I know it's not a very refined chapter, I just want to get past this ugly chapter and carry on with the story.

Sir Leon was the first to strike with a quick blow that was easily blocked by Hawke's shield.

Hawke pushed forward with his shield after which he performed a quick strike against sir Leon's sword that knocked him off-balance.
Hawke then dropped his shield entirely and made a series of blows which took sir Leon great effort to block.
Then sir Leon was back on the offensive by a quick lunge. Hawke grabbed the knights arm and pulled him towards and past him.
A quick prick of his sword against the knight's buttocks, much to the amusement of the other knights, meant the duel was pretty much over.
"I admit, I underestimated you." Sir Leon said in an attempt to save his honour.
"So tell me, is he really a knight?" He asked pointing his sword at Gwaine who was slightly offended by this.
"He might not look the part but I would trust him with my life, as would any of the knights."
"Leon, perhaps Arthur would like to train with the Champion." Elyan suggested.
"Gwaine, you don't happen to have seen the prince, have you?" Sire Leon asked.
"No." Gwaine lied, he still hadn't found the time to come up with a good lie.
"Well, knowing Arthur and Merlin they've probably gotten themselves into trouble again. If they aren't back by supper we're going to look for them." Leon worried.
"Then we'd best get back to the tavern." Hawke joked but Gwaine made a run for it and did not look back. Hawke quickly followed his example while the remaining knights laughed at the very comical sight of it.

Merlin and Arthur rode into Camelot just in time for dinner, at least Arthur was. Merlin on the other hand quickly left as soon as Arthur was out of sight.
The warlock went back to the clearing in the forest and called for the dragon once more.
"Young warlock, to what do I owe the pleasure?"
"I've found out the name of the dark creatures, it's darkspawn."
"Darkspawn... I do not know the name but neither do I know of the creatures. It does seem to fit though."
It does seem to fit? What the hell? He was Kilgharrah, the Great Dragon, a knowledgeable dragon who was over a thousand years old.
"Did she say anything else?"
"That they were everywhere, underground, digging for one of the Old Gods."
"Which explains why we haven't seen much of them."
"She also said something else had come through the Veil, a person that had fought them before."
"Did she say who or where?"
"No, she didn't and I don't know where this leaves us, if anywhere at all."
"When in doubt, go back to the beginning, back to the isle of the blessed."
"I'll leave first thing tomorrow."
"I can see you're tired but you must leave for the Isle as soon as possible."

Merlin went to the physician's chambers and was saddend to see Errol had died and his body had blackend quite a bit.
"Ah, Merlin, you're back. Did you find a cure?" Gaius greeted him, not all too excited since he did lose a patient.
"No, I'm afraid not. The witch-"
"The witch was there after all?"
"Yes. She said he was 'Tainted' by the darkspawn, that's what they are called."
"Tainted... Seems fitting since he attacked me."
"He attacked you? Did he bite you?"
"And transmit the disease? No, he was dead before he could try."
"You killed him?" Merlin had a difficult time picturing Gaius hitting his patient on the head with a stick.
"No, Merlin, no! The disease did."
"Good, then I can go to bed." Merlin went to his room and fell onto his bed to finally get some sleep.
Knowing Merlin hadn't slept in a while Gaius let him have his rest and woke him six hours later for an early breakfast.
"I need to go to the Isle of the Blessed."
"Not knowing how to carry on, the dragon told me to return to where it all began, where the veil was torn in the first place."
"And what are you going to tell Arthur?"
"What time is it?" Merlin asked as he got up and stuffed the bread in his mouth so he could gather his things.
"Two in the morning but you won't even get there before his breakfast."
"Tell him I'm somewhere else, just not the tavern." He said and left the physician's chambers muttering 'please not the tavern'.

"Draca!" Merlin called in the forest clearing. Kilgharrah came crashing almost before he could utter his call to the dragon.
"Yes, young warlock?" The dragon asked
"It's that time again." Merlin smiled.

Having the Great Dragon fly him to the Isle of the Blessed cut off a lot of time being able to get there in under an hour. Unfortunately Kilgharrah had insisted on not landing on the Isle itself, which Merlin didn't want to push as riding a dragon was demeaning for him in the first place. He traveled to the Isle the same way he did the last time he saw Nimueh.

The Isle hadn't changed much since his last visit save for the feeling of dark eyes that were upon him. He kept moving until he suddenly heard a noise, a voice he thought. He slowly moved to the source of the source and saw a woman scavanging the ruines.

"Hello?" He spoke softly. The woman turned around abruptly, her clothes were much more provocative than the sinfull red dress Morgana had worn during the Great Purge celebration. The most remarkable, however, were her gold coloured eyes much like the ones the old witch had. The woman didn't take kindly to strangers as she pointed her staff at him.
"State your business or I shall kill you where you stand." She had a most remarkable accent, foreign to the warlock but perhaps not foreign to Albion.
"I mean you no harm, my name is Merlin."
"Well Merlin, what is it you're doing here?" Her eyes, no anger, no fear, no sadness, no happiness, she was completely in control of herself and the situation.
"I'm looking for something or someone." It wasn't a straight answer and she wasn't satisfied with it either.
"You'd best come up with a better answer." She said as she held her staff a little higher. The warlock's eyes flashed gold and sent the woman was sent flying backwards, dropping the staff in the process. He quickly picked it up and pointed it at her instead.
"My turn," He smiled. "What's your name?"
"Morrigan." She answered reluctantly but didn't leave it at that.
"Unless you're going to kill me, I have better things to do than lie around all day." She said as she got back on her feet.
"Such as?" Merlin inquired, still pointing the staff at her.
"You first." She countered though she was absolutely not in a position to bargain.
"Fine, I'm looking for a way to fight the darkspawn." Morrigan had faced a few of them before at one of the nearby villages but they didn't know the name of their attackers, this boy did.
Then, as if by magic, the ancient evil attacked. There were a dozen of them but nothing they couldn't handle.
"Forbearne! Akwele!" Merlin shot out a fireball instantly killing the first of them. Morrigan did not hesitate either and an arc of icy spikes rose from the ground, penetrating and killing a great deal of them.
"Forp fleoge!" And another Hurlock was sent flying back. Morrigan sent out a column of fire which forced the darkspawn to seperate themselves or die in the flames.
"Gewicad ge stanas!" Loose stones that lay on the ruins began falling down and incapacitated a most of what remained.
The few darkspawn that still lived made a run for it after that.
"How do you do that?" Merlin asked as he returned her staff to her.
"Do what?" She asked.
"Cast such powerful spells without chanting."
"You mean you must chant whenever you cast a spell?" She needn't chant, she used different magic? There was no such thing... in Albion.
"You... You're the one I'm looking for."
"I don't follow."
"You're the one the witch spoke of, you're the one that's slain an archdemon."
"Flemeth." She cursed. "I suppose you want my help." Not that it really mattered, Flemeth was there which meant the issue couldn't be dismissed.
"That was my next question, yes."
She cursed her lover internally, he had made her so weak in so many ways. She yearned for his love and ignoring darkspawn would surely waste it. She didn't have a choice.
"Very well."