it as well, but to spend a week with my!

My musings were interrupted by a soft knock on our front door. "I'll get it." I was surprised to hear a knock this early since Edward was no longer allowed to pick me up for school, and I hadn't called him yet to ask for a ride. So when I opened the door to his smiling face, I was a little taken aback. Would I ever get used to this Grecian god?

"Umm... Edward, what are you doing here? Not that I'm not happy to see you, I am. I'm just surprised is all," I murmured quickly.

"Carlisle told me about your aunt. I'm so sorry, sweetheart," he said as he pulled me in for a hug and a chaste kiss. "I figured that since your dad is leaving, he might want me to drive you to be sure you arrived safely," Edward said with my favorite smile, just loud enough to be overheard by my father.

"Edward, that's probably a good idea, but straight to school, and be sure Alice comes back with you while Bella packs. I don't want you two alone in this house. Do you understand?" My dad was using his Police Chief Swan voice. I tried to hide my smile, but I wasn't doing that great of a job.

"Of course, Chief Swan. I'll follow your rules. My dad has already filled me in on your talk from this morning. We'll be on our best behavior, promise," Edward said with so much conviction I actually believed him.

"All right then. I guess that's it. Bye, Bells, be safe," Charlie said with sadness lacing his voice. He pulled me in for a hug and kissed my cheek. Charlie and I weren't overly affectionate with each other, but I could tell in this moment, he needed a tight hug, a hug of reassurance, so that was what I gave him.

Softly, in my ear, he said, "I love you, kid."

"Love you, Dad. Don't worry I'll be safe. Edward and his family will be sure of that."

"Edward, I will hold you personally responsible if I don't come home to Bella in the same condition she is in right now." Charlie's "Chief" voice was back.

Edward's face had just the right amount of intimidation and fear to make my dad feel secure in that he had threatening him thoroughly. "Of course, Chief Swan, I'll be sure she's safe," Edward said with confidence.

Charlie nodded. "Good. Bye, kids." He turned and locked up the house. I had already grabbed my book bag and was ready to go. After my dad left, I stood staring after him until Edward pulled me from my trance by wrapping me in his strong embrace.

"Bella, if you want to skip school today I'm sure everyone would understand."

"No, Edward, I think I need the distraction, besides I have a test today, and I don't want to get behind. It's calculus; I have a hard enough time with it as is."

"I can think of better distractions than school, and you know I'll help you with calculus." Damn him and his velvety voice and sweet cool breath.

"Stop dazzling me, Edward!" I demanded half halfheartedly. "I would love to stay home with you all day, but I can't miss this test. Besides, we have all week together." I was smiling so widely that my mouth was hurting.

"I suppose you're right. I got you something to make your stay more comfortable," he said, flashing me that crooked grin I loved.

"Oh, what might that be?" I asked, cocking my eyebrow at him.

"Nope!" he said with a pop sound on the p. I laughed at Edward's playfulness. "It's a surprise, love."

Stupid crooked grin! I wasn't in the mood to argue. "Fine, I'll wait, but you know I hate surprises. Come on we'll be late if we don't leave now." I sighed as I pulled him down the porch steps.

"What? You're not going to argue or try to get a hint?" Edward asked shocked by my willingness to be surprised.

"No, Edward, I'm not going to argue or try to get a hint. I figure you won't tell me anyway, so I might as well just go along with it." I rolled my eyes to show my annoyance.

"Oh, Bella, you always surprise and amaze me. You're right, though, I wouldn't tell you. You should really get used to it because you have an eternity of surprises ahead of you."

That was exactly why I wasn't arguing, and I'd come to realize how much he liked to surprise me and buy me gifts. Although, I hated it, I'd let him have his fun because it made him happy. Plus, I did always love whatever he gave me so why not make it easier on him.

"Eternity, I like the sound of that," I said with a smile. He frowned. "Edward, please not today."

"Of course not, love. Today will be whatever you want it to be. Promise."

"You know you really shouldn't promise me that." I laughed as he grimaced, scrunching up his face adorably. He may have been over one hundred years old, but he still had a lot to learn about woman, me in particular.

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